Bright Skies and Positive Vibes – Basingstoke Cannabis BBQ


On Saturday Basingstoke Dank threw their annual cannabis BBQ in the South of England. The event saw canna-businesses from all over the country attending to showcase their brands and blaze and toke in Basingstoke, with over lots of stalls and plenty of people in attendance.

Some of the Stalls at Basingstoke Dank BBQ
Some of the Stalls at Basingstoke Dank BBQ

Despite a couple of light to severe showers, the majority of the day saw bright blue skies and happy vibes as people celebrated cannabis.

ISMOKE Supplies at Basingstoke Dank BBQ
ISMOKE Supplies & Drew Gilchrist at Basingstoke Dank BBQ

We attended with ISMOKE Supplies, our new Head Shop selling smoking paraphernalia. Other guests in attendance included Hampshire Cannabis Community, Cannazine, East London Headshop, Nannie’s Gourmet Edibles, Lost on Green Mile and lots more.


Some police community support officers turned up a few times throughout the day to ‘check in’, and actually showed quite a bit of interest in the medical side, talking to exhibitors who were happy to provide some cannabis education. Nobody was arrested and as usual, there was no trouble throughout the event.

The police showed quite a positive interest in the event
Manuel blowing an impressive plume of smoke

This was a really successful event, and despite the fact that we were working behind a stall all day we still had a great time meeting new people and raising some cannabis awareness with everybody in attendance.

Medicated Pizza
Medicated Pizza

These events are always a great day, and I highly suggest you try and make it down to the next one in your local area. We can’t wait for next year’s Basingstoke Dank BBQ!

Tyler Green & Sy Dignam
Tyler Green & Sy Dignam

Thanks Sy Dignam for some of the photos! View more in the gallery below: