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Breaking the Law to Breathe

Breaking The Law to Breathe

My name is Nyle, and I’m a Cystic Fibrosis patient that uses medical cannabis to help combat the ailments associated with my illness.

Cystic Fibrosis is an illness that affects over 10,000 young people in the UK. Because of my condition, the NHS prescribe me and my brother many dangerous and addictive drugs every day just to help keep us healthy.

At the same time medical marijuana remains inaccessible – a plant that grows organically in the ground, is non-addictive and helps with all my pains and health concerns, from my poor digestive system to my diabetic illness and chronic pain, treating myself with cannabis is illegal.

Now that is true, real-world madness!

With #BreakingTheLawtoBreath I and my twin brother plan to document and share the findings of an extensive, and unique video diary exploring the true medical values of cannabis and how legalising it could benefit us long term.

Watch the promo video for Breaking The Law To Breathe below:

What’s going on with medical cannabis in the UK?


Over the past week we have seen an incredible amount of positive press around medical cannabis in the UK.

From Billy Caldwell getting back his life-saving medicine and both him and Alfie Dingley being granted medical licenses to the new Home Secretary Sajid Javid issuing a statement talking about how they will adopt a new policy on cannabis as medicine.

Scoops and Drops Episode 2


Join us for another episode of Scoops and Drops.

This week’s episode features info on our new T-Shirts as well as a drop of new glassware going live on the ISMOKE Shop later on this week.

Making and vaping solventless cannabis extract in 10 minutes (RosinBomb Rocket X Pax 3)


This week we tried making our own rosin for vaping, using the RosinBomb Rocket and the PAX 3 vaporizer.

On their own, each of these products makes it simple to either extract from your buds, or vape them – but put them together and you can do both!

We attended the MKCSC drop-in event June 2018

Milton Keynes CSC

We recently attended Milton Keynes Cannabis Social Club’s first open drop-in education and membership sign-up evening. MKCSC is one of over a hundred Cannabis clubs currently active in the UK.

“We are a group of like-minded individuals standing up against prohibition, and working towards a more progressive and evidence-based cannabis policy in the UK by bringing local communities together. Our members are a mixture of active and inactive cannabis advocates, people wanting education about Cannabis, and those who want more information and safe access to a more regulated market” – MKCSC

The event took place on Thursday 7th June and started at 7 pm. The later starting time ensured a good turnout. The event offered the public of Milton Keynes their first look at the club and access to plenty of educational literature and the opportunity to converse with activists from across the United Kingdom.

ISMOKE Wake and Bake Live [Episode 3]


This week’s Wake and Bake Live Stream was all about cannabis vaping.

The wake and bake live show is your chance to watch and interact with ISMOKE Live, so make sure you are following our facebook fan page and have live notifications switched on.

New show out now : Scoops and Drops


Today we launched a new series called which will take you through our latest scoops over the past 7 days, as well as new stock drops on the ISMOKE Head Shop.

As well as our latest scoops, the plan is for each episode to also include some items that you can win or buy for yourselves.

Scooping is obtaining functional glass & other 420-related products, particularly original, one-of-a-kind and hand-made items. Discover our scoops in this new series launched over on YouTube.

ISMOKE and other cannabis channels are back up on YouTube!


Is this a dream? Out of the blue yesterday evening, many deleted cannabis channels went back up on YouTube.

As well as our channel, Uptowngrowlab, Urban Remo, Customgrow420, Maot420 and many more all re-appeared online at the same time.

We got messages from subscribers to let us know that the videos had reappeared around 8pm BST. However, at present the ISMOKE channel is not as visible in search results, potentially due to not being online for a couple of months. Our viewers are also reporting not being able to see our sub count or re-subscribe to the channel.

What to expect at Green Pride 2018


Later on this year on Saturday 21st July 2018 Brighton Cannabis Club are hosting this year’s Green Pride celebrations in Preston Park, Brighton.

To get an idea of what to expect at this year’s Green Pride, we sat down with Rob Davidson from Brighton Cannabis Club to talk about the history of Green Pride, past year’s events and more. 

Tottenham Compassion Club Medical Cannabis Awareness Bike Ride


Looking for a worthwhile charitable cause within the cannabis community? on 6th July Paul “Chinner” Roberts is doing a sponsored bike ride to raise money for a medical cannabis patient battling lung cancer, on behalf of the Tottenham Cycle Club, a new arm of the Tottenham Compassion Club.

Paul is cycling from the Patients at Parliament Protest in Westminster up the country to Borofest Glass and Craft Festival in Bedfordshire.

Set up to provide education and medical awareness to medical cannabis patients, Tottenham Compassion Club gives back to the community in so many ways. As well as attending cannabis awareness events across the country, TTCC helps sick people get the information they need which is unavailable to them on the NHS.

Now they are raising money to help a patient diagnosed with terminal lung cancer with a sponsored bike ride.

TTCC said: As part of our ongoing efforts to raise awareness for medical cannabis and support our patients, one of our founding members will be engaging in some Post-Parliament Protest Pedalling! Chinner will undertake a long distance sponsored bike ride starting at the Houses of Parliament on the day of the reading of the Elizabeth Brice Bill (6th July), finishing over 50 miles away at the event known as Borofest.

We know the importance of educating the public on the benefits of medical cannabis and hope that this bike ride will assist in raising awareness and dispelling the stigma around cannabis use. Our intrepid cyclist will be wearing clothing with educational messages about cannabis that will be visible to drivers and the public to highlight the importance of our cause.

All funds raised will go directly to supporting one of our patients who is currently battling terminal lung cancer. Please consider donating to help them during this difficult time. Even a small donation of only 10 or 20 pence per mile can make a difference.”

Click here to support #TTCC’s Medical Cannabis Bike Ride for Cancer



ISMOKE Wake and Bake Live is your weekly cannabis-inspired morning show taking place every Sunday from 10.30am live on the ISMOKE channel!

Episode 2 – Cannabis Events & Joining the Community

We are already put into a box/group as cannabis consumers and discriminated against, so why do people discriminate against others?

Why are cannabis groups fighting or attacking others instead of focusing all efforts on legalisation?

Upcoming Cannabis Events

A List of events coming up across UK and in Europe that you should attend if you are able!

Join the Community

Discussing what you should do to get involved with your local cannabis community. Attending public events like Green Pride is a great place to start!

See you for episode 3 on Sunday at 10:30 am!

YouTube is running anti-gay ads on LGBTQ+ content


Following on from our coverage of YouTube demonetizing cannabis content last year, then starting a purge of many things cannabis-related on its website, it has now become clear that YouTube is not stopping there.

Customgrow420 and many other Cannabis Channels deleted from YouTube

Also affected by their AI Bots/algorithms (said to be in charge of this continuing purge) is an increasing amount of LGBTQ+ content which is suffering from the same demonetization issues that the cannabis industry suffered last year.

However, something even more insidious has begun to rear its head in light of the latest iteration of YouTube’s adpocalypse – anti-gay ads have begun to appear on this kind of content.

Cleaning Your Glass – The Ziplock Method


This video will show you how to clean your glass tools and dab rigs using a ziplock bag.

All you need for this method are some ziplock bags, isopropyl alcohol and warm water.

For extra care, you could also get some Dark Crystal cleaning solution which is designed for the purpose of cleaning your glass.

Chocolate Mint OG Strain review & Information


Welcome to our Chocolate Mint OG cannabis information feature! Here you’ll find our smoke report featuring this strain, along with photos, descriptions and a video review featuring two phenotypes of Chocolate Mint OG.


Bred by Humboldt Seeds, Chocolate Mint OG combines OG Kush (Emerald Cut) and Granddaddy Purple, creating an indica-heavy strain with sweet, fresh tones. This batch is by Mario Budders.

The THC in this bud can sit between 22-26%, making it a reasonably strong smoke.

Interestingly, one phenotype tastes more like OG Kush and the other one more like Grandaddy Purple!


Both phenotypes of the Chocolate Mint OG look delicious:

The nugs of chocolate mint OG are dense and a little compressed. It has a dusty look from the trichomes covering the bud.

The colour is a lovely light green with hints of white, and the pistils are a rich orange hue.


Stong gassy notes emit from phenotype 1 like there’s no tomorrow. Phenotype 2, on the other hand, smells sweeter and more like Grandaddy Purple, although still with hints of gassy cannabis aroma.

Grinding up both samples, I can smell the pine and sweetness in phenotype 2 more clearly whereas phenotype 1 of Chocolate Mint OG is like a gas overload.


Smoking both of these samples through my bong gave me a good idea of the smoking experience of the Chocolate Mint OG. I also pressed a small part of each bud into a dab’s worth of Rosin which gave me a clearer picture of the flavour.

It is difficult to pick a favourite because I love both of the parent strains, but in my experience, each phenotype leans towards one parent more. So at a push, phenotype 1 (the gassy, meaty phenotype) gets my vote – justs – over the lighter, sweeter phenotype 2.

Hitting each sample through my bong, I get a wonderfully rich and smooth smoke that doesn’t leave me needing to cough. The pine comes through, particularly with phenotype 2, but it is nowhere near as pronounced as when dabbing the extract which delivered a sweet pine taste.

I prefer the flavour dabbing this, but it tastes nice enough through my bong that I could smoke it all day long.


Chocolate Mint OG

at 22-26% THC Chocolate Mint OG delivers a strong indica-led high, although with a notable uplift as the first effect to kick in.

I get an enjoyable wave settling into a relaxing stone from smoking and dabbing this strain.


I think that Mario did a great job with this, as both samples look, smell and taste great.

This is the sort of strain I could smoke consistently, particularly if I had access to both phenotypes which each deliver their own little package of THC-fuelled goodness.

I wish I had pressed more of the bud to get a bigger/better dab, and hope to try some wax or similar terpy Chocolate Mint OG extract soon.

Watch our review video below

Chocolate Mint OG Strain Review from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

What would happen if coffee and caffeine was banned


We recently saw a series of powerful and thought-provoking tweets by Canadian cannabis activist Dana Larsen who posed the question “What if coffee and caffeine was banned tomorrow?”