Zamnesia is proud to introduce this latest innovation in growing from seed.

This propagator is perfect for personal grows when the conditions for germination of cannabis seeds need to be well managed. The Propagator Pro is just as useful for first-time growers. There’s no need to stress about damaging your valuable seeds – simply let the Propagator Pro create and maintain the best germination environment for them. Germination will normally take between 1 and 6 days. Once the seed leaves have completely emerged, start removing the seedlings from the propagator.

You can also use the Propagator Pro as a shielded nursery for weak seedlings or for starting clones in.
The Propagator Pro is delivered with a bag of perlite (to keep humidity high), inbuilt LED lighting (batteries included) and thermometer. In fact, everything you need to encourage your seeds to sprout and thrive in their pots. The Propagator Pro ships totally flat but unfolds into a strong and sophisticated box that will ensure safe germination.

This propagator keeps germinating cannabis seeds, growing seedlings and emerging taproots healthy and safe. The Propagator Pro is delivered in a flat, nondescript container with instructions for assembly and use.

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