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Durham City Cannabis Club – June Bloom 2017

Last weekend saw Durham City Cannabis Club hosting their latest and largest outdoor public protestival event yet, June Bloom.

Last weekend’s event was the most recent in DCCC’s Campaign to put on monthly protest events to demonstrate that mass social consumption doesn’t lead to anti-social behaviour while standing to highlight the urgent need for Cannabis law reform. Each day prohibition continues here in the UK millions of Cannabis consumers will remain subject to arbitrary police persecution, cultural condemnation and media demonisation

The day started with a cloudy morning which hastily cleared, with the sun rather serendipitously coming out just as the first few stalls began setting up their gazebos, banners and tables.

As the event got underway, the weather continued its upward trajectory, turning into a rather beautiful sunny day, which helped to attract the passing public and enticed in more than just a few with an estimated total attendance over the whole day of 400 – 500 people!

I’m confident in saying this has been their most successful event to date.

Well.. until July High!

There were people in attendance who had travelled from as far as Glasgow, Manchester, Kent, Birmingham and London, to name but a few, who all enjoyed taking advantage of all the assembled stalls that were set up for DCCC’s second solo event June Bloom.

There were head shops from South to North, with East London Headshop, Fat Tones Shop and The Loft head shop, as well as local online store Dab That Slab attending their first such event!

Clothing stalls from Blue Cheese Clothing, Smoke Loud UK, White Rhino Clothing, 7th Circle apparel as well as local artists HeART & Peace also attended offering their wares to the gathered public.

7th circle apparel was in attendance at the event

This was also the first event which saw commercial food stalls, The Street Diner fed the hungry hoard. We’re excited about this, because it now opens up the event to all sorts of potential food vendors for the future.

Following an hour delay with generator trouble and confusion, the music got going, with the sound once again kindly and rather generously being provided by a club supporter and friend.

Dave the dealer himself, Keith Hudson once again joined us with his unique musical stylings even demonstrating “Stoner engineering” perfectly by crafting a mic stand out of a metal pole and a broom!

Unfortunately, a few of the other musicians had to pull out last minute, so there was more plug and play sets to entertain the gathered masses between speakers and shopping at the stalls.

DCCC were lucky enough to be joined by such great speakers as the founder of Bud Buddies, Jeff Ditchfield, who spoke of the great work bud buddies are doing sustaining kids that otherwise wouldnt have a chance, Author of Boy in 7 Billion, Callie Blackwell, spoke about her story fighting to save her sons Deryn’s life TWICE with Cannabis.

Feed the birds representative and Teesside Cannabis club blogger Trev Coleman once again joined us, bringing with him his expertise and offering help and advice to all about the myriad of medicinal and industrial applications for the Cannabis plant. He spoke about the potential for a true Northern powerhouse built on Hemp and Cannabis technology!

Unfortunately, Greg De Hoedt showed up fashionably late.. after the event but we still nevertheless had a chance to sit down and chat.

For the first time, the police attended one of the events, some five hours after it had begun. They did not attend en mass, nor to arrest anyone for openly consuming Cannabis, In fact the word Cannabis wasn’t mentioned once. It was actively avoided – instead they attended for minor reasons, stating that they were there to inquire about the stickers that the club has been giving away at their events which had apparently been stuck up in the city and to tell me that I did not have permission to host the event and that we would need permission in the future.

The officers left as quickly as they arrived, I would imagine rather surprised at the professionalism and courtesy afforded them by the representatives they spoke with.

I informed them that the site would be left cleaner than found as with all our events and that I would welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss this matter further with themselves, I await an email from the police department.

Following their departure, the raffle was drawn, and 10 lucky people went home with Prizes from Royal Queens Seeds, Seedsman, Dab That Slap headshop, Fat tones, East London, Het Ballonnetje coffeeshop, Bomb seeds, Kannabia seeds, Aztech headshop, High Grade London, London Seeds Bank and more.

I would like to finish by thanking each and every one of you who has thus far supported the club and myself in all our endeavours,

We remain as always committed to obtaining legalisation of Cannabis in the UK!

The next event from Durham City Cannabis Club is DCCC presents July High on July 22nd I hope to see you all there!

Click here for the July High Event Page


We attended Durham City Cannabis Club’s Springtime Session

This weekend in the north-east of England saw Durham City Cannabis club hosting their first solo event, The DCCC Springtime session.

The event took place in the heart of Durham city beneath the shadows cast by the trilogy of prohibitive power structures: the prison, the courthouse and the police station that tower over the disused bowling green – deliberately chosen as the site from which DCCC plan to lead a revolution.

Barcelona, Amsterdam, Durham?

UK Cannabis Prices

When thinking of 420 friendly cities and hotspots for Cannabis activism around the world where comes to mind?

Denver, Seattle, Barcelona, Amsterdam… Durham? Could the land of Prince Bishops really become the UK’s Amsterdam?

This week on ISMOKE we take a closer look at how this northern county is leading the UK with its progressive drugs policies and focus on harm reduction and maximisation of the potential benefits that drugs can have on the consumer and the wider society.

We attended the Cardiff Global Cannabis March 2017

On Saturday 6th May we attended the Cardiff Global Cannabis March 2017. The event attracted hundreds of protesters who marched through Cardiff City to protest for our right to consume cannabis.

Attracting people from across the UK, the Cardiff Global Cannabis March was organised by Cardiff Cannabis Social Club, and last week saw the 7th annual event which has been running since 2010.

420 up North : Durham celebrates first official 420 event in style

  • Hundreds of people turned up for the first official Durham Cannabis Club 420 event
  • The successful event was a collaboration effort by Wear Valley Cannabis club, Durham City Cannabis Club, Tyneside Cannabis club and Durham Cannabis collective
  • There were speakers, stalls and cannabis information available for event attendees
  • There was no police presence
  • Professor Mike Barnes and Trev Coleman gave speeches on the importance of medicinal cannabis

While the national media’s attention may have been exclusively focused on London’s Hyde Park 420 event, which attracted thousands of cannabis enthusiasts and campaigners, hundreds of people attended another 420 event (yes, there are other 420 events outside London).

Tucked away behind the city’s cricket club, next to an idyllic canal, the cannabis clubs of the North East gathered on 420, the world-famous day where everyone stops to take a toke and chill.

Forthcoming UK cannabis events – add these dates to your diary!

The event numbers for 420 this year were huge! Well over 10,000 people attended throughout the day.

When people gather in groups of that size they are completely unpoliceable – despite there being lots of police at the event, attendees were in relative safety in numbers, as it wouldn’t make sense to arrest someone for something everybody in the immediate vicinity is doing.

Over ten thousand attend Hyde Park, London for annual 420 event

This Thursday was 20th April, a date which has become synonymous with cannabis culture over the past few decades.

Rolling a joint, Hyde Park, London

For as long as I’ve lived in London, each year, on 20th April, thousands of people attend Hyde Park for a massive smoke out / celebration / protest.

People attending 420 celebrations in Hyde Park, London

This year was no exception, and also saw the introduction of several other 420 events across the country – we will be reporting on Durham’s event soon.

TTCC Awareness attended the event and gave out CBD caps

The protest was large in London, attracting a lot of people. We struggle to estimate numbers, but there were in excess of ten thousand attending the event on a Thursday in London.  We saw people beatboxing, rap battling, folk singing, painting, juggling and much more as we walked through the crowd. One status we saw mentioned a figure of 15,000 attendees.

We saw people beatboxing, rap battling, folk singing, painting, juggling and much more as we walked through the crowd.

A still from our highlights video shows a section of the crowd gathered around a beatboxer

We arrived just after 12:15, while things were still relatively quiet, with groups of people spread across Speaker’s Corner. By about 3-3:30 the place was packed.

Some people brought their own chairs to the event

We saw lots of people we recognised, but mostly for brief moments, as there were just so many people out protesting and celebrating cannabis.

I have never seen a gathering like this anywhere else, it was like stepping into a different world. The closest thing I can think of is a 3-day festival I once attended, which had that similar unreal feel to it – and that festival happened to be located in the middle of a forest in the Midlands, not Hyde Park, London.

A couple enjoying a smoke at 420 protests in Hyde Park, London

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the media’s attempt to paint a negative light on the event was picked up and suddenly we saw some angry people the following day over the rubbish that was left behind after the event.

What wasn’t stated was that at a certain time the police pushed people off the field, panicking people into a rush to leave.

Police ‘stood guard’ over the event, doing nothing for most of the day. We believe this is a waste of resources!

Greg de Hoedt, Chairman of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs movement stated in a Facebook post yesterday:

Each year we speak with both the Royal Parks and the Met Police about 420 in Hyde Park London.

The Police say they would rather get everyone out of the park as quickly as possible rather than allowing us to get everyone to clean up. They do this by standing in a line and moving across the field in and wall at 5pm while people are still smoking their 4:20pm joints.

As you can imagine everyone gets up in a rush and a panic and leaves not taking all or any of their shit, despite the fact that hundreds of black bags have been distributed.

Still there’s lots of spin opportunity for the papers who can easily snap a photo before people have cleaned up that were there to clean up after 15k people sessioned in one space.

Not hard to put your crap in a bag as you go though the day either! The clean up wouldn’t be so big after 

There were also far too many people packed in tight proximity there to keep track of rubbish without designated bins – we saw zero bins on the day (besides what some of the CSC’s brought to take home their rubbish). Perhaps London should have spent slightly less on unnecessary police for the day in favour of some bins and cleaning staff.

This photo doesn’t quite capture how big the crowds were

We enjoyed the day and plan to attend the next 420 celebrations. It’s also worth stating that there are also lots of cannabis events happening all across the country this summer and indeed all year – keep an eye on social media (or our events page here) and make sure you attend local events to show your support for the legalisation movement.

Finally we want to wish a big thanks to everybody who attended 420 protest / celebrations across the country for getting out there and showing the Government that you believe in our rights to consume cannabis. Now, let’s keep up this energy!

Now, let’s keep up this energy!

420 Hyde Park London 2017
Smoking a rather large joint

You can watch our highlights video from 420 Hyde Park 2017 below

You can also view our complete photo album from 420 2017, Hyde Park, London via Facebook here

Remedy Barcelona Cannabis Club Review

Remedy Barcelona

Remedy is the Barcelona cannabis club that we interviewed last year for ISMOKE Magazine.

Located in the La Rambla area, we headed to Remedy Barcelona to check it out for ourselves when we travelled to Spain for Spannabis earlier this month.

Since we interviewed The Remedy club for ISMOKE, a lot has changed. They are now offering 40 cannabis strains (at the time we attended), plus extracts and other forms of cannabis (edibles, vape carts etc).

We attended Spannabis 2017 [ISMOKE Report]

Spannabis 2017

Last weekend ISMOKE travelled to Spain for Spannabis 2017 in Barcelona.

Hailed as the world’s largest Cannabis Expo, Spannabis was a chance for exhibitors and cannabis connoisseurs to come together over a weekend to show off their wares to the European cannabis market and to celebrate cannabis.

We Attended The London Smoking Club February Session

Last weekend it was the monthly London Smoking Club member’s session held at a secret venue in the City.

Attracting cannabis aficionados from all over the country, this month’s event was a thoroughly enjoyable day of smoking, dabbing and talking about cannabis.

London Smoking Club January Session [Photos]

London Smoking Club January Session

We attended the London Smoking Club January Session last weekend. Here are some of our photos from the event:

London Smoking Club January Session

As usual, the cannabis flavours were out in full force and we saw (and sampled) some amazing varieties of herb including Stardawg, Gorilla Glue, Velvet pie and lots, lots more.

London Smoking Club – Saint Nick Gets Lit [Video]

Last month we attended the London Smoking Club December session Saint Nick Gets Lit at a secret location in London.

Yesterday Youtube channel UKOVERSTOOD released a video highlights reel from the event.

This gives a great overview of the event including interviews with LSC members and a charity segment which sees Instagram user Ren.the.farma having his hair and beard shaved for Sasha’s transplant fund.

saint nick gets lit

Click here to support Sasha’s Transplant fund and learn more via GoFundMe

London Smoking Club Christmas Session 2016 [Photos]

London Smoking Club Christmas Session

Last weekend we attended the London Smoking Club Christmas Session.

Cannabis culture is rapidly evolving in Britain. This year we have seen events spring up all over the country and attracting numbers that it is hard to ignore.

The London Smoking Club Christmas Session was a chance for members to relax and unwind in the run up to Christmas.

As expected, the flavours were out in full force!

View our gallery below:

ISMOKE Top 5 Amsterdam Highlights 2016

The city of Amsterdam is famous for its coffee shops and seed banks, and we have been heading over to The Netherlands for a sort of annual pilgrimage ever since we first visited when ISMOKE was a mere infant, back in 2010. Today on ISMOKE we will take you through our ISMOKE Top 5 Amsterdam Highlights 2016.

ISMOKE Amsterdam Trip Summary [Video]

ISMOKE Amsterdam

The Amsterdam cannabis scene is often thought of as forward-thinking, with lots of options for tourists in the way of coffee shops and cannabis strains.

But how forward-thinking is a system of decriminalisation / tolerance, where coffee shops are frequently shut down, and the people supplying them protected by the system without paying taxes?