Jerk & Fire BBQ and the Power of the UK Cannabis Community


Yesterday saw another great Cannabis Event in Brighton – Jerk & Fire 420 BBQ, hosted by instagram user Nugs_of_Beauty and supported by UKCSC and a whole host of cannabis clubs and companies within the UK Cannabis Community.

UK Cannabis Community Jerk & Fire BBQ
The event took place next to a Cricket game in Brighton

We had a great day at the event, met a lot of new people, tasted some top class cannabis strains and extracts and generally had a good time.

Brighton events always seem to produce good turnouts, and yesterday was no exception. Amongst the event attendees were UKCSC, Hampshire Cannabis Community, Brighton Cannabis Club, Cannawell, East London Cannabis Club, London Smoking Club, Toke on Trent, Teeside Cannabis Club, Kailon from Weedlovers and more people from the UK Cannabis community.

London Smoking Club
London Smoking Club at Jerk & Fire BBQ

We also had the pleasure of finally meeting Winston Matthews after almost 6 years of running ISMOKE, it was great to catch up and talk about the cannabis scene here in the UK.

We hope to see more events like this, and yesterday goes to show that there are plenty of people that will turn up if the event is promoted enough throughout the UK Cannabis community.

Somebody showed us this huge slab of extract at Jerk & Fire 420 BBQ
Somebody showed us this huge slab of extract at Jerk & Fire 420 BBQ
UK Cannabis Community
Read more on the UKCSC website – Photo by Sy Dignam

Please share any cannabis events you see on social media far and wide, and let’s get more people attending every event. This will get us more press and show the government that we aren’t going away, and that we want cannabis to be legalised.

Read more about the day over on the UKCSC Website – Jerk & Fire – Brighton Cannabis Club Dank Holiday Celebration

Youtuber Drew Gilchrist also attended the event and filmed footage for a new video on his youtube channel