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Genius Pipe Review [video]


Recently we got our hands on the Genius Pipe.

You can watch our review video below to see the Genius Pipe in action below:

Smoking Weed with my Genius Pipe from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

The Genius Pipe has amazing filtration and cooling abilities, all without water and all in a compact package. Its simple three-piece design holds a huge amount of technological innovation that sets the Genius Pipe apart from other dry herb pipes on the market. Its 3-piece design also make it easy to clean.

“You will not find a pipe on the market that offers the same level of cooling in such a small and simple package. No water, no mess, and no fuss means that there’s no question about the fantastic quality of the Genius Pipe.”


  • Compact, Portable & Subtle
  • Minimalist Design
  • Great cooling system
  • Waterless Filtration deals with up to 95% of tar and resin

You can also use the voucher code ISMOKE for 10% off ANYTHING on the Everyonedoesit website.

Dabbing with the Dr Dabber Boost [Black Edition]


This week we have been getting high with the Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition.

The Dr Dabber Boost combines the tech of an e-nail and a dab rig and delivers it in the form of a portable vaporizer with modular nails for easy switching between quartz, titanium and ceramic.

The device comes in a wooden box with foam insert – this is the best product box I have ever received, making a nice change from cardboard.

Inside the box you get 3 nails, everything you need to maintain the device including a spare heating element and a Dr Dabber Keyring.

Using the Dr Dabber Boost is easy – you just switch on the device by pressing the button 3 times (or 5 times if you’re using the quartz attachment) and then simply wait 30-40 seconds for it to reach the right temperature.

Once it is hot enough, the light will change colour and you are ready to dab by touching your extract to the centre of the chosen nail using the dab tool provided.

The Dr Dabber delivers tasty dabs. The clouds don’t seem super thick, and I found that running it on one heat cycle before use improved the vapour production. You can also keep the carb cap on the device and turn it on again to dab the extract that may be left behind on your nail.

Watch our review of the Dr Dabber Boost below:

Portable Dabs with the Dr Dabber Boost [Black Edition] from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

We got our Dr Dabber Boost from the Namaste Vapes website. You can use our code ISMOKE for 10% off anything on site! 

Customgrow420 and many other Cannabis Channels deleted from YouTube


Joel Hradecky, also known as Customgrow420, is a popular online video-maker and was the biggest weed-tuber on YouTube, which is currently the world’s leading video platform.

He’s also a legal cannabis patient living in Washington in the US.

Multi Strain Smoke Report Episode 2 featuring Yeti OG & The Sauce


This week we have a double smoke report feature right here on the ISMOKE channel.

Due to upload restrictions on YouTube, we are currently uploading our whole catalogue to our new Vimeo page. You can subscribe and catch up with some of our previous videos here.

The importance of scientific communication in the cannabis legalisation movement


To cut a long story short I’m 7 MRI scans in the clear from brain cancer. I couldn’t have achieved that without the support of the community I hope to communicate this article towards.

It’s been some time since many of us braved the cold to have our money and time wasted by a neoliberal suit inside parliament filibustering The Elizabeth Brice Bill.

I went there with a sense of urgency under the idea that this Bill would be the best thing since sliced avocado (I can’t eat Bread). I had no idea who the UPA was, what the difference was between them and the other attending groups.

All I knew, like many of the people I met there, was that showing up to represent your local cannabis social club would be better than nothing and any change in policy would be a step in the right direction.

Win an ArGo Vaporizer in our 420 Competition


This week we have teamed up with online Headshop Namaste to offer you the chance to win an ArGo Vaporizer worth £219.99!

Last week we got our hands on the ArGo and we’ve been impressed with its capability to deliver the power of the Arizer Air 2 while minimizing size to achieve more portability. You can watch our review below:

Argo Vaporizer Review from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

Now thanks to our friends at Namaste Vapes UK we are giving away an Arizer Go Vaporizer to a lucky ISMOKE fan!

The competition is live on our Facebook page now. Click the post below to go directly to the competition on Facebook:

How to Enter the ISMOKE 420 Competition

All you need to do to enter is:

  • Like the post (and the ISMOKE and Namaste Facebook Pages)
  • Tag 3 friends
  • Share the post, either on your walls, pages, or in facebook groups*

The winner will be drawn on Tuesday 24th April at 4:20 pm and posted in the comments of the competition post.

You can also add this page to your bookmarks and check back to see the winner after the closing date!

Terms and Conditions:
You must be over 18 to enter.
Entries are not limited to one per person. Each share via a person that meets the criteria (over 18 + has liked both Namaste and ISMOKE facebook pages and tagged 3 friends)  counts as one entry. You can share in multiple groups for multiple entries!

You can also use our code ISMOKE for 10% off on the Namaste Vaporizers website.

Exploring the European Cannabis scene (Part 6)


This week in the penultimate article continuing on with our seven-part series exploring the ever-evolving European cannabis scene. In this piece, we’ll be focusing on the former Soviet Union block of Europe.

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  3. Part Three https://www.ismokemag.co.uk/european-cannabis-part-3/
  4. Part Four – https://www.ismokemag.co.uk/european-cannabis-part-4/ 
  5. Part Five – https://www.ismokemag.co.uk/european-cannabis-part-5/

In this feature, we are discussing the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and its cannabis policies and history. We will then be taking a look at the individual nations created by the fall of the Soviet republic in 1991.

ArGo Vaporizer

ArGo Vaporizer

The ArGo is Arizer’s latest portable vaporizer to hit the market.

The Palm-sized Argo is their smallest vaporizer to date and comes with 2 glass mouthpieces, a swappable 18650 battery, and digital temperature controls.

Delivering a similar performance to the Air 2 when it comes to battery and performance, the ArGo can certainly hold its own in an already diverse vaporizer market.

Marmalade Cannabis Strain Review & Information


Marmalade is in our cannabis strain spotlight this week.

This potent mix of Exodus cheese x Orange Diesel V3 (ODV3) is bred by Lady Sativa Genetics and is testing at 22-25% THC.

The exodus cheese that makes up half of the marmalade strain featured in last week’s strain review feature. You can watch it here.

Hive Glass and Burtango Glass at the Love Glass Studio


Recently we travelled to the Love Glass Studio to film with Hive Glass and Burtango Glass as they worked on a collaboration 10mm dab rig.

During the filming, we learned about techniques used, equipment needed, fuming and much more, finding the whole day to be very insightful.

We look forward to covering more UK glass in the future.

You can follow Hive Glass and Burtango Glass Here.

Green Relief’s April Raw Papers Supply Package Unboxing [Video]


Today we are taking a look at the Raw Papers Supply Package offered by https://www.greenrelief.co.uk

Exploring the European Cannabis scene (Part 5)

cannabis in europe part 5

This is the fifth of our seven-part series looking at changing tides in the European cannabis scene.

This week we’ll be looking at the Balkan states and countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Named for the Balkan mountain range that stretches from the Serbian/Bulgaria border to the black sea region, this includes. Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Serbia, Greece, and Slovenia.

We’ll be looking in more depth at some states than others, focusing on Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania as individual countries and The former states of Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro) as a collective. We have covered Greece already here in a previous article.

  1. Part One https://www.ismokemag.co.uk/european-cannabis-part-1/
  2. Part Two https://www.ismokemag.co.uk/european-cannabis-part-2/
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  4. Part Four – https://www.ismokemag.co.uk/european-cannabis-part-4/ 

Shatterizer Vaporizer


Today we are taking a look at the Shatterizer portable vaporizer.

The Shatterizer is a portable extract vaporizer that uses dual coils to heat up your concentrates, providing you with the flavour and power of a dab.

You can use our code ISMOKE for 10% off the Shatterizer on the Everyone Does It Headshop

Cheese Cannabis Strain Review & Information


This week we are looking at a UK Classic Cannabis Strain – Cheese (Exodus Cut).

Cheese was originally discovered in a bag of Skunk No.1 Seeds by the Exodus Boys, based out of Luton, England, in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

This strain is synonymous with the UK by cannabis consumers across the planet, and it is not uncommon to hear cheese requested in Amsterdam coffeeshops, Barcelona Cannabis Clubs US dispensaries.

Comparing Stardawg NORTH VS SOUTH

Comparing Stardawg NORTH VS SOUTH

Today we got our hands on two different phenotypes of Stardawg.

One is from the North, and one from the South, so of course, we had to do a video featuring them both together!

Read our Stardawg smoke report here