This week we got our hands on a new grinder, courtesy of Crystal Cartel. This 50mm metal Herb Grinder is made of aluminium and has a logo on the top, giving it a premium feel:

Crystal Cartel Grinder

The logo is actually printed on the top of the grinder rather than just being stuck on, which we thought was a nice touch.

As it’s made out of Aluminium, this herb grinder is pretty light and can easily be carried, but still has the lovely weighted feel of a metal grinder.

Herb Grinder Review
Crystal Cartel Grinder Stock Photo


It’s a 50mm grinder, and has 54 metal teeth, making it easy to grind your bud:

crystal3The herb grinder has four parts, including a crystal catcher at the bottom. What we’re most impressed with, however, is the “super slim, non-stick nylon O-ring for silky smooth grinding.” This stops the grinder jamming up after regular use, which tends to be a bit of a problem with well-used metal grinders.

All parts of the Crystal Cartel GrinderOverall, we really like the Crystal Cartel 50mm Herb Grinder and will be taking it out regularly in our travel box. The grinder is currently on sale on Amazon for £9.99, with a whopping 50% off. Buy it here

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