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How New Strains of Cannabis are Created

Pure Breed or Hybrid

New strains of cannabis are developed to have specific characteristics and produce the different effects that cannabis smokers enjoy the most. Of course all smokers, as with anything, are different and have different favourite types of ‘highs’ hence why so many different varieties of strains of cannabis have been created. Different strains of cannabis are either pure breed strains or hybrid strains. Some might consider their favourite strains of cannabis the strains with the highest cannabinoid content. The higher the cannabinoid content the more of an effect the smoke has on the user. Two main active cannabinoids in cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to cannabidiol (CBD). The strength and pleasurable effects of a new strain of cannabis are usually measured by the amounts of these cannaboids in the plant.

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing The Best Cannabis Strain

One of the (many) problems of cannabis prohibition is that not only do people not realise how much work, time and tender loving care goes into producing the buds they consume, and they also don’t realise the vast choice of strains that are available and ways there are in which to grow them.

Alcohol, despite being a far more dangerous drug, is so intrinsically part of Western society that few people walk into a home-brewing equipment shop and says “I want to make some alcohol at home.”

Beginners Overview and Guide to Hydroponic Gardening

Centuries before the time of Christ, Egyptian records show that plants were being grown in the Nile without the use of soil and Marco Polo describes floating gardens in China in the thirteenth century. Over the past one hundred and fifty years, a great deal of research has taken place into soil-less cultivation, particularly during and after the Second World War when there was a need to produce food for military personnel stationed in areas where it would be otherwise impossible to raise fresh produce. Nowadays, in so-called developed countries, a great many plants are produced hydroponically. In Europe, for instance, around 80% of tomatoes and 90% of cucumbers come from hydroponic systems, as does much of the huge production of flowers in Holland.

Taking Cuttings: Cloning Cannabis – Asexual Reproduction

There are several advantages of taking cuttings to generate new plants. Firstly, the cuttings will have identical characteristics to the mother plant, so the sex, size, quality, smell, taste, strength etc will be known. The plants will also grow to a similar shape and size, so space can be used more efficiently. A further benefit is that once the initial outlay has been made for the seeds, new plants can be grown for a minimal cost.

10 Facts About Cannabis Seeds

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Here are 10 facts about Cannabis

Cannabis: From Seed To Plant


Although there is still debate over how best to classify the cannabis plant, the most widely-accepted view is that there are three distinct sub-species: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Breeders often work with hybrids of all three types, creating new and interesting blends which contain genetics that offer a variety of different attributes. Many of your favourite cannabis strains are the result of intensive breeding programs that blend desirable qualities and traits from each of the three different types.

The traits which are generally selected range from the yield of the crop to the aroma of the buds, and by cross-breeding popular or distinctive strains it is possible to combine the best properties of one type of cannabis with those of another. Ruderalis, for example, has an extremely low THC content, so you might think it would be largely ignored by cultivators; but unlike the other two sub-species it flowers at a time determined by the age of the plant, rather than by changes in the length of daylight exposure, and this means that its genes are widely utilised to create the popular “autoflowering” strains which are now very popular with growers.

How to Harvest Cannabis


Harvesting your cannabis plants is always the greatest time in the growing process. You’ve watched the plants grow from small seedlings into substantial plants that will be able to give you a much anticipated high. But, for beginners, harvesting the plants can be a bit of a tricky issue. This is particularly true if you’ve had absolutely no experience with harvesting the plant at all. As with anything in the cannabis growing process, it’s important to use caution as you finally get to reap your reward. So how to harvest your cannabis plants?

What are the best Climatic Conditions for Growing Cannabis Seeds?

Climate plays a vital role in cultivation of cannabis seeds and so it is important to pay special attention towards favourable climatic conditions when you plant your seeds.

This is especially important for those wishing to cultivate outdoor cannabis, as the  local climate will affect the crop.  Indoor plantation also needs important considerations for optimum cultivation.

Cannabis needs certain conditions to flourish – below we will discuss all possible factors that are considered while planting cannabis

True Living Organics Cannabis Growing Book Review



This is the only True Living Organics grow guide, and the only book that shows how to change your existing grow room to an all-natural, synthetic-free, living, breathing cannabis cultivation space!

Written in the accessible, easy-to-follow style that’s won The Rev so many followers, this book sifts through the jargon surrounding organic marijuana growing and gets straight to the heart of the matter: the living soil. Providing several different ways to create a high-quality living medium for your plants, True Living Organics is the indispensable handbook for growing organically. With more and more people using marijuana for medical reasons, the synthetic grow style that has long been preferred is now being shunned, as smokers look for a healthier, more natural type of weed that can be smoked all day long without bringing any chemical residue with it. However, The Rev goes even further than the typical organic grower, and is passionate about creating an all-natural, real living medium for his cannabis plants to grow in, using only organic materials that nature provided.

This book removes the difficulty of changing to this type of organic growing style by taking the reader right through the transition process, from choosing the correct grow lights and utilizing all your grow space, to dealing with pests and creating your own organic teas. The Rev also shares his favorite tricks and tips, from utilizing an earthworm farm to the best places to buy soil additives. True Living Organics dispenses with the basics of how to grow pot, and instead gives the reader a new education on what cannabis plants really need and the best way to give it to them. With over 200 full-color photos illustrating every topic, this book is as easy to use as it is insightful, and is the only organic marijuana handbook you will ever need to buy.

The Rev As a staff writer for SKUNK Magazine and a vocal advocate of his own True Living Organics grow style, the Rev has earned himself quite the following in the North American cannabis community. Though he was once a successful and prolific hydro grower, he saw the light several years ago, and once he sampled his first homegrown True Living Organics bud, he never looked back. Now he can be found lingering around his own earthworm farm encouraging the worms to breathe heavily, and sticking his arms into his soil mixes to feel how much they wriggle.

This book is published by Green Candy Press and is available in the UK via Turnaround Publishing here (£14.99)

New Dutch King Willem-Alexander has his own cannabis strain

King Willem-Alexander has his own cannabis strain.

The new Dutch King has his own cannabis strain named after him: ‘Koning Willem Alexander’. After 4 years of researching Dutch cannabis genetics, an organization named ‘Nederwietland’ has developed a new cannabis strain to celebrate the investiture of Prince Willem Alexander, the new King of the Netherlands. The organization claims it has planted seeds for the newly developed strain in the garden of the Prince’s vacation home in Porto Cheli, Greece.

Prince Willem-Alexander’s vacation resort in Porto Cheli
Prince Willem-Alexander’s vacation resort in Porto Cheli

With this ludicrous action the organization wants to break open the discussion about the current drug policy in the Netherlands. “The whole weed-pass joke was just the tip of the iceberg that has been on the verge of tipping for a long time already,” Claims Gerrit, one of the people behind the organization and cannabis researcher for many years,

 “the drug policy regarding cannabis has not been making sense for the last 30 years already. We are allowed to smoke, buy and sell cannabis, but nobody is allowed to grow cannabis. So where does all the cannabis that is being sold come from? This results in an environment where more than 6000 illegal plantations get busted each year because all the growing is done by criminal organizations. The government should revise their policy and legalize cannabis so they can tolerate and regulate the growing of cannabis.” The organization uses fake names because they are afraid the monarch might not like having a cannabis strain named after him.

The organization has published a manifest on a Tumblr site and will offer the new strain on the internet. More actions are planned in the future as Nederwietland is planning to send every citizen of the Netherlands a single seed to their homes. The new cannabis strain has been developed to easily grow in the bare Dutch weather. “Anybody with a small balcony will be able to grow this weed and within 8 weeks it will give enough cannabis to last a year.” claims Gerrit with a big smile.

When asking for more information about the plants in the Princes garden Gerrit smiles and admits that this should be taken as a bit of a joke because the organization does not want to do anything illegal to ask for attention for this cause.

asddHemcy, an international cannabis blog, is supporting the initiative by co-producing the new strain. The new strain is now available on Hemcy as well as in other Dutch cannabis seedshops.

“Nederwietland has a good point which we would like to support. The whole drug policy in the Netherlands might seem liberal for other countries, but many things don’t make too much sense. Hopefully this action will get more attention for this topic and who knows; maybe the new King will speak up as well. I heard he is a pretty descent, typical Dutch, fellow,” says Charlie, blogger for Hemcy.

Charlie has already had the pleasure to test the King Willem-Alexander and claims it grows and tastes fantastic. Almost Royal.

DIY: Make Your Own Indoor Grow Garden in Just a Few Hours

We got an email the other day about a website called Spacebuckets with tips on making your own indoor grow gardens.  Not costly set up,  you could be good to go and growing your tomatoes within a couple of hours!

The idea is to use 5 gallon buckets during the entire life of any plant: one main bucket with soil and ventilation (two PC fans), and multiple stacked bucket tops for added height, if needed. Inside walls are covered with reflective material, outside walls with black masking tape, and the lid has three CFL bulbs (?23w).

The potential of Rotary Growing Systems

Hello, I am sunhater and I would like to show you the potential of rotary hydroponic growing systems.

The main advantages of these systems are:

1) Excellent use of available light: no need for a reflector.
2) More plants / m2 than traditional culture: from 3.3 times of a single module to several times more with stacked modules.
3) They works very well with ebb & flow and aeroponic irrigation systems.
4) Easy to build: you just need pvc tubes and angled iron.
5) Work well with optical fiber lighting systems.
6) Modular design and easily scalable.

The main disadvantages are:

1) They need an electric motor to function.
2) They can’t be used outdoor without an optical fiber lighting system.

I have started a research project but I need funding.
If you are interested to know more about these kind of systems please visit my project page on indiegogo and help me to build them.

Supporting the Local Cannabis Growers

Any pot aficionado would tell you that the best pot is that which is grown locally. Of course, aside from the occasional covert operations, this can’t really apply everywhere. While some US states for instance have a more liberal policy on cannabis cultivation, if you live outside of these areas then you’re pretty much limited to taking whatever you can get so it’s literally a case of ‘pot luck’.

Here we give 4 pretty clear reasons why local growing should be the norm…

Quality Assured Cannabis

Whether you live in the US, The UK or Europe, you’ll have the same problems with the weed you’re getting hold of. In the US, it’s the Mexican imports while the UK and mainland Europe are regularly pulling in the North African imports. Whether, it’s weed or brick you’re getting, you should be asking the same question. What’s gone into this on its intercontinental journey? With this kind of mass smuggling and undoubtedly mass cultivating, you simply have no idea what processes are used to grow and maintain the weed.

It’s not like it’s a standards approved product so the fertilisers and stimulants could be making this natural herb as unnatural as Kristen Stewarts smile and that’s not even taking into account the other potential additions they make to boost their crop along the way.

With local cannabis growth, you can be a little more assured about the process. It’s effectively the same as a small local market. Less preservatives and more wholesome products all round.

Cutting Out the Middle Man

If you want an apple, it always tastes best picked straight from the tree. The same rule applies to pretty much any produce including weed. Buying from a dealer just means that there is one more person in the process who is not strictly necessary, ramping up the cost and pushing you further from the source. Sure, I’m leaving out the fact that in most cases this is illegal, but the process is effectively the same.

If on the other hand you had access to a local grower you would be able to see how their crop is grown, getting a better eye for the quality and a better price. Plus being able to see the product from marijuana seeds to full blown plants will certainly make you happier to hand over your money.

Legal Moderation

One defining point on the step towards controlled legalisation of cannabis is undoubtedly going to be support for local farming. One of the main issues that is holding back the legalisation of the plant is the government’s inability to moderate it effectively. Already in certain US states, declared medicinal marijuana outlets and cultivators have proven how well monitored such a commodity can be.

Also, while government control will inevitably bring in greater taxation on the plant similarly to tobacco or alcohol, it will almost certainly bring the standard price down. An illegal import commands a high price tag due to the inherent risks involved. Think alcohol prices in prohibition America.

When states and countries are allowed to grow cannabis as part of a taxable business, whether for medicinal use, recreation or hemp for textiles, insulation …the list goes on, then the economic benefits will become apparent.

Cull the Cartels

Just like Al Capone during prohibition, importing illegal produce is always to some degree funding organised crime. Every gram of cocaine is paid for in blood before money ever reaches the table and while less evident, cannabis is to a degree in the same boat. Border crossings between Mexico and America are often driven by drug trafficking and in many cases fund the Mexican and Colombian cartels. The same moral issues are apparent throughout Europe as people try to ignore the clearly dark underbelly of drug smuggling and farming.

Of course most of the violence and blood money in these cases is tied to the more dangerous narcotics. Consider the fact that Canadian grass comes in with relative ease compared to the combined narcotic and weed running of South America.

That said, the problem is still there in any case. With cannabis however, more can be done to curb this. Putting the power in the hands of respectable local businesses to grow and distribute weed effectively castrates the smugglers.

Better Medicinal Testing

One of the key reasons right now for the semi-legal state of cannabis in America is due to its potential for medical applications. Used to treat AIDs related illnesses, symptoms of cancer and chronic pain, cannabis has already proven its effectiveness as a medicine.

Every now and then we’ll see further research but it is likely to always be limited and inhibited by governmental control. A broader range of local growers would allow greater resources for testing, wider ranges of treatment and potentially, a host of undiscovered health benefits which these medical seeds could contain.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why cannabis should be grown locally. Maybe in the near future we’ll see a bit more of this as the government’s wake up to the fact that cannabis was around long before they were and will be, long after they’ve blocked their last proposition.

Cannabliss is an advocate for the legalisation of cannabis seeds the world over.