Doctor told Kevin Smith “That Weed Saved Your Life” after his recent Heart Attack


Actor Kevin Smith recently suffered from a massive heart attack shortly after one of his shows in February 2018.

He tweeted this the same evening:

Speaking to host Stephen Colbert on The Late Show last week, the Clerks star revealed that he was told by the doctor hat cannabis had probably saved his life.

Smith had smoked a joint shortly before having difficulties after the show, as well as plenty of cannabis that day, and asked the doctor whether this may have been the cause.

“I honestly thought I was too high. I’d smoked a bunch of weed that day because I was doing the show and then I smoked a joint right before the show and then I got off stage and all of a sudden I had a heart attack”

“He goes, ‘No, quite the opposite. That weed saved your life.’ And I was like, ‘Do tell! Like, what do you mean?’” Smith continued. “He said, ‘You kept calm. They told you (that) you were having a massive heart attack, and you remained calm the whole time, so that joint saved your life.’”








Many people consume cannabis for its calming effects, but in Kevin Smith’s case, this probably saved his life!

So, what’s the moral of the story here? We’ll let you make your own minds up on that one…