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Smoking 24K Moon Rocks

Smoking Moon Rocks

Today on the ISMOKE Channel we are covering our first “Meteor Rock”, a form of Moon Rocks made by the igrade familia

Invented c.2015, Moon Rocks were first crafted by Kurupt in his quest to create an even stronger cannabis product. The result? An extract-saturated bud rolled in Kief that often delivers over 50% THC!

The moon rock (or Meteor Rock, as it is known) featuring on the channel today has a base of 24K bud, dipped in Stardawg oil and then rolled around in Guavadawg kief.

The result is this product that is perfect to smoke through the bong!

So, what were my thoughts on my first Moon Rock?

I could certainly get used to smoking these – far from being a little more harsh than a standard bowl like I expected, the additional oil and kief add a lovely flavour to the bud, and the igrade Meteor Rock was an enjoyable experience through both my bong and my journey pipe.

It was sticky and difficult to handle, but it smoked great! In fact, in future I’d like to see a bit more oil in the next moon rock that I try, but this was still a great way to feature this sort of product on the ISMOKE Channel.

Watch the video below

Violator Kush Cannabis Information & Review

Violator Kush Cannabis Strain Review

This week we are taking a look at an Indica strain called Violator Kush

The Violator Kush cannabis strain is bred by Barney’s Farm, combining Malana and Hindu Kush strains, the result is a strain delivering a a powerful high that is said to induce couch lock in consumers.

We’re about to go into detail about this cannabis strain, right now, here in ISMOKE Magazine…

Why Keeping Cannabis Illegal is Selfish

In my latest cannavlog launched on the ISMOKE YouTube channel today, I wanted to discuss how I believe it is selfish to continue the current state of affairs when it comes to cannabis prohibition.

I don’t just mean the prohibitionists are selfish who are arguing to maintain the status quo – there are also people, some even cannabis consumers, who state they are happy with the current situation, which admittedly has become one of arbitrary enforcement, likely brought about by excessive police cuts during this current Government’s last two terms in office which has simply left them too stretched in many places to focus on cannabis.

However, without legalisation and regulation, this grey area issue will continue to present itself, with the vulnerable falling victim to prohibition depending on where they happen to live in the country. It’s the same old story. Even decriminalisation isn’t the answer, as it will not generate the money for the UK that could help our economy in wake of the economic uncertainties that Brexit is likely to bring.

You can watch my full thoughts on the subject below in our latest CannaVlog

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Cannabis Sunglasses

In this video, launched on our YouTube channel today, we’re taking a look at some cheap and cheerful cannabis-inspired sunglasses purchased from

These UV400 sunglasses are unisex, making them perfect for times when you both want less sun in your eyes and want people to know that you consume weed!

Not lowkey in the slightest, these loud weed-themed sunglasses are perfect for festivals, raves and generally looking cool!

Watch the video below:

Want to buy these cannabis sunglasses? Find them here: (£2.99) (£3.99)

B29 OG Cannabis Strain Information & Review

This week I took a look at another new cannabis strain by UK-breeders B28 Genetics.

B29 OG is a hybrid cross of Green Crack X Holy Grail Kush.

Green Relief Papers Supply Plus Package January | 420 Unboxing

420 unboxing - Green Relief Papers Supply Plus Package

This week, we’re taking a look at the Papers Supply Plus Package January Edition, a 420 supplies box launched by UK company Green Relief.

This 420 Subscription box supposedly contains enough smoking paraphernalia to last the month, so let’s take a look at what’s inside, in our first 420 unboxing on the ISMOKE Channel:

I’m very impressed with the number of Raw papers contained in this box – 10 whole packets. Now that I’m more of a bong smoker, chances are that these will actually last me longer than a month, but I know a few people that would get through these a lot more quickly!

I also love my rasta-style pipe, zippo lighter and golden grinder that came with this month’s package. Overall, it seems like great value for the £14.50 monthly charge (which renews on the day you signed up, but payment date can be changed on site at any time).

You can visit Green Relief website and sign up here – You can also get a 10% Discount on your package by visiting their It’s So Green page on site and using the password “northantcsc” to access it. This code is valid until the end of January 2018.

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Easy Access Grinder

Easy Access Grinder

Today we’re taking a look at an “easy access grinder” which has a compartment that lets you slide it open to access the herbs inside.

I enjoyed filming with the new grinder – the 30 teeth at the top and 24 teeth at the bottom ensure a smooth grind, and the middle chamber of this grinder can certainly store a fair bit of bud!

The cost of this grinder was £8.99, but between filming the review and editing it unfortunately became unavailable on Amazon.

Here’s the link in case it becomes available again in the future.

ISMOKE Interviews Simpa Carter from Durham City Cannabis Club

ISMOKE Interviews is our cannabis-themed interview series, designed to give you an insight into people involved with UK cannabis legalisation campaign.

In the last episode, we launched the series with an interview with Sy Dignam from Hampshire Cannabis Community, which you can watch here if you missed it.

This episode features Simpa Carter, founder & chairman of Durham City Cannabis Club, as well as regular guest article-writer for ISMOKE Magazine with his post-prohibition series, which you can find here.

We sat down with Simpa to film an exclusive interview all about the man himself; his passions, his experiences so far, and of course, a lot more cannabis-related topics.

Vape cannabis through your bong with a water tool adapter

This week I’ve been trying out a new attachment which allows me to vape cannabis using a traditional, good old water pipe.

The bong I’ve picked for this task is the wonderful Weed-Star Wasabi, and I’ve attached my Arizer Air 2 vaporiser to the bong using this specialised 14.4mm Water tool adapter, which works a treat!

Managing your pain with cannabis [Video]

We thought you might like to watch and share this video to help raise awareness of the benefits of cannabis.

In the video, Dr. Jessica Knox from The American Cannabinoid Clinics explains how your endocannabinoid system works, and why cannabis is so effective in treating pain.

This video is from the AC Clinics YouTube channel. Thanks to Winston Matthews for bringing it to our attention!

Dead Fox Collective Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis Extracts by Dead Fox Collective

Cannabis extracts are becoming ever more popular in the UK, coming in various forms like BHO, Rosin and Distillate

Despite us being behind the US in terms of cannabis legalisation, we still have a vibrant and evolving cannabis community with top class growers, cannabis extracts and suppliers – it just all happens in secret.

For the ISMOKE Channel this week I’m taking a look at three top extracts pressed/extracted by the Dead Fox Collective.

Zookies Cannabis Strain Information & Review

Zookies Smoke Report

This week we are taking a look at Zookies, a US-grown cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Animal Cookies. This strain is a 50/50 hybrid which often delivers around 25% THC, putting it on the stronger side of cannabis strains in 2017.

It is originally bred by Alien Labs (now grown by Cannaman 707 and the Golden State Cultivators). The strain was initially called Zookeepers, until phenotype #7 was designated something special and renamed Zookies.

Casey Jones Cannabis Strain Information & Review

Casey Jones ISMOKE Review

Casey Jones is a cross of Oriental Express X East Coast Sour Diesel. It is named after a train engineer that died saving people from a Train Crash over 100 years ago – Oriental Express is a cross of Trainwreck and Thai cannabis strains, giving you some idea of the origin of the name of this strain.

Casey Jones is an 80/20 sativa-dominant hybrid, delivering a heady, chatty high – we love this strain because it looks, tastes and smells particularly distinct and complex.

This batch, the “Mr Organics Cut” was grown in the UK, and was grown organically too.

Let’s go into detail about the attributes of this strain:

An interview with Sy Dignam from Hampshire Cannabis Community

Over the past few months we have been putting together a brand new series designed to give you an insight into some of the activists working towards legalisation in the UK cannabis industry.

Our first episode features Sy Dignam from Hampshire Cannabis Community. For the past few years we have met Sy at several events and always see him flying the Hampshire Cannabis Community banner loud and proud!

We sat down with Sy this week to see what drives him, and what his aims and ideas are around the blossoming cannabis industry that we can expect with legalisation in the UK.

Deadhead OG Cannabis Strain Information & ISMOKE Report

This week we’re taking a look at Deadhead OG, a hybrid cross of Chemdawg 91 and SFV OG Kush that regularly delivers over 20% THC.

Deadhead OG is 60% Indica to 40% Sativa, and consumers report that it’s got a potent and relaxing high that comes alongside the cerebral effects that this strain delivers.

We sat down to try out some of this strain for this week’s ISMOKE Report!