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Sour Banana Sherbet Cannabis Strain Review & Information


This week we are back with a brand new strain review featuring Sour Banana Sherbet bred by Crockett Family Farms and Grown by Kent Valley Farms.

Sour Banana Sherbet is a hybrid strain which contains between 18-24% THC and delivers a powerful head-heavy but relaxing stone.

Upcoming public event hosted by Dumfries & Galloway Cannabis Social Club


One of the highlights of our experience at Green Pride was meeting other new Cannabis clubs inspired by what the UKCSC has achieved in places like Durham and Teesside. One of the new ones we met was Dumfries & Galloway Cannabis Social Club. We hit it off pretty quickly with their leadership members who were delighted to be reminded that I was the guy who got a clear brain scan fighting brain cancer in the BBC Three documentary Dying For Weed.

What was brilliant for me meeting people who had seen the documentary in the past was how I could put some meat on the bones of exactly how I managed it and go onto achieve another 7 clear scan results and outlive my prognosis.

Italy cracks down on legal cannabis


Italian Prime Minister Matteo Salvini sends a public message to the nation, condemning the proliferation of legal cannabis products.

Italy has always had a complicated relationship with cannabis, owing largely to a political bi-polarity that goes back decades.

Although Italy is one of the greatest consumers of cannabis per capita, it is also the home of the Catholic church and its politics have been mired by a bitter contest between conservative and left-wing groups. This has led to a confused identity for the nation when it comes to cannabis.

Earlier this year, there was a general election in Italy, which resulted in an impossible coalition between two populist parties: M5S, an anti-establishment party of mixed values led by Luigi Di Maio and Lega, an isolationist far party led by Matteo Salvini. Salvini, in particular, is a controversial character, having already drawn strong criticism regarding his party’s attitude towards migration and their lack of support for vaccination legislation. Further making his mark, he now turns his outrage towards shops selling legal non-psychoactive cannabis flowers.

Scoops and Drops Episode 4


Episode 4 of Scoops and Drops just landed on our YouTube channel!

This series gives you a regular update on what’s new in the ISMOKE glass collection, and this week we have a dab rig special.

Smoking Unknown Cali Weed #01


Recently I was given a small sample of bud by a friend which I forgot to label.

I know this sample of flower came from California, but that’s about it, so I decided to make a video about it!

Smoking six-month-old weed


This week I dug out an old bud sample that is around 6-months-old.

I’ve seen a lot of people wondering on forums whether it is ok to smoke their bud at 6-months, and today I’m going to answer that question!

A Cash Crop For The Few?


In a year that has seen the first major national legalisation of cannabis in Canada, strongholds of legalisation in the States raise billions in tax via dispensaries, the ailing minority Tory government in the UK clings onto whatever it can of the dying model of prohibition. In many ways, the UK government has adopted a worse structure of prohibition by using it to create their own monopoly thanks to their corrupt and hypercritical licensing to their own corporate base via GW pharmaceutical’s 45 acre Skunk farm.

As the Tories own policy board chairmen recently cried in horror “You want to legalize Skunk!” to the UKCSC’s Greg de Hoedt on the Victoria Derbyshire program during weeks of the government playing chicken by denying prescribed cannabis medicine to the parents of children with pharma drug-resistant epilepsy, George Freeman exposed his lack of knowledge on cannabis when Greg was able to truth bomb on TV that his own government is benefitting from Skunk with their monopoly via GW Pharmaceuticals.

ISMOKE at Green Pride 2018


Saturday 21st 2018 saw the Green Pride 2018 celebrations take place in Preston Park, Brighton.

With thousands of guests attending from across the UK, this year was the biggest Green Pride celebration to date.

While last year saw 30 stalls turning up and a strong presence in Preston Park, this year saw more than double the number of stalls and vendors and way more guests in attendance.

We visited Eastney Beach for the annual Hampshire Cannabis Community Picnic


Every year Hampshire Cannabis Community throws a public awareness event on Eastney Beach.

The picnic this year took place on the beach last Saturday and saw around 100 guests turn up to the 420-friendly event.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, with the summer sun and beach breeze providing a perfect temperature for guests throughout the day.

ISMOKE at the Dead Fox Cup 2018


We just released our third and final video in the series about the Dead Fox Cup 2018 hosted by the Dead Fox Collective.

Held in a secret location in the UK, you can read all about the event and view our photos here.

Now you can watch footage from the event and see how the weekend progressed as people from across the country came together for an enjoyable cannabis cup.

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We attended Borofest Glass Festival 2018


Everybody who attended this year’s Borofest celebrations shares one thing in common:

They all agree that something special went down last weekend in the forest in Bedfordshire!

Borofest is an annual event which takes place in the UK and attracts attendees from across the UK and beyond.

Happy 710


If you follow dab culture, 710 is the new 420.

710 reads oil upside-down and for that reason dabbing stoners in the United States and beyond have christened it ‘dab day’ – a day to celebrate cannabis concentrates!

Hive Glass and Burtango Glass at the Love Glass Studio (PART 2)


We recently went back to the Love Glass studio to see Hive Glass while he visited Burtango Glass down in the South of England.

Last time Frank (Hive Glass) visited he started working on a new glass rig for ISMOKE, but was unable to complete the piece that day due to a lack of the needed tools.

Dutch coffeeshops and the new cannabis experiment

Dutch coffeeshops

Since the opening of Coffeeshops (yes, that’s how it is spelt), they have always operated two systems. The so-called ‘front door’ which is legal and the so-called ‘back door’ which is illegal.

These two systems are totally separate and have nothing to do with each other. Let me explain…

Dead Fox Cup 2018 : UK Cannabis Cup by the Dead Fox Collective


Last weekend the Dead Fox Cup took place in the UK. This event showcased some of the best cannabis flowers and extracts that the UK has to offer, and was organised by the Dead Fox Collective.

We travelled to a secret location in Wales for the event which was attended by around 100 people from across the UK.