CBD Critical Cure

This week CBD Critical Cure is in our cannabis strain spotlight. This CBD-rich strain has more of the aforementioned cannabinoid than any other, perhaps lending towards its name. The “Cure” part supposedly comes from its pain-relieving properties.

A cross of Critical Mass and a Cannabis ruderalis plant, this strain could not even be labelled “skunk” under idiot definition of the word – it has 8% CBD and only 5% THC!

But how does it smoke? I sat down with my bong and a pot of CBD Critical Cure to find out all about this cannabis strain.


I love the look of this cannabis sample – it was given to me in perfect condition, with no compression ruining the shape of the bud.

The pistils are less apparent in real-life as they perhaps look under the lights/on camera. There is a bit of leaf left on the bud, but plenty of trichomes.

The texture is lovely: crisp, with just a bit of give. I don’t want to feel around the bud too much and lose some of those trichomes!


This sample doesn’t give too much away before you start breaking it open, but I did get a lovely sweet, almost skunky scent when I opened the jar. (Ironic, I know, as not even the media with their backwards definitions could call this “skunk cannabis”).

Breaking this sample open I get even more of the sweet scent which I’d describe as different from its parent Critical Mass. After grinding, this sample projects a sweet cannabis aroma that is hard to ignore!


Hitting this strain through the bong I’m immediately impressed with the smoothness throughout the inhale and exhale.

This strain tastes clean, pure and well-cured, with the sweet pungency coming through nicely where other strains’ flavour may get lost.


Being a 8:5 CBD:THC ratio I thought this would be a little lacking in the effects department, but as it begins to kick in I’m noticing a lovely stoned feeling which leaves me more creative/focused than relaxed.

Named Critical Cure because of it’s pain-relieving properties, this strain also delivers a nice body-stoned feeling which never feels overpowering (even after two bongs).


I love CBD Critical Cure! The genetics are great, the sample is great and the grower clearly put some care into this one, which also contributes to it being an enjoyable smoke.

Would smoke again.

Watch the strain review below:

We attended the Basingstoke Cannabis Awareness Event 2017

Last weekend we attended a Cannabis awareness BBQ held in the Basingstoke Lime Pits.

This event was a chance for vendors and cannabis consumers to come together to celebrate the benefits of this wonderful plant, and saw people attend from across the country.

Around 30 stalls were in attendance, featuring everything from head shop supplies to food, and plenty of cannabis awareness information.

Held by Basingstoke Dank, Basingstoke Cannabis Club and more, the Basingstoke Canna collab BBQ protest packed the Lime Pits with stalls and all-weather marquees – which was perfect as it decided to rain throughout the day.

We didn’t let the weather stop us, however, with more and more guests arriving throughout the day to join the celebrations.

Towards the end of the afternoon, they held medical talks via the UPA tent, and UKCSC, Tottenham Compassion Club and UPA all gave talks to attendees.

There was a raffle held at 4:20 with some amazing prizes up for grabs including items from all of the attending vendors.

Overall we had a great day. I remember last year’s event very well, and this year saw even more people descend on Basingstoke for the day, showing the power of the cannabis community in the local area and beyond.

The police attended briefly but were not there to cause trouble. No arrests were made and in terms of the events we have attended in the South this year, this was one of the more relaxed, with edibles chefs able to showcase lots of delicious goodies!

I look forward to more Basingstoke events in the future.

You can view our full photo album from the event via our Facebook Page.

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green ft. Quick One and OG X Granddaddy Purple

It’s Monday, and you know what that means… It’s time for the Wake and Bake!I’ve got two brand new strains to sample in this week’s wake and bake video.

I’ve got two brand new strains to sample in this week’s wake and bake video. Quick One, an autoflowering strain by Royal Queen Seeds, and OG X Grandaddy Purple.

Join me for this video and find out all about these wonderful strains:

Green Kiss Cannabis Strain Review

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of our weekly cannabis strain reviews featuring me – your host – Tyler Green, my bong, and a lovely bag of ganja!

Each week I take you through the appearance, smell, taste and effects of a brand new cannabis strain. This week I’m here to present a bit of a mystery – it’s a strain called Green Kiss.

Looking into the background of this strain resulted in nothing to shout about and no references to guide me, so this will be all based on my own senses. But I’m up for a challenge and I love cannabis, so I’m certainly looking forward to this one!


I’m not impressed with the trim job on this strain, the leaves have been wrapped around a compressed bud so it’s difficult to see.

However, it is covered in matted cloudy trichomes – light-green colour with embedded pistils hiding under some of the leaves.

This bud has been compacted and I can’t tell if it’s been imported – I don’t believe so based on the bud, but can’t tell for sure. My gut tells me it’s UK-grown.


The Green kiss gives off a delicate, sweet scent. It’s a bit pungent and comes out in full force when I break open the bud and stick my nose into it.

I’m also getting a nice kick with the smell – when I grind this up it gives off some of that sweet scent but surprisingly not as much as when I broke the bud open.

At a push, I’d say it’s a bit skunky, but it doesn’t smell strong, as far as strains go.


Ok, I’m going to hit two bongs of this so I can get a good idea of the flavour.

Smoke along…

The first bong goes down a treat! I pack it a bit more than I’d usually pack a first bowl, just to test it out a bit. I’m surprised by the lack of intensity as I manage to clear it in one go.

The taste is mildly sweet, but judging from the first bong alone, I can’t pinpoint that flavour.

Green Kiss

Loading up the second bowl I’m starting to feel the effects of this strain, but we’ll save that for after.

Smoking the second bowl I finally get some chocolate flavour – could this be chocolate skunk? The sweetness comes through slightly and mixes with the pungency on the exhale, so yes, I believe it could be, but can’t be sure.


After two bongs of Green Kiss I’m reasonably stoned. The feelings I’m experiencing are definitely on the hybrid side of the cannabis effects spectrum, by that I mean it’s right in the middle.

I’m getting the familiar cerebral uplift, coupled with an enjoyable body relaxation. The intensity isn’t there, and I could smoke some more bowls of this without issue.

I feel great from smoking the Green Kiss, and it seems like a good daytime strain due me not being too stoned to continue writing this review.


It is not often that I get the pleasure of sampling something and working out a whole darn mystery as to its origins. I enjoyed sampling the Green Kiss and using my own senses to decide on everything, even though it is perhaps more difficult to analyse a strain without the familiar reference points!

I’d smoke Green Kiss again and hope to get some more information on the background of this strain for a future video.

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Keep toking,


Watch our Green Kiss review below:


Wake and Bake Chemdawg Special + ISMOKE Competition details

Hello and welcome to a Monday double feature on the ISMOKE Channel.

First up, we have our weekly wake and bake video featuring host Tyler Green who is focusing on the igrade cut of Chemdawg for this episode:

Next up, It’s competition time!

To celebrate the launch of our latest bud facts video all about White Widow we are teaming up with Ali Bongo Cannabis Seeds this week to give you a chance to win some seeds!

This is our White Widow seeds giveaway in partnership with Ali Bongo Cannabis Seeds who have very kindly put up 3x packs of 20 feminised Dutch Passion seeds to coincide with our latest bud facts video, all about White Widow:

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Austerity Cuts or Cannabis?

This week on ISMOKE we’ll be continuing on from a theme we began laying out last week in this article, about how Prohibition is affecting the health and life opportunities of not just cannabis consumers but also their families and the wider community.

Each passing year has seen the UK deepening Austerity’s vicious cuts to vital services and as a direct result the worsening of the nation’s mental health.

We’re already seeing the disastrous results that this draconian policy of austerity is having on the youth as the number of young people arriving in A&E with psychiatric problems has doubled since 2009.

It is equal parts tragic and ironic that a by product of Austerity is poverty which is costing the UK government £78 billion a year in pressure on hospitals, social services and lost tax revenue

Austerity is making the poor poorer in the UK which now has 30% of children living in poverty with half of all single parent households now being poor, and with an estimated 1.9 million more children projected to be in poverty at Christmas 2030 than Christmas 2015 it seems this crisis will only get worse.

Meanwhile, the thousand riches families have doubled their wealth during this finical crisis. But don’t worry, we’re all in this together!


“The lower the income a family has, the weaker the brain connections a child has, the researchers found. This means that a child’s degree of poverty is directly connected with the way their brain functions”

Read more:

Poverty physically damages the brain lowering IQ by weakening the connections between the Hippocampus and Amygdala, areas of the brain associated with learning, memory, stress regulation and emotions, causes premature ageing, depression and other mental health issues, it also effects employment opportunities and contributes to an early death.

This is especially damaging in children whose young brains are still developing.

Cannabinoids promote embryonic and adult Hippocampus neurogenesis and produce anxiolytic and antidepressant like effects helping to combat the damage done by austerity derived poverty.

Read more:

“Poverty wastes peoples’ potential, depriving our society of the skills and talents of those who have valuable contributions to make. This drags down the productivity of our economy, hinders economic growth, and reduces tax revenue.” – Julia Unwin, Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

How can we survive this rising tide of poverty before we all drown in this sea of forced austerity?

Well, a legal Cannabis marketplace would generate billions and negate the need for the most vulnerable in our society to continue to suffer the consequences of a fiscal collapse caused by banksters and their cronies.

Colorado’s current population is 5.7 million and it has raised $500milion in cannabis sales since 2014. The UK has a population of 65.5 million, over ten times larger.

Read more:

Colorado has less than a million consumers. The UK has an estimated four million consumers which is about 6% of its population – and they’re just the ones who are open enough to admit to their consumption.

It’s therefore certain that the UK could easily generate billions of pounds a year in recreational sales alone (we Brits do enjoy a good smoke). In addition to this consumers could come out about their consumption without fear of recrimination from their employer, stigmatisation from family and peers or fears of persecution and incarceration by their government .

Then there are the thousands of industrial and commercial applications of cannabis, which with Graphene at the heart of a technological revolution, would revitalise and reinvigorate this country’s failing economy. This could help by putting millions back to work rebuilding infrastructure with technology like Hempcrete, Hemp oil based plastics like Hemplyne and a return to Hemp paper and textiles, with which we could also drastically reduce deforestation and global warming.

Prohibition perpetuates racism as well; you’re six times more likely to be stopped and searched in the UK if you’re Black and this is utterly unacceptable in the 21st century.

Prohibition also reaffirms classism which has long since been one of the main ways which our rulers have sought to divide us. Just look at the social cleansing program that a group of Liverpool’s housing landlords are attempting to enact, they together with police, fire, council and housing chiefs have launched a joint campaign called “Use it? Lose it!” and will distribute posters and leaflets across the region to highlight the crackdown.

This is a classic classist attack on social housing as by going after the most popular illegal drug in cannabis they can evict tenants easily, allowing landlords to sell off their homes for multi million pound gentrifying property development projects.

Targeting tenants who are in their own homes is a new low. Let’s be honest – they are harming no one, quietly consuming cannabis, which is a far safer drug than tobacco which kills 6 million people annually – yet tenants can consume this on their property.

This attack on their drug of choice incentives them to use other illegal drugs, ones that don’t have the oh so sweet but oh so telling smell which will not warrant them a visit from their local constabulary to be made homeless and by extension probably unemployed too.

Let’s be clear – it’s an attack on the poor, as it’s only poor cannabis consumers who’re being targeted and victimised here. No individuals who can afford to own their own homes are being targeted and would not be threatened with homelessness in this way. It is one of the more insidious incarnations of state violence inflicted on the most vulnerable in our society.

Prohibition causes the state and its enforcers to become the enemy of the cannabis consumers and their wider community by being a threat to their liberty and freedom leading to successive generations seeing the police not as their protector but as their persecutor simply for consuming the wrong drug.

Cannabis has NEVER killed anyone, unlike prohibition which by criminalising Cannabinoids has detrimentally and negatively affected the health and shortened the life expectancy of countless people.

This cannot be allowed to continue with cancer now being more common than getting married here in the UK something needs to be done to combat this epidemic, and legalising cannabis could go a long way towards doing that.

In summary, it’s a simple choice between cuts or Cannabis!

By Simpa Carter

LSD Cannabis strain review


Some cannabis strain names make you stop and think, and “LSD” can certainly be included on that list.

Bred by Barney’s Farm, LSD is a cross of Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk No.1. It is a hybrid strain that inherits a lot from its latter parent.

This week I sat down with my bong and a sample of some UK-grown LSD to jot down my thoughts exclusively for the ISMOKE channel.


Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 30]

This week I’m waking and baking with some Gorilla Dawg and some Sour Tangie X Ghost Train Haze to kick off the week with a bang.

Join me for this wake and bake session, filmed exclusively for the ISMOKE Channel

ISMOKE Top 5 Cannabis Strains July 2017

Have you ever sat down and really thought about which strains are your favourite and why?

If you had to pick just five of those, which would they be?

This difficult question is one I’ve been pondering for a while, and have answered in my forthcoming Q&A video to celebrate hitting 5000 YouTube subscribers.

My top 5 cannabis strains at the moment are:

1. Holy Grail Kush

2. Shoreline

3. Chemdawg

4. Blue Dream

5. Hawaiian Haze

This list is subject to change, of course, as I sample more and more of the top strains the UK has to offer!

The Holy Grail Kush is my favourite, and a particular phenotype grown by B28 Genetics is my creme-dela-creme.

If I was on a Desert Island and could just take one strain, it would be the Holy Grail. The gassy flavour and potent indica effect are going to be hard for any strain to top.

Chemdawg is in my top 5 for a similar reason, and I love it’s gassy flavour. It also hits hard, and has a great history. Plus it gave rise to so many other great strains.

Shoreline is in my top 5 cannabis strains because of its flavour and aroma, plain and simple. Every time I smell this, I feel like I want to live in a bag of Shoreline, I just can’t get enough of it. I’ve not had a nice dense bit of Shoreline yet; each bit has been a bit leafy or airy, but the smell and flavour make it worth it each and every time.

Blue dream is another beautiful strain that I just smoked a joint of as I write this. The buds look great, the taste and smell are amazing, and the high is beautiful.

Last but not least (and there are plenty of others I love, this was hard!), we have Hawaiian Haze. This is a tentative spot in the top 5, and it is likely to change. I was tempted to say Pineapple Chunk, which I like for the same reason. Strong, fruity taste and distinct aroma puts Hawaiian Haze in my top 5!

I didn’t even get to include any purple strains, which is a shame, but I’ll do some more lists soon. This was fun!

Read my top strains December 2016 to see what got knocked off the list!

The elephant in the room: Cannabis prohibition and mental health

There seems to be a grave misunderstanding about the relationship between cannabis and mental health in this country and the wider world.

This week on the ISMOKE channel we’ll seek to iron out some of the misconceptions surrounding cannabis and mental health.

Strawberry Crusha Weed Report

Strawberry Crusha

I had the pleasure of trying a brand new cannabis strain this week which I am excited to share. This is a UK-bred strain whose name is inspired by a strawberry milkshake!

Strawberry Crusha - ISMOKE

Sitting Down with some Strawberry Crusha

When I first saw this strain I think my jaw dropped a bit. The colours are amazing, with the sample giving off shades of green, purple and red! Certainly more colourful than your everyday bud.

As you will know if you read my strain reports or watch my cannabis videos, I am a sucker for differently-coloured cannabis strains. I am also a sucker for well-cured strains, and the Strawberry Crusha fits the bill for both.

I’m already appreciating this, and I haven’t even smoked it yet!

One thing to note about the appearance of this Strawberry Crusha sample before we go any further is that it hasn’t been trimmed to what I would call a high standard. As you can see from this sample, the leaves protruding cover most of the bud, and it looks like the size would diminish quite a bit if they were removed.

However, all the leaves are dripping with trichomes, making it glisten with cannabinoids!

Strawberry Crusha

The smell of this strain contains complex notes of fruity sweetness (or sweet fruitiness) initially, giving way into actual strawberry as I crack open the bud and almost stick it up my nose in excitement.

Grinding up this sample, I’m getting even more of the fruity aroma that I’m already growing to love. I quickly load it into my Weed Star Wasabi-Line bong, and away we go…

The hit is smooth, as expected, and I get a good hit despite the airflow of my bowl of choice being bad this morning.

The taste of Strawberry Crusha retains some of the sweet fruitiness of the smell on the exhale, but some of it does get lost. It tastes nice, but isn’t as apparent a sweet taste as some Hazes I have sampled.


As the effects begin to kick in, the first thing that hits me is a cerebral uplift, making me feel talkative and chatty.

The buzz settles down into a nice hybrid-stoned feeling that isn’t overpowering but is very enjoyable.

Overall I have enjoyed this cannabis strain sampling session featuring Strawberry Crusha. I find myself wondering if there are other crusha strains; banana perhaps?

If not, Dead Bananas X Strawberry Crusha = Banana Crusha maybe?

This is something I’d definitely smoke again.

Watch my video review below:

Have you tried Strawberry Crusha? What did you think?

Tweet me @Hightylergreen

The Neutralizer Pro – Professional Odour Elimination Kit Review

I was first introduced to The Neutralizer via London Smoking Club. One day they showed up at an event, set up a pro kit and left – leaving us impressed as the cannabis smell in a hot-boxed room began to neutralise.

Since then, I’ve seen them at numerous events, finally getting to sit down and talk to them at Green Pride last weekend.

The Neutralizer currently sells three kits. Starting with the Road Kit (£45) which is designed to neutralise (yes, I’m British) the odours in your car. Next up they have a compact kit which will cover a small room (£50), and finally the Pro Kit (£95) which covers up to 375m3 or 13,000ft3.

The Neutralizer Pro Kit

The oil will last 6 weeks with 24-hour use. It only requires 60 minutes for the room to be fully neutralised and smell free.

What’s In The Box

1 x EME-120
1 x PRO KIT CARTRIDGE (TNRC-100 100 ml / 3.38 US ? oz)
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x wall fittings

I opened up the box and carefully read the instructions, which mainly talk about making sure not to damage the wick during the set-up process.

The Neutralizer

Once I’d put the device together (I was really baked and managed it in a few minutes), it was as simple as plugging the EME into the wall and letting it do its business.

Even before plugging in The Neutralizer Pro Kit I could detect a nice smell. Plugging it in makes it warm up, evenly dispensing the smell throughout your room and covering up any smoke smell.

My room isn’t the biggest, and after 30 minutes I felt comfortable sparking up a joint. After smoking the joint the room was left quite hazy, and I vacated to return and check the smell 10 minutes later.

Upon reentering I could not detect a cannabis smell! I had deliberately left the windows and door closed to keep the smoke in, but I couldn’t smell weed at all. Because the room was not aerated I could detect some smoke, but not weed smoke. Opening a window or keeping a window open while smoking is recommended as the fresh air circulating will remove any stuffiness.

Overall, I’m really impressed with The Neutralizer for general, everyday use. I’ll certainly be smoking joints inside from now on! I also wonder if it would be good to put one between the source of the smell and any external place e.g. in a flat corridor to cover any smell coming out of the room.

As I’m not growing I can’t test this for the plant smell, but let me know if you have tried it and what the results are. As a smoker, I’m really impressed and will be using this from now on.

Watch the video review:

If you want to own a Neutralizer, you can grab yours via The Neutralizer website here:

Use the Coupon Code ISMOKE at checkout for free UK shipping or shipping discount for international orders!



Chocolate Kush Strain Review

Chocolate Kush is an indica mix of Mazar and an unknown indica strain. While a sativa-dominant variety exists, this is sometimes referred to as Chocolope Kush, and not to be confused with the strain featuring in today’s review.


The Chocolate Kush plant has a Christmas tree structure, and the buds of this sample are small but with a crisp structure that hasn’t been compacted during transport.

I don’t get anything chocolatey from the appearance of this strain, and the milky trichomes do not glisten The pistils are wild and cover spots of the sample. The nug quality was good, and the trim job was ok with only small spots of leaf dotted around the bud.


Before grinding up the Chocolate Kush, I found it difficult to distinguish the smell.

After Grinding and increasing the surface area, I’m, getting pungent earthy notes that remind me of a sweet, old school Kush strain.

No hints of chocolate can be detected in the smell of this sample, but it does smell very nice!


I wanted to try this out in a couple of ways, so I’m using my bong (glass Widow Maker) and my Green Spiral.

Through the bong I’m impressed with the smoothness of the hit. Lovely! However, the flavour was more watery than anything.

Smoking this Chocolate Kush through my Green Spiral, however, I get hints of chocolate, finally understanding where the name comes from – success!

I prefer this strain through the Green Spiral as opposed to through a bong.

chocolate kush


After smoking this I can be sure that it is the indica variety of Chocolate Kush. The main effect is a strong relaxation, paired with a happiness that chills me out and slows me down.

I’m not in any sort of rush to get up and do anything after smoking this one!


Overall, I enjoyed the Chocolate Kush and it was a pleasure to review this strain.

I’d definitely smoke this again; perhaps it would be nice to try through a vaporiser to try enhancing that chocolate flavour!

Watch the Review Video below:

Telegrass by Telegram is an app to anonymously buy weed in Israel

Yes, you read that correctly. There is a public app that has been set up by private messaging company Telegram in Israel that lets tourists connect with weed dealers.

And now, thanks to the addition of an English-speaking-bot, tourists are able to use it.

Apparently, it is as simple as visiting which is the name of bot allowing to buy weed for non-hebrew speaking people in the Country.

Al Hakefak

The app is also due to start accepting Bitcoin soon, making it even more anonymous. Built on the same technology as Telegram makes it pretty discreet.

Please be aware that recreational cannabis remains illegal in Israel, and we assume so does using this app to buy weed. We are simply relaying the information we found in this Steemit Post.


Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 28]

Hello and welcome to another wake and bake session hosted on the ISMOKE Youtube Channel.

This week I am coming to you fresh from Green Pride last weekend and have a couple of new strains to sample.

Blackberry Kush and Shoreline are the two strains featuring this week, and also two of my favourites, so I really enjoyed filming this one!

Watch this week’s Wake and Bake session below: