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What We(ed) can expect in 2018

This week we’re taking a look forward to the year ahead and what could potentially be in store for the UK cannabis scene.

As most of you will be aware the 1st of January recreational sale of Cannabis has begun in the US state of California, with people literally queuing around the block to finally get access to a substance that the majority of them were using last week illegally anyway.

This now marks the largest single population to have full legal access to Cannabis, with some 40 million citizens now able to consumer cannabis freely and legally. However they still risk federal prosecution for possession, cultivation or consumption of cannabis from the draconian Federal laws which still haven’t been updated.

Legalisation means that California will generate billions in taxation from recreational sales and from an emerging and booming cannabis tourism scene, much like neighbouring Nevada and the world famous Las Vegas that is cashing in big time on legalisation.

This will further inflate the economic powerhouse which, if it was a country would now rank as the sixth largest global economy (while at the same time the UK has slipped to sixth from fifth in the global economic rankings by being passed by France.)

Given this and the current economic outlook in the UK, with growth projected to be as low as 1.5%, it should come as no surprise to you to find out that India also looks set to pass us economically in 2018.

This further highlights the absurdity of cannabis prohibition. It neither stops people from accessing cannabis, nor deters them at all. Cannabis prohibition simply means that the UK government has to waste billions of pounds and over a million police man-hours,  when we could instead be making billions in taxation from its sale that could fund the NHS, police, Education and other vital services that are stretched to breaking point by 7 years of Tory austerity.

As you may be aware, 2017 was a big year in the UK for cannabis reform. British MP Paul Flynn stood up in the house of commons in July and invited medical Cannabis consumers to come and attend a medicated tea party on the green opposite Parliament. He also proposed a bill, which passed on 10th October, proposing that Cannabis be moved from Schedule 1 to schedule 2. This is a start, but is only the first step in the journey of a thousand.

Realistically cannabis should be schedule 4 globally, allowing for the maximisation of research and the benefits this plant has to offer, industrially, medicinally and socially through recreational consumption.

Spannabis is an event growing in popularity for British Cannabis enthusiasts. The event takes place in Barcelona, Spain and is one of the largest cannabis expos in Europe. The event takes place between the 9-11th March 2018.

This year, together with Spannabis, the third edition of the World Cannabis Conference will be held at the Auditorium of Cornellá. This is organised with the assistance of high-ranking individuals from the fields of science, medicine and politics, as well as relevant members of the cannabis culture to discuss and present their latest findings.

In 2018 there will, of course, be the most famous event on the cannabis calendar: 420 – with events taking place all over the country.

Last year saw the most events ever take place in the UK with 7 different 420 protest events taking place in London Hyde Park, Leeds Hyde Park, Glasgow, Swansea, Londonderry-Northern Ireland, Manchester and at Durham’s Hemp Gardens.

This year is likely to see even more 420 events taking place across the country with more clubs and cannabis activists collaborating as the UK continues its march towards the relegalisation of cannabis.

There is the also the annual “Million Marijuana March” which takes place on the first weekend of May yearly in cities around the world.

The first event Global Marijuana March was held in 1999 in New York to protest the record number of arrests for Cannabis offences. It has since grown to have hundreds of thousands of people participating in over 829 different cities in 72 countries, with the UK’s march takes place in Cardiff as part of the global day of action.

You can also expect to see the return of Product Earth, The UK’s only Hemp and alternative lifestyle expo. The Expo will be back for its 5th consecutive year following on from last year’s event in Birmingham. You can expect companies and organisations from around the world and across the cannabis scene to be there. There’ll be live musical performances, Glassblowing and stalls aplenty.

Read More:

The UK clubs, activists and wider community will be, as always hosting many varied events across the entire UK including: Brighton Cannabis Club’s Green pride (returning for its 4th year), and Durham City Cannabis clubs second series of protestival events including 6 outdoor events taking place at Hemp Gardens in Durham throughout the year. Starting with the DCCC springtime Session on March 24th.

You can keep up to date with what events are on in the UK by frequenting sites like ISMOKE and the Cannabis Campaigners guide events page, easily one of the most concise lists of UK and European cannabis events. It is updated regularly by veteran activists Alun Buffry and Winston Matthews.

We as a movement are stronger together, so if you’re a cannabis consumer in the UK then please support your local club, collective or community by attending their public events and getting involved.

Legalisation is inevitable in the UK now, it’s only a matter of time. The length of which directly correlates to the amount of support those that are publicly pushing for change receive from their community and peers. Remember: the larger our communities grow, the louder our voice on the national stage and in this age-old debate.

Simpa Carter
Durham City Cannabis Club


Cannabis around the world 2017

2017 Summary: As the year draws to a close, we look at what’s been going on around the world of cannabis.


At the beginning of the year, we saw Germany pass legislation to make cannabis legal for certain medical purposes. Severely ill patients will be able to access prescribed medical cannabis treatment. The new law went on to come into effect this March.


In February Ireland’s health minister Simon Harris announced Ireland would allow cannabis use for specific medical conditions. This has seen opposition and has been slow to come into practice. Harris said the compassionate access programme for medical cannabis will be available later on in the year, and so far 3 cases have had success now in Ireland in receiving medical cannabis products in the country.


In March the Cayman Islands held their first ever cannabis conference. Here campaigners argued that the Islands should grow and produce their own supply of medical cannabis products. Dr’s have been permitted to prescribe cannabis extracts and tinctures to patients since November last year. Currently the country imports it’s cannabis-based medicines

Also this month in Tunisia laws also changed to enable first-time cannabis offenders to avoid prison sentences.


Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister unveils a bill that will allow the sale and use of recreational cannabis across the country. Canada legalised medical use back n 2001 and the new bill would allow recreational users to carry 30 grams of dried herb legally. Trudeau has promised these changes to come into effect originally in July 2018. Justin has recently confirmed everything is looking to plan still for the legislation to happen summer 2018.


German scientists discovered early signs cannabis could be used to treat dementia in elderly patients. Cannabis was seen to reverse the cognitive decline that comes with old age although further testing is still required.


In June Mexico passed a bill to legalise medical cannabis with president Enrique Pena Nieto changing to make cannabis more widely available for health and science purposes. This bill had previously been voted in Congress back in April with 371 votes in favour to 19 against.

Also this month in Greece the government announced it would adjust current laws to allow for medical use.


Catalonia passed laws enabling a network of cooperatives to overlook the legal cultivation and distribution of cannabis through the Cannabis Social club networks. The law got to parliament thanks to citizens providing 67,500 signatures in favour, far more than the 50,000 required to get the proposal debated.


In August South African couple Myrtle Clarke and Julian Stobbs, referred to by the press as the dagga couple (with dagga being a south african slang word for cannabis),  campaigned to the court for changes to cannabis laws. the Dagga Couple has raised R823,000 (£48,000) through fundraising projects and donations from supporters in the country. The money is being used to pay for expert witnesses and other expenses, such as organising the country’s first Clinical Cannabis Convention, a meeting held August 5 to keep the public informed of the latest developments in cannabis policy and research.

The state is appealing against a finding in March‚ in the high court in Cape Town‚ that the cultivation and private use of dagga should be legalised‚ and in her affidavit to the ConCourt Clarke said she and Stobbs wanted to intervene in the interest of the public. The case is scheduled to be heard later in 2018..


In September Australian Senator Richard Di Natale introduced a bill to allow medical cannabis to be imported easier into the country. Australia legalised for medical reasons in 2016 but the government threatened suppliers with legal action if they imported goods. Natale said ” the government had defied the will of the senate and had no authority to do so”

Read more:


In October Peruvian law makers voted overwhelmingly in favour to allow medical use of cannabis in Peru at a vote of 68 – 5.

Read more: 

In the UK on October 10th Cannabis patients gathered outside parliament to support Paul Flynn’s bill to allow patients access to medical cannabis within the UK. The bill was granted submission and is scheduled for another reading on 23rd February 2018.

Read more:

Also in October and again in London Canna Tech, a business based conference was held. Scientists, investors and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss business opportunities legal medical cannabis products could bring should laws change.


In November the republic of Georgia decriminalised cannabis, stating it was unconstitutional to criminally prosecute someone for consuming cannabis.


In December, 8-year-old Ava Barry was granted special permission to use medical cannabis in Ireland. Ava returned to Ireland from the Netherlands where they had been forced to go last summer to find treatment for Ava who has a catastrophic form of epilepsy.

Ava’s parents had undergone a long campaign to reach this stage. Vera said ” We are delighted to have a normal boring Christmas” she also stated Ava ” now had her freedom back.”

Read more:

Written by Aaron Nacci, owner of the Aztech Smoke Shop

There have probably been more positive stories this year that we didn’t cover, so what else should have made the list? Tweet us and have your say @ISMOKEMAG




10,000 Subscribers Thank You

As we approach Christmas, already feeling festive, we’ve just been given an amazing gift from our fans.

We have finally hit the 10,000 subscribers milestone that we’ve been aiming for on the YouTube channel since hitting 5000 subscribers around 5 months ago.

As we approach the new year, we’re looking forward to lots in store for 2018 as we continue our fight for cannabis legalisation in the UK.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support across the ISMOKE Channel. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Here’s to 50k and beyond (Let’s aiming high!)

Keep toking,

Tyler Green

Gone To Pot: Taking a look at a Greener future

Last night ITV (That’s channel 3 in the UK) broadcast what can only be described as a positive programme about the benefits of cannabis.

In part 1 of Gone To Pot, we saw Birds of a Feather actress and Loose Women panelist Linda Robson, ex-EastEnders actress Pam St Clement, actor Christopher Biggins, retired footballer and TV presenter John Fashanu and darts supremo Bobby George travelling to the state of California where cannabis access is now ubiquitous with general life, to see how cannabis can benefit them.

Here’s what happened at the Darwen Cannabis Club bonfire event

• 100s attended DCC’s first annual bonfire night
• Cannabis enthusiasts, vendors and the general public enjoyed the club’s festivities
• Are events like these the best way for cannabis clubs to become part of the wider community?

Darwen Cannabis Club’s first annual Bonfire night attracted hundreds of cannabis enthusiasts, campaigners, vendors and members of the general public last weekend.

Held at an abandoned high school, the event was host to standard Guy Fowlkes traditions: a 10ft Bonfire, meat and spud pie with mushy peas, fireworks… and obviously, cannabis!

Discussing the event, “Elvis”, DCC’s Secretary, talked about the success of the event:

“The night was a great success for everyone involved the set up was great and we had lots to offer.
“Being very busy, I didn’t really get chance to chat with lots of people but when they came for the spud pie they were all extremely happy with how it was going and showing credit to us as a club.

Later in the evening I did a head count off 136 people which is fantastic as I was only hoping for around half that figure.

“The general public loved it! We’ve generated new followers on Facebook due the event and now people are eager for the next event.

One of the reasons Cannabis Clubs put on events like these are to help raise money for future events.

Talking about the money raised by the event, Mick, DCC’s Chairman, said: “The evening was a massive success, raising almost £200 on the night just through raffle ticket sales and the tea, coffee and food stalls.”

The raffle itself was a fantastic feat. The club managed to organise a fantastic raffle, worth over £150, including a £75 dab rig from Herby Nichols, and £45 worth of vegan edibles from Pop’s Baked Goods.

Raffles are a great way for clubs to raise funds for future events and put themselves on the cannabis community map, as Mick explained:

“It was never about the money, but it’s nice to raise a few quid!

“It was always about introducing DCC to the Darwen community more than anything, showing them that we aren’t just a group of stoners.

“We are part of the community and care about the area we live in just as much as everyone else and feel these kinds of events bring us all together and in the process, helps educate the public to the ever-growing evidence of the benefits of cannabis.

“The tide is most definitely turning in this country and our voice is finally being heard. Public opinion is what’s going to win it for us in the end and CSC’s are helping massively to bridge that gap.

Elvis added: “We brought many members of the public together to see that we are not troublemakers we are actually helping people by giving out info that they simply cannot get elsewhere, and even those who came that don’t use cannabis agreed with us.”

Vendors from across the North West flocked to Darwen to sell a variety of cannabis and cannabis-related products.

Med Wynne, founder of Balm Buddies, explained why she brought her budding business up to the event: “The night overall was a great success, I was looked after so well everyone was helpful and friendly and there was a good crowd of people of all ages.

“It was definitely good for businesses, lots of people hadn’t seen products made with cannabis and were really interested and wanting to learn more.

It also helps people get the help and advice they probably couldn’t get elsewhere!

“I just want to say a big thank you to everyone involved!”

The legendary Northern cannabis Youtuber, and long-time friend of DCC, Dr. Denz, even made an appearance:

“The overall event was absolutely excellent. I was really surprised at the amount of people that turned up on a cold November night.

“It was great to see family is there not just recreational cannabis users. And a big shout out to all the stallholders. Quality night!

Discussing how events like these are beneficial to growing cannabis business, Denz said:

“It’s very difficult for these kinds of businesses to get their selves established in this kind of scene.

“Events like this are definitely beneficial to up-and-coming businesses. At the end of the day hopefully cannabis will be legal soon and these people at the start will be a slightly more established.

“Good luck to them all!

“I’d just like to add that Darwen Cannabis Club is an excellent club, lots of members looking deeply into the medical side rather than just the smoking side of things.

I’m sure the club will blossom into something marvellous. Well done, Darwen, keep up the good work!”

The event could not have been pulled off without the tireless efforts of dedicated club members. In order for a cannabis club to succeed in its aims, it must be guided by strong leadership, compassion and enthusiasm for the movement.

DCC has all of this in abundance.

We hope to see you at our next event! Like the DCC official Facebook page for updates on future events and competitions.

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Meeting CBD Brothers

Last week I travelled up to meet Andrew and Ben, directors of the CBD Brothers company at their base near Bury St Edmunds, UK.

I’ve wanted to visit CBD Brothers ever since I first sampled their CBD oil back in April 2016 -it was actually one of the first videos I made for the ISMOKE YoutTube channel.

Since then I’ve kept in touch with the company, and have seen their range of products grow – as I write this they’re one of the UK’s top supplies of CBD, and offer a wide range of full-spectrum and top-quality CBD oil, skin balm and other products.

Durham City Cannabis Club Autumn Session

We attended Durham City Cannabis club’s final Protestival event of the year at Hemp Gardens in Durham at the weekend.

This was Durham City Cannabis Club’s fifth such solo event this year. These events have been steadily increasing in popularity and attendance, and every event boasts a wide variety of stalls, speakers and musicians from around the UK.

You can read about the clubs previous events, all of which have been covered here in ISMOKE Magazine 

The Autumn Session was arranged to satisfy the overwhelming calls from the public to host one more final event this year.

Durham City Cannabis Club are hoping to be able to secure a private site to host music nights and free party events throughout the year in tandem with their protestival events in 2018 and beyond. They’ve already approached several local sound systems and musicians who’re all excited to work together to arrange these joint events.


This event, like its predecessors, attracted many companies and stalls from around the country including East London head shop, Sensi Snacks, White Rhino clothing and Pops Edibles
There were, unfortunately, several dropouts at this event, prompting the organisers to announce changes to the way the second series of events will run next year.

The new system will seek to ensure there is no excessive profiteering, price gouging, Under 18’s attending, or other unauthorised and unacceptable activity taking place at their events, all of which could jeopardise the future of the club, the events and even the organiser’s freedom.

This year saw the launch of DCC hosting these kinds of events, and it’s great to say that they’ve been rather well received by the neighbouring residents of Hemp Gardens, the residents of Durham, The attendees and of course the wider canna-community.

The cloudy sky above and looming weather did little to dampen the anticipation and excitement of the gathered crowd.

Fortunately, the rain held off until the end of the day, which for a city in the North East of England in October is quite an accomplishment!

Despite the overcast skies and eventual downpour the event still managed to easily attract over 250 guests throughout the day.

The raffle was drawn by the DCCC chairman and Beat fox in the centre of Hemp Gardens giving away goodies kindly provided by Seedsman, Junkyard Seed emporium, Freedom Seeds, Baked Buddha, Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Snacks, Pops Edibles, White Rhino and many more.


A limited few guests also got the awesome pleasure of Beat Fox performing after the event at a little smoke out at the club chairman’s house.

There was positive press coverage in the local media on the day of the event as well, with the Northern Echo publishing this piece on the morning of the session.

There were also other representatives from 420 friendly media including MMJ and Smokers Guide to help maximise the coverage of DCCC’s last event of 2017.

Durham City Cannabis club would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the Companies, Businesses, Musicians, Guest speakers and the local community that have and continue to support us in all our endeavours.

DCCC will be back in 2018…

Bigger, Bolder, Braver!


ISMOKE TV Update – New Features, Channels & More!

We have updated ISMOKE TV to bring you more cannabis videos!

Version 1.0.3 Release Notes

For this release ISMOKE TV was totally rewritten from the ground up to enable a more dynamic approach. We can now dynamically alter the content of the addon without the need to keep pushing updates via our repository. This means users can seamlessly interact will any new ISMOKE content we add, without the need to keep updating the addon. It gives us dynamic creative control over the app without causing you the user any interruption.  There might be a few addon updates while we stabilize the code. But as long as addons are set to auto update in kodi you shouldn’t notice any issues. 

New addon features include:
  • Latest Videos
  • Strain Reviews
  • ISMOKE Network Featuring: UK Smoke Buddies + Wake & Bake With Tyler Green
  • Weed Music Library
  • Cannabis Events
  • Medicinal Cannabis
    Learn about Cannabis Featuring: Cannabis How-To-Guides + ISMOKE Bud Facts

And so much more!

Read our Guide + Download ISMOKE TV here


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Peru’s Conservative Government Vote to Legalise Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis will soon be legally available to residents of Peru!

On 19th October 2017 Peru’s Congress approved a bill that legalises cannabis for medicinal use.

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Cannabis is medicine: Patients at Parliament Protest, London

We attended the Patients at Parliament protest this week, which was organised to support Newport, south MP Paul Flynn who recently invited medical cannabis consumers to come to the houses of Parliament and openly consume cannabis to protest the archaic classification of what he called “the oldest medicine in the world”.

The event, organised by the United Patients Alliance, an organisation that campaigns for sufferers of chronic conditions to be able to access medicinal cannabis the UK arranged the coinciding protest which took place on the George the fifth square opposite parliament.

This protest was also twinned with a similar event which took place in Northern Ireland at the general assembly in Stormont, where campaigners met up to show solidarity with the protest taking part in Westminster and adding their voices to the demand access to cannabis for medicinal uses.

The day’s festivities got underway around noon outside of the house of commons as some of the movers and shakers of the cannabis community congregated to do interviews and pose for journalists photographs. There was an impressive collection of national and international news outlets that had also arrived on mass to document what could potentially be an historic day and important stepping stone in the British public’s fight to legalise cannabis not just as a medicine but also for all adults to rights to be able to consume cannabis recreationally.

The protest, which was an act of “very civil disobedience” took place in the form of a medicated tea party with the UPA providing a wide selection of medicated, non-medicated, Vegan and gluten-free cakes, scones, chocolates and many more moreish munchies being gifted to attendees by other protesters.

Hempen, an Oxfordshire based cooperative also kindly provided some of their homegrown hemp flowers for free in tea for the gathered guests.

The main protest began at 2pm – the same time Paul Flynn stood to speak in the Commons stating that the “tide of world opinion” was moving towards legalisation of cannabis. It took place outside the house of commons with many of the usual faces arriving to show their support for Mr Flynn’s motion, which would allow for the production, supply, possession and use of cannabis and resin for medicinal purposes. What those purposes would be are yet to be made publicly available.

There was a strong feeling of solidarity in the air as organisations from across the UK came together to stand in defiance of the draconian British drug laws. ISMOKE, Feed the Birds, Budd Buddies and UKCSC were all in attendance to support the United Patients Alliance who organised the event.

There was also a strong club presence with clubs representing from all over the country: Hampshire Cannabis community, Durham city cannabis club, Hemel Hempstead cannabis club, Brighton Cannabis Social Club, Suffolk Compassion club, central Birmingham division compassion club, Bristol Cannabis Social Club, Tottenham Compassion Club, Suffolk Compassion Club, Plymouth cannabis club and many more showing their support for this potentially rather important bill.

The protesters were joined by several sitting British lawmakers: Newport south’s Paul Flynn, North Norfolk’s Norman Lamb, Oxford West and Abingdon MP Layla Moran and Gower’s Tonia Antoniazzi, plus North Wales PCC Arfon Jones who all sat socialising and sharing stories with the amassed consumers, extending perhaps for the first time in generations an olive branch of peace instead of a truncheon of tyranny.

Speaking at the protest event Paul Flynn declined a campaigner’s offer to try a cannabis infused scone saying that: “I’ve got to make a speech at 2pm.” Another time perhaps then Paul, and maybe one day soon you and your colleagues will be as free as your US counterparts to consume cannabis after a long stressful day, as they are legally free to do so in the district of Columbia. (Washington DC)

All in all, around 250 cannabis campaigners descended on downing street to support the 10 Minute rule bill by openly flaunting the law and socially consuming cannabis without a single arrest or incident.

The bill actually passed during the protest event, meaning that the next phase is the second reading of the bill on February 23rd 2018. The UPA and other activist groups are already planning the next protest on the day to show support for this urgently needed piece of reformative legislation.

What can you do to support the bill and patients’ rights to access cannabis? Log on to the website and find out when your constituencies MP is having an open surgery and drop in and Demand they support the Bill and do all they can to further the urgently needed debate around the legalisation of cannabis in the UK for ALL adults!

You can view our photo album on our Facebook Page

ISMOKE at the Patients at Parliament Protest

Words by Simpa Carter
Photos by Tyler Green

The Importance of Language in the Cannabis Legalisation Debate

Over the last few weeks, the debate around Skunk has in some circles, reared its head again.

In my circle, the debate is always there and the position is clear. Skunk is a favourite strain of many close friends and myself. Not some psychotic inducing evil and dangerous form of cannabis.

Skunk has, depending on who you listen to, come to be a word which defines badly grown cannabis, or ‘Street Weed’ if you will. Since we do not know definitively what triggers psychosis we should stop immediately attributing the cause to ‘skunk’. Why aren’t we attributing it to Kush instead?

Because “everyone agrees that skunk causes psychosis” (it doesn’t, I made that quote up for effect), there is simply not enough will to develop alternative theories because “the science is settled”. Science is never settled and so we cannot accept the position that high THC causes or triggers psychosis. What about smoking fertilizer in poorly flushed weed? What about mixing it with tobacco (harmful behavior as a result of prohibition)? What about smoking pesticides in cannabis produced en masse and by people who don’t care about the contamination of their product with serious chemical agents which if smoked could well trigger a psychotic episode. Using cannabis correctly simply doesn’t trigger anything apart from a trip to the fridge…

Cannabis has been around since man was standing upright. I think we’d know if it caused psychiatric illness. We don’t need modern psychiatry or treatment services to present lies dressed up as empirical evidence. Our modern day hybridized cannabis isn’t that much different to it’s landrace parentage.  For those who disagree, come and smoke some Durban Poison or Malawi or Thai stick with me and we’ll see what you think about ‘strong cannabis’ being a result of prohibition. It’s a result of good husbandry and horticulture.

I digress, (forgive me, it’s easy to go off topic because these points are important and need to be hammered home on a continuous basis.)

The point of this blog was neither to debate what skunk is, (if you don’t know, look it up); nor to re-open the debate about the fake news that is Cannabis induced psychosis. The point of this blog was to discuss the importance of language and even more so, the importance of language when in battle. Because friends, we are in a battle, a very real battle to preserve our cannabis culture.

When the day of regulation comes I do not want it to be the day that prohibition got a revamp. I do not want to be buying government weed online (or even worse from Pharmacies) and only being allowed to buy “balanced strains’. I want to be able to access all sorts of strains; strengths and I want to consume it with fellow ‘cannaseurs’ in an adult environment free from prejudice and judgment. I want to have Super Skunk and Orange Hill and all the fabulous strains of skunk as they were originally bred. I want my haze to be 30% THC and 0% CBD. I don’t want people who haven’t got a clue about cannabis and legislators restricting what we can and cant have.

Now, why do I get my knickers in such a twist over the word skunk? Many activists and reformers speak to me. “Give it up”, they say; “it’s only a word”. We have to get traction and then build from there. Better to get some form of legalisation in and the rest will follow. I absolutely get that tactic but I don’t believe it is well thought out. It is in fact extremely short sighted.


All Warfare is based on deception  Therefore the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy and does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him

-(Sun Tzu, The Art of War)

I spent time in Amsterdam recently and chatting to staff working in the many fantastic coffee shops we visited, they were literally lost for words when our party explained how the word skunk is being used. And not just by the prohibitionists, but by some in the reform movement.

We don’t refer to moonshine alcohol as Gin do we? The Gin enthusiasts would be up in arms, and what about the negative reputational impact on all the Gin Palaces and specialist Gin Bars out there?

Quite. So we call it what it is. Moonshine and not Gin. Then, the public knows that when they hear or use the word moonshine it means illegally produced alcohol, probably very high in strength and potentially deadly. And then when they buy Gin they are not scared that it might be Moonshine.

And we need, no, absolutely MUST to get to that position with Street Weed. So that when the word ‘Skunk’ is used, it is used to describe one of the greatest strains of cannabis there is. One with phenomenal medicinal qualities. Fantastic recreational benefits, from a gardening perspective are great fun to grow (yielding massive crops and can often catch out even the most experienced grower!). Moreover, and most importantly, everyone understands what it is.

When words stop meaning anything then there are no more answers, only better and better lies and lies won’t help us in this fight” (John Snow, Game of Thrones)

It’s a pretty good quote isn’t it? The cannabis community has a real problem (and I speak for all of us on this I know) with the way in which the public have been duped, lied to, mislead and downright brainwashed when it comes to the truth about cannabis. What’s happening across the world is testimony to that. So it’s staggering that when we are in full battle mode, instead of correcting those mistruths and educating we’ve just shrugged our shoulders and said ‘nah, it’s only a word mate, yeah skunk causes psychosis so give us legal cannabis and it won’t be a problem anymore’

My daughter came home from school recently and told me that if you take skunk you can go blind. The schools liaison police officer pumping this bullshit into them should be sacked for gross negligence but why should we be surprised?  Skunk is after all wildly dangerous.

So what’s happened, is we have unwittingly enabled the lie to be reinforced. In fact, we’ve stupidly been coerced into taking the position that the danger of skunk is a key reason why we need a regulated cannabis market.

What happens on day one of regulation when I want to buy a bag of Super Skunk, or Lemon Skunk, or whatever and I get told, ‘no, sorry we are not allowed to sell skunk because it causes psychosis. Here have some 1:1 THC:CBD ratio cannabis, thank your lucky stars those reformers sorted it all out?

Sod that.

In science, language and nomenclature are everything. We don’t have half the world referring to rain as snow, and snow to rain. They are both forms of precipitation but we all understand what each one is because the word is true to the matter it is describing. It’s gut-wrenching to hear heavyweights like David Nutt using the word skunk to mean ‘street weed’ but then maybe not be into gardening that much. So let’s help him out guys please!!

We HAVE to set the agenda. And we have to do that through education. The Romans were experts at assimilation. Christmas and Easter both Pagan feasts widely celebrated in very different contexts in the British Islands until the Romans came, imposed Christianity on us as part of their conquest, stole the language and gave us back our feast days repacked as something entirely different. No going back from that. Let’s not repeat those mistakes.

I don’t want the same thing to happen with cannabis because we were incapable of seeing the bigger picture and taking a longer-term view. As a species we learn nothing from History. We are useless at it, let’s not let that be our downfall.

Written by Cardiff Cannabis Cafe

Let’s Talk about Skunk

As part of our “let’s talk about series”, in this video Tyler Green talks about the term skunk and its incorrect use in the UK.

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Paul Flynn Private Member’s Bill & Patients At Parliament | Upcoming Event Information

On 10th October 2017, Labour MP Paul Flynn will put forward a Private Member’s Bill calling for the legalisation of Medical cannabis in the UK.

He has called for people to act in civil disobedience and to protest outside parliament. To coincide with the bill the United Patients alliance are holding a Patients at Parliament event from 2-5pm on Tuesday 10th October.

We will be in attendance to report on the protest, and hope to see lots of people from the cannabis community in Westminster for the Patients at Parliament event.

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