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Dabadoo 2016

End of Summer Dab-a-doo 2016 – Barcelona Event Write-up and Winners

We are in Barcelona for a round-up of the Summer Dab-a-Doo 2016, the hashish competition naturally born out of Mila Jansen’s 70th birthday bash...

Bright Skies and Positive Vibes – Basingstoke Cannabis BBQ

On Saturday Basingstoke Dank threw their annual cannabis BBQ in the South of England. The event saw canna-businesses from all over the country attending...

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The Most Counterfeit Strain in Colorado: Blue Dream!

Did you know that in Colorado the dispensaries have an issue with counterfeit genetics? This is because you cannot sell cannabis without a name, so...

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Dying For Weed

Dying for Weed BBC Documentary – ISMOKE Review

For the past 24 hours, I've been in deep thought after watching almost the entire BBC Drugs Map of Britain series. I was hooked...
Trinity Summit

Medicinal Cannabis Summit To Be Held in Dublin This September

We're very excited to be going to the Trinity Summit on medicinal cannabis in Dublin in September thanks to our friends at Volteface. The event...