ISMOKE TV Update – New Features, Channels & More!


We have updated ISMOKE TV to bring you more cannabis videos!

Version 1.0.3 Release Notes

For this release ISMOKE TV was totally rewritten from the ground up to enable a more dynamic approach. We can now dynamically alter the content of the addon without the need to keep pushing updates via our repository. This means users can seamlessly interact will any new ISMOKE content we add, without the need to keep updating the addon. It gives us dynamic creative control over the app without causing you the user any interruption.  There might be a few addon updates while we stabilize the code. But as long as addons are set to auto update in kodi you shouldn’t notice any issues. 

New addon features include:
  • Latest Videos
  • Strain Reviews
  • ISMOKE Network Featuring: UK Smoke Buddies + Wake & Bake With Tyler Green
  • Weed Music Library
  • Cannabis Events
  • Medicinal Cannabis
    Learn about Cannabis Featuring: Cannabis How-To-Guides + ISMOKE Bud Facts

And so much more!

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