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Organic White Widow Cannabis Strain Information & Review

I'm covering a classic cannabis strain for the second time today for the ISMOKE channel. Yes, that's right - I love White Widow so...

Cannabis is medicine: Patients at Parliament Protest, London

We attended the Patients at Parliament protest this week, which was organised to support Newport, south MP Paul Flynn who recently invited medical cannabis...

Consuming 4 forms of the same cannabis strain – Lemon Showdown

This week I got to do something a bit special for the ISMOKE channel. Thanks to our good friends and sponsors over at TG Botanical...
El Chapo OG Cannabis Strain Informationvideo

El Chapo OG Cannabis Strain Information

I've got some El Chapo OG to cover this week. I love reviewing OG strains. El Chapo OG is named after Mexican Kingpin Joaquín "El...

The Cannabis Consumer’s Guide to Quitting Tobacco

As someone who suffers from Asthma, I was always told that it wasn't a sensible idea to smoke. Perhaps it's my age; I was born...