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How to Cure Cannabis

Curing Your Cannabis Correctly

Have you ever picked up cannabis that smells damp, grassy, and generally not nice, or dry cannabis that doesn’t smell great? Read this article on How to cure cannabis to get the most out of your batch.

Curing is possibly the most overlooked aspect of cannabis production, and until recently was all but ignored within the black market here in the UK.

Back in the day, not many people knew how to cure cannabis correctly.

Fortunately due to competition and more choice, more producers are paying attention to curing and the quality of cannabis is going up. I wish I’d have known this information when I started smoking weed, because for what seems like years I was picking up foul-tasting or smelling weed, and I never knew that I could make it better by curing it before consumption.

Make Your Own Cannabis Balm With These Easy Steps

Making your own Cannabis Balm is an easy process. Cannabalm has great medicinal benefits due to its amazing pain relieving properties, and it is fun to make! This balm also goes a long way, and will last years if stored in the freezer.

How To Make RSO, Hash, Rosin and More: Cannabis How-to-Guides

In this great ISMOKE Youtube playlist you can learn all sorts of things you can do with cannabis, from making hashish, to making your own Rick Simpson oil, rolling a diamond joint and more.

For more great cannabis videos subscribe to our youtube channel  and check out our other playlists over on ISMOKEHERB – we cover topics like CBD, Culture, Dabbing, Comedy, Music and more.

Making a DIY Sploof To Eliminate The Smell of Cannabis Smoke


For those of you that don’t know, a sploof is a device that you blow your smoke into. The smoke goes through a filter before coming out of the bottom, eliminating some of the cannabis odor, so good for those who are trying to go undetected. Personally, kush is my calogne, but if you feel like making one of these, check out the video below to learn how to make one:

How well do these sploofs work? Check back soon for a study carried out by some serious sciencey stoners entitled “The Efficiency of DIY Sploofs: A Smelly Study”

How To Make an Apple Bong

Looking for a new way to smoke? Got 5-10 minutes on your hands? Fancy a bit of creativity? Why not make your own (edible) bong out of an apple?

This works great with apples, but you can use pretty much any hard fruit and even some vegetables (carrots etc)..

Granted, the face on the apple bong in the photo above might be a bit out of your design skill set, but to make the actual bong it is relatively easy.

What you will need:

A piece of hard fruit (for sake of ease, let’s say an apple)

A Biro (With the ink taken out)

A Key / Small knife / Something similar with a sharp point

How to make the bong:

  1.  Either core the apple with the knife/sharp object, but only 3/4 of the way down, stick the pen at a slight angle from the centre, until it hits the core about 3/4 of the way down – The latter way may be easier if you don’t have a knife – This is where the herb will go.
  2. Use the pen to make another hole, between the bottom and the middle of the apple – this is where you will inhale the smoke from. Make sure it meets up with the first hole you made in the middle.
  3. Make a third whole in the same way anywhere else on the apple, again meeting the other holes in the middle.  This will be your rush hole, so make sure you make it somewhere that a finger can easily reach whilst you are doing the bong.  You can actually just make the second hole go all the way through the fruit and out the other side (as shown in the picture below) if you are that way inclined.
  4. Carve out a bowl around the opening of the first hole you made, big enough for your chosen amount of herbs. The picture below is one variation, but start with a smaller bowl if needed.
  5. You can either use the pen as a mouthpiece for the bong by sticking it into one of the side holes, or you can do the bong straight from the piece of fruit.  See which way works best for you!

Pack it up, light it up and enjoy!

Technically your bong is will be edible, although I wouldn’t recommend it – it may not taste that great after breathing smoke through it.  The good thing about this method of smoking is that the chosen fruit/vegetable will leave its own distinguished flavour on the smoke.

This type of bong would be excellent if you’re out in a public place – for example, a beach or a park.  They’re easily disposable and hard to spot.