Dragon Balls? This is What 3000 Grams of Cannabis Oil Looks Like


Hailing from Seattle, USA, X-tracted Labs have made a couple of cannabis oil Dragon Balls, measuring a whopping 3000 grams each!

Coined ‘Dragon Balls’ because of their appearance, and looking very much like Sauraman’s Orpalantir in Lord of The Rings: Return of The King, these magnificent orbs are filled with cannabis oil that contains up to 99% THC.

Cannabis Oil

Standard cannabis extract yields are around 10%, although high-quality cannabis can yield more than 20%. Even in lab conditions, with a 20-30% extraction yield rate you would need over 10KG of Cannabis to make each one of these Dragon balls.

Extracted through chambers, coils and glass beakers, the Cannabis Oil is then gathered in a round glass container like a thick, delicious, golden potion.

Dragon Balls

Many medical marijuana dispensaries in the US currently report 30-50 percent of revenue comes from some form of concentrates or edibles, so it is no surprise that it is such a big part of the cannabis market out there.

We heard about this story from Cannabis Website leafly, who have talked to X-tracted and provide a lot of great info on this page.