The London Smoking Club Secret Session [Photos]

London Smoking Club Secret Session

Yesterday, the London Smoking Club held their monthly secret member’s session in central London.

The London Smoking Club Secret Sessions offer their members the opportunity to come together and enjoy a day of cannabis consumption in a safe and friendly environment.

At the November secret session, the London Smoking Club created a buzzing environment with great music, a raffle, and snacks throughout the day. The event was fully catered and at a conveniently located, spacious venue – something we really appreciated.

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London Smoking Club Secret Session

The London Smoking Club Secret Session

The event was well-planned and fully-catered including food and drinks for all guests. We thought it was run particularly well. By using a strict person limit, the London Smoking Club ensured the room wasn’t over-packed and ran smoothly.

edibles at the London Smoking Club secret session
Some edibles at the London Smoking Club Session

Alongside the food, there was also music throughout the day and a raffle for members with some great prizes.

As this was a cannabis-inspired event, people were also there to compare and show their strains and extracts. We saw some amazing bits including loud packs from the USA, some unique and great-smelling extracts and a whole range of great cannabis genetics.

london smoking club secret session extracts shatter

Some of the strains we saw included Strawberry Sourz, Ghost Train Haze, Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, Lemon Sherbert and lots, lots more.

london smoking club session

It is levels of professionalism like this which ensured a great cannabis event, and we look forward to more London Smoking Club secret sessions in the future.


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