ISMOKE’S Top 5 Cannabis Strains: Haze


Originally featured on ISMOKEHERB, here are ISMOKE’s official top 5 Haze strains.

#1 Amnesia Haze
The orangy taste of this strain, coupled with the high that literally feels a bit like amnesia make this my favourite haze of them all.

#2 420 Haze
I picked this up from 420 cafe in Amsterdam two trips in a row, and it blew my mind. The buds were like sweets, covered in crystals that made me just want to eat it! The strong sativa high hit me hard and the taste was delicious.

#3 Arjan’s Ultra Haze
This one is named after Arjan A.K.A The King of Cannabis from Greenhouse Seeds Co. in Amsterdam. Another very strong haze that tasted beautiful

#4 Super Silver Haze
According to the dealer in the Greenhouse in Amsterdam, Super Silver Haze is better than Lemon Haze. On this recommendation I bought a gram in the Greenhouse Coffee shop and it was delicious. Strong high and beautiful flavour, one spliff of this was enough for a good hour or so!

#5 Neville’s Haze
Neville’s Haze is another one of Amsterdam’s finest sativas. A Really good taste and smell, I think I got this one from Barney’s. Left me high as a kite.

As you can probably tell from the descriptions above, the thing I love about the haze strains of cannabis is their smell, flavour and massive sativa high. Unfortunately I do not often get Haze in the UK, and so when I do it is a real treat.

And the strain that was just pipped to the post:

Super Lemon Haze
I got this from Greenhouse Coffee Shop in Amsterdam on my very first visit. I loved the taste and the high was one to remember!