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Buying Weed from Amazon – The Smoke Test Part 2

Buying Weed from - the smoke test part 2

About a year ago on the channel, I took a look at some female hemp flowers that had been deseeded and ground, presented in a 30-gram tin. I used this female hemp bud to help me quit smoking, initially using it as a tobacco replacement. But the quality was very low, with stalk, leaf and seed fragments all remaining in the material presented.

Fast forward to this week, and I’ve got something completely different – some specifically-bred for their quality low THC cannabis buds, still legal in the UK and throughout the EU due to the legal definition of hemp.

These buds have less than 0.2% THC, but anywhere between 3.5-10% CBD (The tests on this batch came out 3.58%)

Easy Access Grinder

Easy Access Grinder

Today we’re taking a look at an “easy access grinder” which has a compartment that lets you slide it open to access the herbs inside.

I enjoyed filming with the new grinder – the 30 teeth at the top and 24 teeth at the bottom ensure a smooth grind, and the middle chamber of this grinder can certainly store a fair bit of bud!

The cost of this grinder was £8.99, but between filming the review and editing it unfortunately became unavailable on Amazon.

Here’s the link in case it becomes available again in the future.

Incredibowl i420 Review – a different way to smoke

We got our hands on an Incredibowl i420 pipe this week.

The Incredibowl is a unique-looking pipe which allows the user to build up smoke inside the chamber, before pushing it into their lungs via a sort of smoke-vortex which is created by pulling the end with the bowl to thrust the smoke back at you.

The result is a mixture between a pipe and a “lung” – or shotty (or bucket or something else people in your area call it).

Synergy Extracts DabPro® Energise Pro UK Legal Extract Review

I recently tried the DabPro pen produced and sold by Synergy Extracts on their website They offer various flavours and terpene blends – the one I’m sampling for this review is called “Energise” and features a naturally-matched terpene blend of the Golden Lemon and Sour Diesel cannabis strains.

The cartridge contains 500mg of CBD distillate (that’s a VERY pure form of extract) with added terpenes, which are used as a solvent achieving the correct viscosity for the extracts in the DapPro pen.

Forget growing your own girlfriend, now you can grow your own weed!

We recently launched a new video series covering cannabis-themed gifts that might (or might not) make good presents for your canna-loving friends.

This week we are taking a look at a Grow Your Own Weed Kit, purchased here on Amazing for the mighty price of £2.04 (with free delivery).

Similar to the grow your own girl/boyfriend kits we saw floating around joke shops and in the ads in the back of comic books growing up, this product instead takes the form of a cannabis leaf, which you can drop into water and watch as it (slowly) grows to 6 times its size.

The whole process takes 72 hours, and so isn’t particularly riveting – in fact, you’ll be hard pressed to notice it growing at all! But come back 72 hours later, and by gosh it will have grown.

Here’s our video featuring the Grow Your Own Weed Kit

If you want to buy a grow your own weed kit you can find it here on Amazon for £2.04 with free delivery – Just don’t expect any miracles!

Arizer Air 2 Review

Arizer is brand based in Canada. Their previous releases include the Solo 2 and the Extreme Q, and the Arizer Air 2 (Arizer Air II) is their latest portable vaporizer to hit the market.

Using digital temperature controls (without the need for an app), the Arizer Air 2 also features micro USB charging, better battery life, and both convection + conduction heating for better flavour and performance.

Smoke Buddy Personal Weed Filter Review

As Christmas approaches this year, we are taking a look at some cannabis-themed gifts you may just want to take note of if you’re looking for ideas on what to buy your stoner friends for Xmas!.

Over the next couple of months we will be releasing reviews on various cannabis-themed gifts to fill your stoner stockings!

This week we’re taking a look at the Smoke Buddy, available on Amazon.

This product is a personal smoke filter which works with smoke or vape – we put it to the test on the ISMOKE YouTube and were impressed with the results.

The Neutralizer Pro – Professional Odour Elimination Kit Review

I was first introduced to The Neutralizer via London Smoking Club. One day they showed up at an event, set up a pro kit and left – leaving us impressed as the cannabis smell in a hot-boxed room began to neutralise.

Since then, I’ve seen them at numerous events, finally getting to sit down and talk to them at Green Pride last weekend.

The Neutralizer currently sells three kits. Starting with the Road Kit (£45) which is designed to neutralise (yes, I’m British) the odours in your car. Next up they have a compact kit which will cover a small room (£50), and finally the Pro Kit (£95) which covers up to 375m3 or 13,000ft3.

The Neutralizer Pro Kit

The oil will last 6 weeks with 24-hour use. It only requires 60 minutes for the room to be fully neutralised and smell free.

What’s In The Box

1 x EME-120
1 x PRO KIT CARTRIDGE (TNRC-100 100 ml / 3.38 US ? oz)
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x wall fittings

I opened up the box and carefully read the instructions, which mainly talk about making sure not to damage the wick during the set-up process.

The Neutralizer

Once I’d put the device together (I was really baked and managed it in a few minutes), it was as simple as plugging the EME into the wall and letting it do its business.

Even before plugging in The Neutralizer Pro Kit I could detect a nice smell. Plugging it in makes it warm up, evenly dispensing the smell throughout your room and covering up any smoke smell.

My room isn’t the biggest, and after 30 minutes I felt comfortable sparking up a joint. After smoking the joint the room was left quite hazy, and I vacated to return and check the smell 10 minutes later.

Upon reentering I could not detect a cannabis smell! I had deliberately left the windows and door closed to keep the smoke in, but I couldn’t smell weed at all. Because the room was not aerated I could detect some smoke, but not weed smoke. Opening a window or keeping a window open while smoking is recommended as the fresh air circulating will remove any stuffiness.

Overall, I’m really impressed with The Neutralizer for general, everyday use. I’ll certainly be smoking joints inside from now on! I also wonder if it would be good to put one between the source of the smell and any external place e.g. in a flat corridor to cover any smell coming out of the room.

As I’m not growing I can’t test this for the plant smell, but let me know if you have tried it and what the results are. As a smoker, I’m really impressed and will be using this from now on.

Watch the video review:

If you want to own a Neutralizer, you can grab yours via The Neutralizer website here:

Use the Coupon Code ISMOKE at checkout for free UK shipping or shipping discount for international orders!



FireFly 2 Vaporizer Product Review, Overview and Tips

Written by Tyler Green

I’ve had the pleasure of using my white FireFly 2 for just over two weeks now. And as I sit here looking at it, I can’t help but feel a sense of attachment. I’ve been using this device regularly and I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of this vaporiser which is one-third smaller and under half the weight of its predecessor.

Immediately from when I opened the box, I knew that the FireFly 2 was going to be a premium product – the box itself has excellent presentation with the tools and accessories neatly packed into little mini-boxes inside. In the box you get a cleaning kit (including wipes, plastic tools and brushes), charging kit (USB 3.0), concentrates pads and even a spare battery in addition to your FireFly 2.

The FireFly2 has a magnetic lid which uses borosilicate glass for extra durability. This allows you to see the chamber, a great feature which most vaporisers on the market seem to lack.

To prepare this vaporiser for use is as easy as filling the chamber (coarsely ground material is advised), tapping it down just under the rim and replacing the lid.

The FireFly 2 has two touch sensors – one on either side – which, when pressed, begin and maintain the heating process. It heats up to its low temperate setting in just 3 seconds, which feels pretty instant, and is certainly the fastest heat-up I’ve seen.

While we are on the subject of temperatures, here is a breakdown of what the different temp settings are for the FireFly 2:

  • Low – 171 degrees Celsius
  • Medium-Low – 182 degrees Celsius
  • Medium – 193 degrees Celsius
  • Medium-High – 204 degrees Celsius
  • High – 215 degrees Celsius
  • Concentrates – 260 degrees Celsius

These temperature settings can be accessed and changed using the FireFly app, which is a free download. I also found it really easy to use – it’s nothing fancy, but lays everything you need out in an easy-to-understand way. In addition to temperature flexibility, the app also gives you information like current battery life, whether the device is connected via Bluetooth (if it’s not, simply touch both touch sensors on the vaporiser to wake it) and also more detailed device info if you should need it.

Using The FireFly 2

After using this vaporiser for a while, I can say that the FireFly 2 excels when vaporising both flower and concentrates.

When using it to vape dry herbs the chamber should be stirred at a “half-way point” of around five tokes, with the optimal number of tokes per filling being around 10.

When using your Firefly 2 to vape concentrates, the extract can be placed directly on the pad provided, and they recommend a few cigar-style tokes to get the vapour flowing on this setting.

The battery is expected to last for 40-80 inhalations (depending how deep you breathe in and on what temperature setting), so even without the spare battery you should be all set for plenty of vaping,

My favourite setting for vaping dry herbs is the high-temperature setting (215 degrees Celsius) – ensure you switch it back from concentrates to a lower temp setting to avoid accidentally combusting your flowers!

Cleaning The FireFly 2

Cleaning this device is actually really simple – to clean the Firefly 2 you just use the included cleaning kit – the wipes are 70% IPA (which means you can replace them easily when they run out – just look on EBay).

All you need to do to keep this clean is give it a wipe after use and use the included brush to get the little bits of ABV material out that may want to hang around.

Tip: Don’t throw away your AVB! Store it in a jar, and use it to make cannabutter!


I have really enjoyed using this vaporiser over the past fortnight. During that time, I’ve sampled a few of my favourite strains including Stardawg and Blue Cheese, and even some homemade kief rosin which was a combination of all the strains I’ve put through my grinder.

Each and every time, the FireFly 2 has delivered solid vapour production coupled with great flavour, making it difficult to fault it!

The FireFly 2 is available to purchase via Namaste Vaporisers at

RRP: £299 / €349

Watch our videos featuring the FireFly 2 below:

Initial Unboxing

Wake and Bake 25

Product Review and Overview


Smell proof bags by Abscent

In our video out today on the ISMOKE youtube channel, we are taking a look at the smell proof “Pocket Liner” bag by Abscent.

Abscent Pocket Liner
Abscent “Pocket Liner” Bag by

These bags are carbon lined to control smell, but are they 100% smell proof? Watch our video review and product test below to find out our thoughts on the Abscent Pocket Liner.:

Pax 3 test : Using the PAX 3 to Vape Cannabis Extract

Today on ISMOKE we are taking a look at the vaping functionality of the PAX 3 Vaporiser, specifically its ability to vaporise Cannabis Concentrates in our PAX 3 Test

The PAX 3 comes with a few new things not included in the PAX 2, and today we are looking at the concentrates oven and settings which allow you to fill the PAX 3 with your chosen cannabis extract.

Smokus Focus Weed Samples Jar Unboxing

We got our hands on this weed samples jar by Smokus Focus.

The jar has several features which we discovered in the unboxing. The first is the lid, which magnifies your samples contained within.

The second, and our favourite feature, is a ring of LED Lights which illuminate your samples to show them in all their glory. The lights sit within the lid, perfectly lighting the contents of the jar.

You can store up to four samples with the included divider, which can also be used as a tabler for rolling joints if you are in need as it is removable.

When the middle section is removed you can use the Smokus Focus Jar to store one type of flower.

High End Edibles Cannabis Honey Review

Today on ISMOKE, we take a break from our regular strain reviews to bring you an edibles review of High End Edibles Cannabis Honey.

We have been excited to showcase this edibles product since we first spotted it on Instagram in early 2016.

High End Cannabis Honey is infused with CO2-extracted cannabis oil, and each bottle contains a total of 500mg.

The taste is both delicious and incredibly rich, giving this High End Edibles product a strong and enjoyable flavour. The consistency is also good, easily enabling the consumer to pour the cannabis honey without having to heat it up.

Kush Family Collective Lemon Dribbler Cake Review

Today on ISMOKE, we are taking a look at a new kind of edible. Our Lemon Dribbler Cake review will provide all the info you need about this fantastic new treat from Kush Family Collective.

Made with natural ingredients, and including 1.75g of cannabis per cake, the result is a cake that not only is a tasty treat, but that also leaves you feeling the effects!

Lost on Green Mile Hemp Pouch Smoking Bag Review

In the video today we talk about these lovely hemp connoisseur pouches from Lost on Green Mile.

We love everything about these, from the branding to the fact that the fibres are 100% hemp, this fits in perfectly with our smoking supplies and will be getting plenty of use at smoking sessions!

We will also be giving you a chance to win you own later on today via our facebook page.

You can also buy them here on the Lost on Green Mile website.