So, the future – does it look bleak for cannabis? Will we end up in a country where cannabis prices become so great that a gram could cost the same as a gram of something harder? What problems would this cause? Worryingly, it is possible that more people could be tempted into using harder drugs if they get them from the same guy and they cost the same amount of money?

This is an issue that the Government need to address.  Cannabis is proven to be many times safer than legal alternatives, but dangers of harder drugs can pose health risks.  If the government regulated cannabis, this would effectively cut off the link to other drugs, much in the same way that alcohol is cut off from illegal substances altogether.  It would also regulate the price of cannabis, and take it out of the cost of the criminals currently running the cannabis supply chain, not to mention generate vast amounts of money for the Government which would be raised in taxes.

Now the activists among you will be sitting there thinking: “hang on, isn’t this what the government wants?”- Well, their aim is to do everything in their power to reduce cannabis use, be it by slandering, inventing scare stories or banging people’s doors in.  I see no evidence of cannabis use declining, even as the price rises.  People are prepared to pay because cannabis is, and will always be a commodity.  Therefore although in theory from the Government’s perspective cannabis price inflation would be a good thing, it is not benefiting them – in fact the increased tax-free profits are going straight into dealer’s pockets!

So as prices continue to rise, I will not take my bud for granted, as chances are the price of cannabis will keep on rising until the UK adopts a regulated system.  Recent developments in drugs laws mean softer sentences will come into effect for smaller quantities of drugs, which hopefully will slow cannabis inflation.  But prices will continue to rise, as everything always does, and I fear that in ten years’ time when reading back on this article I will be astonished at how cheap cannabis was back in 2012.





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