Amsterdam Smokers Report


For the Christmas edition of ISMOKE Magazine I decided to document a full report on my travels in Amsterdam in November 2011. You can read or download the full issue for free at, and enjoy the full article and photos below.

I arrived in Amsterdam at 7:30am, and boarded the train from Schiphol Airport to Centraal. The first thing that struck me about Amsterdam was how different it was from England, despite being less than an hour’s plane journey away. I sat upstairs on the train – would you believe it?

Needless to say at this point that I was a little overexcited… We went to drop our bags off at the hotel (if it had been just me I would have smoked first but I had two sleepy companions to think about). We then made our way to The Greenhouse for some amazing weed…and breakfast.

Greenhouse’s entry to the 2011 cannabis cup was Hawaiian Snow. This was some seriously tasty weed, and gave me a mellow high. The Greenhouse dealer said it was a good smoke for the morning, and I definitely agree. Throughout the trip we found that Hawaiian Snow had the ability to lift us from a stoned stupor, and even if we had smoked a considerable amount of high grade ganja, we were still able to navigate the streets of Amsterdam, albeit usually to a McDonalds or Burger King.

We walked in a stoned daze to Da Krone, a coffeeshop that I had visited last year. I bought some Amnesia Haze (I asked for Amnesia Cheese but it was sold out). And we lit a spliff, enjoying the lemony taste and slightly-confused high that this strain induced. There was a strange cat wandering about, and I remember thinking about how high it must be all the time. Once when I looked over it was sat on the counter, taking a long drink out of someone’s coffee!

Our next stop was Dampkring, where we bought their 2011 entry into the cannabis cup -Ginger Ale. This spicy-tasting strain was aptly described as getting you sky high, and after two spliffs of it I felt baked. Ginger Ale was one of the stronger strains that we smoked on the trip, and definitely one of my favourites.