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B29 OG Cannabis Strain Information & Review

This week I took a look at another new cannabis strain by UK-breeders B28 Genetics.

B29 OG is a hybrid cross of Green Crack X Holy Grail Kush.

Early Skunk Cannabis Strain Information & Review

This week we’re looking at Early Skunk in our cannabis strain information feature.

Early Skunk is a cross of Early Pearl X Skunk No.1 – two seed companies currently sell the strain – Sensi Seeds and Seedsman, which was designed to be easy-to-grow and suitable for outdoor growing.

This sample, grown by an unnamed Hampshire Cannabis Collective was grown organically but indoors.

Early Skunk delivers a hybrid high – around 65% Indica, 35% Sativa.

Critical Plus 2.0 Cannabis Strain Information & Review

This week we’re taking a look at Critical Plus 2.0. The famous Critical Plus (Big Bud X Skunk) has been crossed with itself to enhance the genetics.

The result is this strain – Critical Plus 2.0. Bred by Dinafem, this bud delivers a hybrid high, perhaps slightly more on the Sativa Side.

Sour Power OG Cannabis Strain Information & Review

This week we are taking a look at Sour Power OG. Bred by Karma Genetics and grown by Chemdank, this strain is a cross of Biker Kush (Karma) X Sour Power (Hortilabs).

Sour Power OG is a hybrid strain, described on the Karma Genetics site as “a pretty easy to grow OG Kush Hybrid with a clear Sour D influence”

Despite its release back in 2015, this strain hasn’t been covered much, and we couldn’t find other reviews online. So hopefully we can shed some light for you on the Sour Power OG cannabis strain here in ISMOKE Magazine today.

Zookies Cannabis Strain Information & Review

Zookies Smoke Report

This week we are taking a look at Zookies, a US-grown cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Animal Cookies. This strain is a 50/50 hybrid which often delivers around 25% THC, putting it on the stronger side of cannabis strains in 2017.

It is originally bred by Alien Labs (now grown by Cannaman 707 and the Golden State Cultivators). The strain was initially called Zookeepers, until phenotype #7 was designated something special and renamed Zookies.

Casey Jones Cannabis Strain Information & Review

Casey Jones ISMOKE Review

Casey Jones is a cross of Oriental Express X East Coast Sour Diesel. It is named after a train engineer that died saving people from a Train Crash over 100 years ago – Oriental Express is a cross of Trainwreck and Thai cannabis strains, giving you some idea of the origin of the name of this strain.

Casey Jones is an 80/20 sativa-dominant hybrid, delivering a heady, chatty high – we love this strain because it looks, tastes and smells particularly distinct and complex.

This batch, the “Mr Organics Cut” was grown in the UK, and was grown organically too.

Let’s go into detail about the attributes of this strain:

Deadhead OG Cannabis Strain Information & ISMOKE Report

This week we’re taking a look at Deadhead OG, a hybrid cross of Chemdawg 91 and SFV OG Kush that regularly delivers over 20% THC.

Deadhead OG is 60% Indica to 40% Sativa, and consumers report that it’s got a potent and relaxing high that comes alongside the cerebral effects that this strain delivers.

We sat down to try out some of this strain for this week’s ISMOKE Report!

Grapefruit Diesel Cannabis Strain Information

Grapefruit Diesel

The week we are talking about Grapefruit Diesel, an indica-dominant hybrid strain which combines Grapefruit and NYC Diesel in its genetics.

Grapefruit Diesel delivers around 15-20% THC on average and has a notably different high to what is expected from the indica-led genetics.

In fact, consumers often report a creative buzz/ uplift that’s more akin to the high experienced from a good, clear-headed sativa strain, as opposed to one which is 85% indica. Have no fear though, the indica properties in this one mean it can still be enjoyed by those who wish to experience the medicinal benefits of an indica strain.

Sour Diesel Haze Cannabis Strain Review

Sour Diesel Haze Cannabis Strain

Sour Diesel Haze is a cross of Auto Haze X New York City Diesel bred by Seedsman.

This strain delivers around 15-20% THC on average, making Sour Diesel Haze a reasonably strong strain (although not one of the strongest, with some strains these days delivering over 30% THC).

Blues Cannabis Strain Information & Review

Blues Cannabis Strain Review

This week we’re taking a look at a rare variety of cannabis from the North of England. The Blues Cannabis Strain is also known as “Livers”, and was originally bred around the Sheffield Area of the UK.

Starting its life as a Skunk No.1 phenotype in the late 1980s, the Blues cannabis strain has since cemented itself as a favourite of many experienced growers – it won the Dopefiend Cup in 2014 and the cutting that provided this sample was gifted to Kush Family Collective that year.

I’ve been lucky enough to pick up Blues three or four times since I first tried it, and I have never been disappointed. It’s a hybrid strain, maybe a bit more on the sativa-dom side, and comes in at under 20% THC, making this one a medium-strength strain.

Tahoe OG Cannabis Strain Information & Review

Tahoe OG Cannabis Strain

This week I got to sample Tahoe OG, an Indica strain that’s a phenotype of OG Kush.

I was excited to try Tahoe OG after finding it in lists of top indica strains and also reading about it’s heavy sedative effects.

East Coast Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain Information & Review

Welcome to another ISMOKE Cannabis Strain information feature. This week we have East Coast Sour Diesel, a classic Sativa strain with a strong reputation and even stronger genetics.

East Coast Sour Diesel is a phenotype of Sour Diesel bred by breeding to choice Sour Diesel plants together. It is a fast-acting strain, with cerebral effects kicking in quickly.

Organic White Widow Cannabis Strain Information & Review

I’m covering a classic cannabis strain for the second time today for the ISMOKE channel. Yes, that’s right – I love White Widow so much that I’ve decided to cover it twice. Also, we now have a new format, 4K camera and this time it’s organically-grown white widow, so that all helped in the decision for a re-covering too.

Jumping straight into the review then, my thoughts on the Organic White Widow are as follows:


This phenotype retained its bud structure – the imported version I had last December has lost some structure (and a lot of trichomes), maybe due to being compacted/vacuum-sealed.

The organic White Widow sample I’m covering today is dense and well-developed, showing strong genetics.

White Widow Cannabis Strain Information & Review

The bud sample itself is nicely-sized, weighing in at approx 2.2g. It’s a light-green colour and has a reasonably good trim job. There are wildly apparent pistils with distinct copper colouration dotted around this sample in so much abundance that I cannot remove any more of the leaf without pulling multiple pistils away with it.


This sample has earthy, woody notes that make it smell rather old school in relation to a lot of today’s modern strains.

This organic White Widow also has a bit of an interestingly sweet aroma; it is the sweetest phenotype of this strain I’ve smelt, reminding me slightly of a haze cross.

When broken/ground up the bud produces a lovely pungency that makes me excited to get some into my bong to consume!


Hitting this through my bong, at first I didn’t notice too much of the smoothness I usually associate with organic bud, perhaps due to a contaminant in the bowl.

However, during the second hit, I notice the familiar wood flavour that had become apparent smelling this sample. I got a much nicer smoke through the second inhalation – very old school tasting, woody, earthy (not so much sweetness in taste).


White Widow is an indica-dominant hybrid, delivering 60% indica to 40% sativa and often up to 20% THC.

It won the High Times Cannabis Cup and Bio Cup in 1995, and has stood the test of time, still readily available in 2017 alongside many of its descendants – those are some good genetics!

I feel the relaxation hitting first, alongside some cerebral effects but this phenotype is noticeably less uplifting than a lot of the strains I’ve smoked recently.

My body feels good, but it’s not coming with the joy I usually get as the bong kicks in.


That being said, I still enjoyed it a lot – it’s great to be able to sample an organic expression of one of my favourite classic cannabis strains and to once again enjoy those old school Amsterdam genetics!

Organic White Widow

With great bud structure and smell this strain is certainly one to keep an eye out for. And grown in the UK, this phenotype of White Widow gets good marks from me.

Watch our Organic White Widow review below:

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Consuming 4 forms of the same cannabis strain – Lemon Showdown

This week I got to do something a bit special for the ISMOKE channel.

Thanks to our good friends and sponsors over at TG Botanical Extracts I was able to get my hands on 4 different expressions of the same cannabis plant.

In this video, I’m sampling some flower, bubble hash, rosin oil and shatter all from the Lemon cannabis strain.


I’ll be comparing the various forms of extract, as well as letting you know my favourites in order of preference.

Oh, and I’ll be getting quite high in this video, just FYI.

Watch the video below


El Chapo OG Cannabis Strain Information

I’ve got some El Chapo OG to cover this week. I love reviewing OG strains.

El Chapo OG is named after Mexican Kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

It’s a cross of SFV OG X Face Off OG, which is then crossed with a 90s phenotype of OG Kush. Originally bred in California by Boss Status Genetics.

This is an Indica strain (Afghanica) well-suited to the evenings, as it delivers a heavy stone.


This sample looks like an OG strain – the colour is light green mottled with darker spots and almost red-golden pistils that cover the bud and are more visible in the close-up shots than when it’s sitting in front of me.

It’s been given a reasonable trim job and also has good trichome coverage, although the sample doesn’t sparkle in the light.


This sample has piney and earthy notes, with a bit of the OG power apparent even before the buds are broken.

Breaking the sample apart, I get a delicious pungency and OG scent coming out of the bud. This smells great!

I also get some floral, sweet notes from El Chapo OG, but the pine notes are the most apparent scent once the bud has been ground up.

El Chapo OG


This week I’m using the Weed Star Wasabi-line bong to consume the El Chapo OG sample for this review.

Loading this into my bong and taking a hit, I get some taste coming through without much intensity – there’s no acridity to the smoke, allowing me to finish this without difficulty.

It’s got the taste of clean and cured weed, but this El Chapo doesn’t have the gassy profile I was expecting after smelling the sample. Yes, I get a bit of pine and it is sweet, but I’m still a bit disappointed with the taste of this, as it is lacking the OG I was expecting.


The effects of this strain are on the indica side. Despite this, the first thing to kick in is a cerebral happiness, paired with some relaxation.

The high doesn’t come with the intensity of some of the stronger Sativa stains; this is a calming and enjoyable high delivered by the 19-23% THC that El Chapo OG provides on average.

Hitting a second, bong I don’t get any more flavour, but it does result in even more of a nice feeling brought on by this cannabis strain.

I feel my words per minute dropping as I explain the effects during the video. Looking back during editing I can also see how droopy my eyes are getting by this point!


Overall I enjoyed sampling this strain, particularly the appearance, smell and effects, which were all on form.

The taste was lacking but not in a bad way, I just expected more.

I’d smoke this again. It would be nice to try a different phenotype as well – I love those strong OG genetics.

Watch our El Chapo Review below

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