My Dad, Winston Matthews


My dad Winston Matthews has been using cannabis my whole life and it has helped him with pain relief due to his broken back and also helped his Hepatitis C. He had Hepatitis C for 15 years before doctors actually diagnosed him, so I cannot stress enough how important it is that everybody is tested for it. It is lucky he stopped drinking alcohol over 10 years ago and became a vegan about 6 years ago, as alcohol and red meat are bad for your liver. We knew how good cannabis was at stopping Winston’s pain, but until he was incarcerated (unethically) we had no idea what it was doing for his Hepatitis C.

My dad was looking healthy for the first time in a few years after undergoing interferon  treatment for his Hepatitis C – it takes a while for your body to recover. Unfortunately his treatment did not completely work.

The police raided his bungalow a total of 6 times in the two years in time leading up to his incarceration, each time for personal grows or possession. He has medical reports stating that cannabis is the best medication for him and even has a private script for bedrock but can’t get it in England due to the stupid laws surrounding the Schengen Agreement – this allows anyone from European states where cannabis can be prescribed to come to England and use medicinal cannabis – but English people cannot do the same.

My Dad has been a cannabis activist for many, many years now. When he was arrested in 1987 for possession, he told the police he had so much as he smokes a lot and uses it for pain relief. They tried to convince him that he was mad and said that cannabis had no medicinal value – that he was a cannabis user not a medicinal user. You can see why he became an activist.

In his attempts to educate the world Winston spearhead a local anti soapbar campaigns. He was given leaflets and ideas from the L.C.A, and we gave stickers to people with “No Victim No Crime” printed with a cannabis leaf emblem. We answered questions to the best of our ability to help change the propaganda image portrayed by our government.




  1. Check out Winston’s campaign activities and statement here

    Winston has been one of the most outspoken, honest, sincere and persevering UK cannabis campaigners in th4e last ten years.

    Winston stood for election to Parliament on the single issue of legalisation, for the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) in 2005, receiving over 400 votes without funding and without fliers.

    In my opinion, Winston deserves a medal, not prison, and the fact that the UK Governments and Courts have taken away his most effective medication and thrown him into the hands of pharmaceutical drug dealers is a tragedy of justice


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