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Smell proof bags by Abscent

In our video out today on the ISMOKE youtube channel, we are taking a look at the smell proof “Pocket Liner” bag by Abscent.

Abscent Pocket Liner
Abscent “Pocket Liner” Bag by

These bags are carbon lined to control smell, but are they 100% smell proof? Watch our video review and product test below to find out our thoughts on the Abscent Pocket Liner.:

Pax 3 test : Using the PAX 3 to Vape Cannabis Extract

Today on ISMOKE we are taking a look at the vaping functionality of the PAX 3 Vaporiser, specifically its ability to vaporise Cannabis Concentrates in our PAX 3 Test

The PAX 3 comes with a few new things not included in the PAX 2, and today we are looking at the concentrates oven and settings which allow you to fill the PAX 3 with your chosen cannabis extract.

Smokus Focus Weed Samples Jar Unboxing

We got our hands on this weed samples jar by Smokus Focus.

The jar has several features which we discovered in the unboxing. The first is the lid, which magnifies your samples contained within.

The second, and our favourite feature, is a ring of LED Lights which illuminate your samples to show them in all their glory. The lights sit within the lid, perfectly lighting the contents of the jar.

You can store up to four samples with the included divider, which can also be used as a tabler for rolling joints if you are in need as it is removable.

When the middle section is removed you can use the Smokus Focus Jar to store one type of flower.

High End Edibles Cannabis Honey Review

Today on ISMOKE, we take a break from our regular strain reviews to bring you an edibles review of High End Edibles Cannabis Honey.

We have been excited to showcase this edibles product since we first spotted it on Instagram in early 2016.

High End Cannabis Honey is infused with CO2-extracted cannabis oil, and each bottle contains a total of 500mg.

The taste is both delicious and incredibly rich, giving this High End Edibles product a strong and enjoyable flavour. The consistency is also good, easily enabling the consumer to pour the cannabis honey without having to heat it up.

Kush Family Collective Lemon Dribbler Cake Review

Today on ISMOKE, we are taking a look at a new kind of edible. Our Lemon Dribbler Cake review will provide all the info you need about this fantastic new treat from Kush Family Collective.

Made with natural ingredients, and including 1.75g of cannabis per cake, the result is a cake that not only is a tasty treat, but that also leaves you feeling the effects!

Lost on Green Mile Hemp Pouch Smoking Bag Review

In the video today we talk about these lovely hemp connoisseur pouches from Lost on Green Mile.

We love everything about these, from the branding to the fact that the fibres are 100% hemp, this fits in perfectly with our smoking supplies and will be getting plenty of use at smoking sessions!

We will also be giving you a chance to win you own later on today via our facebook page.

You can also buy them here on the Lost on Green Mile website.

OG Kush CBD E-Liquid with Real Cannabis Terpenes Review

It’s been a while since we have done a CBD review here on ISMOKE Magazine, so it’s about time to introduce you to a new product we love, cbd e-liquid infused with real cannabis terpenes!

The OG Kush Ejuice is made by a company called Harmony, who run We previously reviewed one of their Kanaboxes containing a variety of hemp products.

Their range of E-Liquids comes in three flavours, with the other two flavours launching at a later date. I was lucky enough to try a sample of the whole range, and was impressed with the flavour of all of them.

OG Kush has a sweet flavour with a good terpene balance; when vaping you feel like this is a cannabis product. Mango Kush is even sweeter, with a strong fruity taste (great flavour). The Super Lemon Haze is more citrusy, with strong canna-lemon notes. (Watch my face for the reaction in the video below, as that was my first time trying the lemon haze).

OG Kush Real Cannabis Terpenes
Cannabis E-Liquid Real Cannabis Terpenes


  • €12.99 for 0mg CBD.
  • €24.99 for 100mg CBD
  • €49.99 for 300mg CBD
  • €89.99 for 600mg CBD


We really enjoyed reviewing the OG Kush and the other range of E-Liquids from Harmony. We also see potential benefits using this product to help quit smoking, which we have personally experienced.

If you vape e-liquid and you like cannabis flavour, then you should give this e-liquid a try. The flavour is too good to miss out on!

Watch our video review below for more info:

You can buy your OG Kush e-liquid here on the Naturageek Website!


We are also running a competition – 5 lucky readers will win a 300mg bottle of OG Kush E-liquid, worth €49.99!

To enter, head over to our youtube page and leave a comment on the video above (make sure you like + subscribe to ISMOKE Media for your entry to be counted!)

We will also be running the competition via our Facebook page, so look out for a “Share To Win” coming soon.

Competition closing date: 14/11/16

ISMOKE Reviews Pure Ratios CBD Products

We recently picked up some products by Pure Ratios to review. You can watch our video review below, and find links to the product pages.

Cherry Hemp Extract Review

Last week we filmed a video review of the Cherry Hemp products you can purchase for dabbing in the UK.

The whole recreational side of the CBD market is very new over here, and most of the products we had previously tried have been focused on the supplements/medical market (although not explicitly stating the latter). 

Charlotte’s Web Vape Pens & Topical Infused Gel UKCBD Review

ISMOKE Reviews Charlottes Web

Over the past couple of months ISMOKE has been working to establish relationships with companies operating in the CBD market here in the UK.

Last week we went to meet UKCBD, a CBD product distributor based in Kent who sell a range of CBD products from a variety of sources on-site. 

NSUK CBD Product Review

As we continue our quest to map the UK CBD market, we are speaking with several CBD companies about the products they have to offer. One of these companies is NSUK (Natural Supplements UK) CBD who have been making cannabis oil since 2012.

One thing we were particularly impressed with about NSUK CBD from the outset was their friendly approach – they were happy to answer our questions about their products and also sent us lab reports on cannabinoid content. The products arrived well-packed by recorded delivery.

Medipen CBD Vaporiser Review

We have had a big focus on the benefits of CBD recently, and the plan is to eventually write a comprehensive guide for ISMOKE about buying Cannabidiol products in the UK, including best methods for consumption, which products to use, and ideal dosage, depending on requirements. Today’s article is about the new Medipen CBD Vaporiser.
Although we have been using CBD supplements for the past couple of months, we haven’t tried vaping it, so we were excited to receive a CBD Vaporiser this week from

Aztech Deluxe Dabbing Kit Review

Here at ISMOKE we are no strangers to Cannabis extract. When we visit Amsterdam we like to buy extract from Greenhouse Coffeeshop which is pretty costly at 40-60 euros per gram, but tastes delicious.

Imagine our delight when we received this deluxe dabbing kit from with all the tools we need to separate and store our own extract, including two dabbing tools, extract pots and a dabbing mat to make sure things don’t get lost or messy:

Atman Hachi Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

The world of vaporizers is vast and filled with products ranging from disposable to high end, with everything in between.

One issue with the current vape market aside from a lack of knowledge on what’s out there on the most part by the customer is that there are just so many options to choose from.

Enter the Atman Hachi, an affordable and high quality product for vaping dry herbs.