What are PGRs? Part 2

This week we are continuing on from a previous article on plant growth regulators/retardants (PGR’s) and hopefully progressing the discussion as to whether PGR’s should or shouldn’t...

Cannabis Cloning – Marijunana Fundamentals

Marijuana Horticulture Fundamentals is a comprehensive guide to cannabis growing and Cannabis Cloning, and we found it to be an excellent resource for new and experienced growers alike....
London Grow Gang

ISMOKE Interviews London Grow Gang

London Grow Gang is a Cannabis horticulturist who we had the pleasure of meeting recently at a Cannabis Social event in London. He’s a passionate grower, ensuring upmost...

Beginner’s Guide To Feminised Cannabis Seeds

You have probably heard of feminised cannabis seeds - but do you know about their history and why they’re so popular? Feminised cannabis seeds have become a firm...

Hempcrete is a Great Building Material

We have written extensively about the uses and benefits of the wonderful hemp plant here in the past on ISMOKE, but did you know about Hempcrete? Hempcrete is...

Cannabis Seeds and Basic Breeding

If you want to continue growing a strain that you enjoy, cloning is your best option. You could also continue the strain by breeding two plants to produce seeds.

How New Strains of Cannabis are Created

Most cannabis smokers have a favourite smoke, but did you know how different cannabis strains are created?

Beginners Overview and Guide to Hydroponic Gardening

Centuries before the time of Christ, Egyptian records show that plants were being grown in the Nile without the use of soil and Marco Polo describes floating...

Taking Cuttings: Cloning Cannabis – Asexual Reproduction

There are several advantages of taking cuttings to generate new plants. Firstly, the cuttings will have identical characteristics to the mother plant, so the sex, size, quality, smell, taste, strength etc will be known. The plants will also grow to a similar shape and size, so space can be used more efficiently. A further benefit is that once the initial outlay has been made for the seeds, new plants can be grown for a minimal cost.
How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

10 Facts About Cannabis Seeds

Seedscanner brings you 10 interesting facts about cannabis seeds

Cannabis: From Seed To Plant

Although there is still debate over how best to classify the cannabis plant, the most widely-accepted view is that there are three distinct sub-species: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis.
Photo CannabisCulture.com

How to Harvest Cannabis

Some useful tips for harvesting cannabis

What are the best Climatic Conditions for Growing Cannabis Seeds?

Climate plays a vital role in cultivation of cannabis seeds and so it is important to pay special attention towards favourable climatic conditions when you plant your seeds.

True Living Organics Cannabis Growing Book Review

True Living Organics – Cannabis So Good You Can Taste It!