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We visited Eastney Beach for the annual Hampshire Cannabis Community Picnic


Every year Hampshire Cannabis Community throws a public awareness event on Eastney Beach.

The picnic this year took place on the beach last Saturday and saw around 100 guests turn up to the 420-friendly event.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, with the summer sun and beach breeze providing a perfect temperature for guests throughout the day.

ISMOKE at the Dead Fox Cup 2018


We just released our third and final video in the series about the Dead Fox Cup 2018 hosted by the Dead Fox Collective.

Held in a secret location in the UK, you can read all about the event and view our photos here.

Now you can watch footage from the event and see how the weekend progressed as people from across the country came together for an enjoyable cannabis cup.

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We attended Borofest Glass Festival 2018


Everybody who attended this year’s Borofest celebrations shares one thing in common:

They all agree that something special went down last weekend in the forest in Bedfordshire!

Borofest is an annual event which takes place in the UK and attracts attendees from across the UK and beyond.

Happy 710


If you follow dab culture, 710 is the new 420.

710 reads oil upside-down and for that reason dabbing stoners in the United States and beyond have christened it ‘dab day’ – a day to celebrate cannabis concentrates!

Hive Glass and Burtango Glass at the Love Glass Studio (PART 2)


We recently went back to the Love Glass studio to see Hive Glass while he visited Burtango Glass down in the South of England.

Last time Frank (Hive Glass) visited he started working on a new glass rig for ISMOKE, but was unable to complete the piece that day due to a lack of the needed tools.

Dutch coffeeshops and the new cannabis experiment

Dutch coffeeshops

Since the opening of Coffeeshops (yes, that’s how it is spelt), they have always operated two systems. The so-called ‘front door’ which is legal and the so-called ‘back door’ which is illegal.

These two systems are totally separate and have nothing to do with each other. Let me explain…

Dead Fox Cup 2018 : UK Cannabis Cup by the Dead Fox Collective


Last weekend the Dead Fox Cup took place in the UK. This event showcased some of the best cannabis flowers and extracts that the UK has to offer, and was organised by the Dead Fox Collective.

We travelled to a secret location in Wales for the event which was attended by around 100 people from across the UK.

Scoops and Drops Episode 3


Another episode of Scoops and Drops just landed on our YouTube channel!

This series gives you a regular update on what’s new in my own growing glass collection, as well as the exclusive bits that are going to be available this week on the ISMOKE Shop & Glass Gallery website.

Visiting Green Pride HQ in Brighton


Last weekend we travelled down to Brighton to see Green Pride HQ, run by Brighton Cannabis Club.

This shop located in the centre of Brighton is the home of Green Pride, providing a head shop which will help to raise money for future events along with a members-only vape lounge.

Alien Cream Cake Strain Review


This week Alien Cream Cake is in our Strain spotlight. This strain is a cross of Alien Cookies (Predator Cut) x Sour Cream Cake (Bay Exclusives), bred by Green Avenger and grown by Mean Beanz.

And it is every bit as tasty as it looks:

Upcoming Event: Dead Fox Cup 2018


Over the past couple of weeks, we have been judging the Dead Fox Collective’s Dead Fox Cup 2018 with the winners due to be announced at a private event at the end of the week.

This event will take place in a secret location somewhere in the UK.

Two categories make up this year’s cup, and I was given the opportunity to be a judge, marking various extracts on their appearance, aroma, taste, cleanness and effects.

Breaking the Law to Breathe

Breaking The Law to Breathe

My name is Nyle, and I’m a Cystic Fibrosis patient that uses medical cannabis to help combat the ailments associated with my illness.

Cystic Fibrosis is an illness that affects over 10,000 young people in the UK. Because of my condition, the NHS prescribe me and my brother many dangerous and addictive drugs every day just to help keep us healthy.

At the same time medical marijuana remains inaccessible – a plant that grows organically in the ground, is non-addictive and helps with all my pains and health concerns, from my poor digestive system to my diabetic illness and chronic pain, treating myself with cannabis is illegal.

Now that is true, real-world madness!

With #BreakingTheLawtoBreath I and my twin brother plan to document and share the findings of an extensive, and unique video diary exploring the true medical values of cannabis and how legalising it could benefit us long term.

Watch the promo video for Breaking The Law To Breathe below:

What’s going on with medical cannabis in the UK?


Over the past week we have seen an incredible amount of positive press around medical cannabis in the UK.

From Billy Caldwell getting back his life-saving medicine and both him and Alfie Dingley being granted medical licenses to the new Home Secretary Sajid Javid issuing a statement talking about how they will adopt a new policy on cannabis as medicine.

Scoops and Drops Episode 2


Join us for another episode of Scoops and Drops.

This week’s episode features info on our new T-Shirts as well as a drop of new glassware going live on the ISMOKE Shop later on this week.

Making and vaping solventless cannabis extract in 10 minutes (RosinBomb Rocket X Pax 3)


This week we tried making our own rosin for vaping, using the RosinBomb Rocket and the PAX 3 vaporizer.

On their own, each of these products makes it simple to either extract from your buds, or vape them – but put them together and you can do both!