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Is quitting tobacco worth it?


Back in September 2016, I smoked my last spliff. Since then I’ve always rolled with just pure cannabis in my joints. I have not looked back.

But did you know 77% of UK cannabis consumers mix their weed with tobacco, consuming one of the most deadly drugs alongside one of nature’s safest?

In this vlog filmed for the ISMOKE channel I wanted to outline my reasons for quitting tobacco and how going pure has affected me.

You can read our Cannabis consumer’s guide to quitting tobacco here:

The Cannabis Consumer’s Guide to Quitting Tobacco

Dry herb vs. extract vaping with the PAX 3 vaporizer


I recently got my hands on some Marmalade for one of our strain reviews, and while vaping some during my research phase I thought to myself: “I wonder how the shatter compares to this flower through my PAX 3”

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, today I am going to answer that question!

Alfie Dingley must now wait another 4 months for a decision from the Home Office

Alfie Dingley Sir Patrick Stewart

Back in March, we reported on Alfie Dingley, a 6-year-old boy with a rare form of epilepsy who is in urgent need of medical cannabis.

Alfie Dingley Granted 3-Month Cannabis Trial in the UK

Recap: Hannah Deacon, Alfie’s mother made headlines earlier this year when her campaigning and the national coverage of her story helped result in a statement from the Home Office saying it would grant Alfie a 3-month trial for his cannabis-based medicine.

The medication Alfie currently uses is made by Bedrocan – it’s a whole plant CBD oil (10%) called Bedrolite. Alfie has a supply of this. As it has no THC in it it is legal.

Alfie’s parents are fighting for access to Bedica oil which is the 2% THC oil he was on in while Holland which he doesn’t have access to in the UK due to its illegality.

Cannabis & Political Activism


Politics can be a cutthroat game when you look at it from a distance. You can almost simplify it down to good vs evil and when you are dealing with evil, you know your opponent has little regard for fairness/rules. This is why sociopaths do so well in business and politics. They have the charisma to persuade people to follow their lead and the absence of guilt to cheat their way through challenges.

This doesn’t mean you should just lay down and accept their ways though, far from it. When corruption is left unchallenged beyond a certain point it can lead to some of the worst events in history such as resource wars which unlike territorial or genuine wars against tyranny are perpetual in nature given that resources are so finite on 1 planet with exponential population growth.

Since the end of World War 2 where around a total of 70 million civilian and military people died as a direct result of the conflict, a controversial term has been used called “The long peace” coined first by history John Lewis Gaddis in 1989 which is in reference to the fact that no rich major nuclear powers have had direct conflict with each other since World War 2.

THC Vape Cart – Lemon OG


Today on the ISMOKE website we are taking a look at this Lemon OG Vape Cartridge extracted by Symbiotic Labs and produced by the White Wabbit for the cannabis clubs out in Barcelona.

It is a great product – it is extremely discreet, but delivers a smooth flavour and powerful hit with the THC distillate, terps and PG/VG mixture.

They also offer a fully undiluted vape cart available in Barcelona which we haven’t tried out yet, but if this Lemon OG cart is anything to go by then it is going to be tasty!

If you are lucky enough to live in Barcelona then look out for these Breaking Dab Vape Carts in a cannabis club near you.

YouTube terminates the ISMOKE YouTube Channel


On Thursday 19th April 2018 the ISMOKE YouTube Channel became inaccessible after being terminated by the platform.

This marked the end of our YouTube channel which was built from the ground up over the past few years, amassing 14,000 subscribers and over 1.5 million video views.

Less than 24 hours before this, last week we reported on YouTube closing the channels of many prominent cannabis content creators, so our own channel termination came as no surprise. The world’s most popular video platform has adopted a 3 strikes policy and has been culling channels it doesn’t want online with seemingly increasing vigour in recent weeks.

Customgrow420 and many other Cannabis Channels deleted from YouTube

What does this mean for ISMOKE?

Well, it makes us hate censorship all the more. But don’t worry, we will still be making our cannabis videos and uploading them across our channels on the web.

While we have lost the pretty awesome discovery feature YouTube offered which brought new people to our videos based on recommendations, we have already seen an influx of viewers coming over to Vimeo and subscribing to our new channel where we are currently in the process of re-uploading our YouTube videos alongside shiny new ones.

So please follow us on Vimeo to stay up-to-date with ISMOKE’s videos moving forward.

But what about Youtube?

YouTube’s terms and conditions prohibit ISMOKE from owning another YouTube channel. However you can subscribe to Tyler Green’s personal YouTube channel here.

What do you think about YouTube’s recent approach to cannabis content? Tweet us your thoughts @ISMOKEMEDIA

We attended this year’s 4/20 celebrations in London’s Hyde Park

420 2018 London

The 4/20 celebrations were bigger than ever in the UK this year. Tens of thousands of cannabis consumers from across the country attended the flash gathering in Hyde Park, London that has been taking place each year since The Summer of Love 1967.

And the event in London was only one of many, with other events happening across the UK and beyond in Leeds, Manchester, Dublin and worldwide.

We travelled to London to Hyde Park for the biggest of the gatherings, and you can read about our time at the event below.

Genius Pipe Review [video]


Recently we got our hands on the Genius Pipe.

You can watch our review video below to see the Genius Pipe in action below:

Smoking Weed with my Genius Pipe from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

The Genius Pipe has amazing filtration and cooling abilities, all without water and all in a compact package. Its simple three-piece design holds a huge amount of technological innovation that sets the Genius Pipe apart from other dry herb pipes on the market. Its 3-piece design also make it easy to clean.

“You will not find a pipe on the market that offers the same level of cooling in such a small and simple package. No water, no mess, and no fuss means that there’s no question about the fantastic quality of the Genius Pipe.”


  • Compact, Portable & Subtle
  • Minimalist Design
  • Great cooling system
  • Waterless Filtration deals with up to 95% of tar and resin

You can also use the voucher code ISMOKE for 10% off ANYTHING on the Everyonedoesit website.

Dabbing with the Dr Dabber Boost [Black Edition]


This week we have been getting high with the Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition.

The Dr Dabber Boost combines the tech of an e-nail and a dab rig and delivers it in the form of a portable vaporizer with modular nails for easy switching between quartz, titanium and ceramic.

The device comes in a wooden box with foam insert – this is the best product box I have ever received, making a nice change from cardboard.

Inside the box you get 3 nails, everything you need to maintain the device including a spare heating element and a Dr Dabber Keyring.

Using the Dr Dabber Boost is easy – you just switch on the device by pressing the button 3 times (or 5 times if you’re using the quartz attachment) and then simply wait 30-40 seconds for it to reach the right temperature.

Once it is hot enough, the light will change colour and you are ready to dab by touching your extract to the centre of the chosen nail using the dab tool provided.

The Dr Dabber delivers tasty dabs. The clouds don’t seem super thick, and I found that running it on one heat cycle before use improved the vapour production. You can also keep the carb cap on the device and turn it on again to dab the extract that may be left behind on your nail.

Watch our review of the Dr Dabber Boost below:

Portable Dabs with the Dr Dabber Boost [Black Edition] from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

We got our Dr Dabber Boost from the Namaste Vapes website. You can use our code ISMOKE for 10% off anything on site! 

Customgrow420 and many other Cannabis Channels deleted from YouTube


Joel Hradecky, also known as Customgrow420, is a popular online video-maker and was the biggest weed-tuber on YouTube, which is currently the world’s leading video platform.

He’s also a legal cannabis patient living in Washington in the US.

Multi Strain Smoke Report Episode 2 featuring Yeti OG & The Sauce


This week we have a double smoke report feature right here on the ISMOKE channel.

Due to upload restrictions on YouTube, we are currently uploading our whole catalogue to our new Vimeo page. You can subscribe and catch up with some of our previous videos here.

The importance of scientific communication in the cannabis legalisation movement


To cut a long story short I’m 7 MRI scans in the clear from brain cancer. I couldn’t have achieved that without the support of the community I hope to communicate this article towards.

It’s been some time since many of us braved the cold to have our money and time wasted by a neoliberal suit inside parliament filibustering The Elizabeth Brice Bill.

I went there with a sense of urgency under the idea that this Bill would be the best thing since sliced avocado (I can’t eat Bread). I had no idea who the UPA was, what the difference was between them and the other attending groups.

All I knew, like many of the people I met there, was that showing up to represent your local cannabis social club would be better than nothing and any change in policy would be a step in the right direction.

Win an ArGo Vaporizer in our 420 Competition


This week we have teamed up with online Headshop Namaste to offer you the chance to win an ArGo Vaporizer worth £219.99!

Last week we got our hands on the ArGo and we’ve been impressed with its capability to deliver the power of the Arizer Air 2 while minimizing size to achieve more portability. You can watch our review below:

Argo Vaporizer Review from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

Now thanks to our friends at Namaste Vapes UK we are giving away an Arizer Go Vaporizer to a lucky ISMOKE fan!

The competition is live on our Facebook page now. Click the post below to go directly to the competition on Facebook:

How to Enter the ISMOKE 420 Competition

All you need to do to enter is:

  • Like the post (and the ISMOKE and Namaste Facebook Pages)
  • Tag 3 friends
  • Share the post, either on your walls, pages, or in facebook groups*

The winner will be drawn on Tuesday 24th April at 4:20 pm and posted in the comments of the competition post.

You can also add this page to your bookmarks and check back to see the winner after the closing date!

Terms and Conditions:
You must be over 18 to enter.
Entries are not limited to one per person. Each share via a person that meets the criteria (over 18 + has liked both Namaste and ISMOKE facebook pages and tagged 3 friends)  counts as one entry. You can share in multiple groups for multiple entries!

You can also use our code ISMOKE for 10% off on the Namaste Vaporizers website.

Exploring the European Cannabis scene (Part 6)


This week in the penultimate article continuing on with our seven-part series exploring the ever-evolving European cannabis scene. In this piece, we’ll be focusing on the former Soviet Union block of Europe.

  1. Part One https://www.ismokemag.co.uk/european-cannabis-part-1/
  2. Part Two https://www.ismokemag.co.uk/european-cannabis-part-2/
  3. Part Three https://www.ismokemag.co.uk/european-cannabis-part-3/
  4. Part Four – https://www.ismokemag.co.uk/european-cannabis-part-4/ 
  5. Part Five – https://www.ismokemag.co.uk/european-cannabis-part-5/

In this feature, we are discussing the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and its cannabis policies and history. We will then be taking a look at the individual nations created by the fall of the Soviet republic in 1991.

ArGo Vaporizer

ArGo Vaporizer

The ArGo is Arizer’s latest portable vaporizer to hit the market.

The Palm-sized Argo is their smallest vaporizer to date and comes with 2 glass mouthpieces, a swappable 18650 battery, and digital temperature controls.

Delivering a similar performance to the Air 2 when it comes to battery and performance, the ArGo can certainly hold its own in an already diverse vaporizer market.