Critical Plus 2.0 Cannabis Strain Information & Review


This week we’re taking a look at Critical Plus 2.0. The famous Critical Plus (Big Bud X Skunk) has been crossed with itself to enhance the genetics.

The result is this strain – Critical Plus 2.0. Bred by Dinafem, this bud delivers a hybrid high, perhaps slightly more on the Sativa Side.


I got this sample from the North of the UK, and it’s great to see different genetics in different parts of the Country. This was my first time trying Critical Plus 2.0.

This strain is notably easy to grow due to the Big Bud in its genetics. The Skunk also adds a nice, sweet pungency to the flavour, making this one of a good option for newer growers who want an easy time.

Critical Plus 2.0


The bud sample is presented reasonably well, with a good trim job and nice consistency.

It’s not 10/10 bud, of course, and the appearance reflects this, but it has a nice and complex look incorporating faded yellow pistils and dull white trichomes.

This sample has a medium density, with a bit of give to it.


The Critical Plus 2.0 captures the skunk scent quite well, producing an almost sweet (but not sickly) pungent scent, particularly when broken apart and ground.

So I’d say this one has a rather old school scent about it, giving the Critical Plus 2.0 an aroma which reminds me of bud back in the day.


Smoking some Critical Plus 2.0 through both my bong and my Genius Pipe, I’m treated to the sweet, pungent notes. It also delivers with a bit of an almost spicy, woody flavour.

The taste is more apparent through the pipe, but the flavour through both consumption methods tells me that this has been grown, dried and cured well.


Being a hybrid strain, Critical Plus 2.0 delivers effects on both ends of the spectrum.

The first thing to kick in is a lovely body stone, that makes me feel incredibly relaxed.

Then the Sativa side of the genetics hits me and I get a buzz which I think you can visibly see creep onto my face during the video review.


Grown Well, cured well and presented well, I don’t have a lot to say about this cannabis strain that isn’t good.

Despite this, however, the Critical Plus 2.0 won’t be going down as one of my favourites. It’s a bit old school (not a bad thing), a bit vanilla (plain) and the taste reflects this.

I prefer some of the gassier-tasting strains, although the high from the Critical Plus 2.0 is an enjoyable feeling that I’d be happy to experience again.

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