ISMOKE at Green Pride 2018


Saturday 21st 2018 saw the Green Pride 2018 celebrations take place in Preston Park, Brighton.

With thousands of guests attending from across the UK, this year was the biggest Green Pride celebration to date.

While last year saw 30 stalls turning up and a strong presence in Preston Park, this year saw more than double the number of stalls and vendors and way more guests in attendance.

And for the most part the vibe was good throughout the day, with cannabis consumers from all walks of life coming together to celebrate the benefits of cannabis in what is supposed to be a liberal part of the country.

ISMOKE at Green Pride 2018

Sussex Police did seemingly feel the need to impose their presence on guests this year, with the community-bridge officers going round to each group to inform them that smoking cannabis is illegal (like they didn’t know). We also saw several people taken away by police from the event seemingly just for sparking up.

However, even the heightened (still completely inefficient) police presence was not enough to dampen the atmosphere as thousands of revellers enjoyed the summer weather and cannabis-inspired celebrations.

And what a day it was – we saw too many people from the cannabis community to mention here, with vendors and guests attending from the far reaches of the UK and beyond. It was good to see several new companies attending their first Green Pride with energy and passion for the UK cannabis industry which is going from strength to strength.

There were multiple food stalls with vegan options, psychedelic-inspired art, functional glass art, merchandise, CBD buds (and every other kind of CBD product currently on sale in the UK) and much, much more.

We look forward to the next Green Pride celebrations and will keep you updated on the dates to save in your diary for next year.

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