These People Think That Cannabis Should Be Legalised In The UK. This is Why


This project is a collaboration with photographers Amit & Naroop who are taking an investigative approach to cannabis laws here in the UK.


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Tyler Green
Tyler Green, 27, Founder of ISMOKE

“Cannabis should be legalised for so many reasons. Aside from the fact that the Government is missing a trick on a whole new industry and the tax revenue that would bring, there are medical patients that need immediate safe and legal access to the best strains of cannabis to treat their condition.

As cannabis is far safer than alcohol and tobacco I can’t see the logic in continuing its prohibition, and I am sure that humanity will eventually look back on this day as a scar in our history; where we denied people access to safe and effective medicine, and criminalised them for healing themselves with cannabis.”

Clark French, United Patients Alliance
Clark French, 30, United Patients Alliance

“I’m forced to break the law to have the best quality of life I can. We can no longer ignore the abundant medical evidence in favour of stigma, myth, and prejudice. It is immoral and unjust to persecute the sick and disabled for using cannabis to feel well.

Please help us to change the law and end the stigma by standing up and sharing the positive benefits of cannabis with friends and family.”

Alex, Green Cannabis Co.
Alex, 28, Record Producer at dAudio and Owner of GreenCannabisCo.

I think cannabis should be legalised for several reasons.

The war on drugs has failed and is creating more harm than good by defining cannabis use as a criminal issue when it should be a health issue.

The medical uses of cannabis alone should be reason enough for drug reform in the UK. And, the UK economy, which has currently seen better days, could also benefit from the tax generated from a fully regulated legal market.

There is also an element of hypocrisy when our government can allow substances such as alcohol and tobacco, which are much more harmful than cannabis, to be legal.”

Aaron, Aztech Life Head Shop
Aaron Nacci, 34, Owner of Aztech Life Head Shop

“cannabis should be legalised as it is a safer alternative to alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs. It has many uses as a medicine and  can be produced cheaply here in the UK by both patients and the NHS. A recreational market will help the economy by providing jobs and much-needed funds from taxes as well as freeing up police time who are already suffering budget cuts. Most importantly of all, the British public want it legal. so unless the government has any other sly tricks up it’s sleeves the want of the nation and Scientific evidence we will eventually have legal Cannabis over here”

Sadie, Pevensey
Sadie, 18, Office Admin

“As a community, we need to come together and protest against the laws that are in place against cannabis today. We need to change the minds of the uneducated by standing up for what we believe in. Attending events such as Green Pride and product earth is a great way to show society who we really are. It brings us, as a cannabis community, such power and strength, especially when the police have no option other than to let our events carry on, and that’s when you know we are doing something right.”

Matt, Pevensey
Matt, 20, Electrician

“In my opinion and from my experiences, smoking cannabis is beneficial in many ways. It’s still so hard to believe that it’s illegal in the UK and yet, drinking alcohol isn’t.”

The aim of this campaign was to get cannabis consumers from all backgrounds to discuss why they think cannabis should be legalised in the UK.


Unfortunately the campaign was cut short without a second day of filming or the planned video footage being broadcast.