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Cannabis Oil Scammers: How Prohibition Protects Fraudsters and Thieves

Let’s take a look at how as a direct result of prohibition the UK cannabis scene is littered with cannabis oil scammers, confidence men, criminals, thieves and other nefarious individuals out to make themselves rich off of the backs of patients and consumers.

Unfortunately, it happens daily under prohibition. People in the community can be seen discussing it at length via Social Media – talking about times that they have been conned and that they know or suspect someone in the community of wrong doing and being involved for all the wrong reasons. We’re not just talking about cannabis oil scammers here, but all sorts of unscrupulous behaviours which we will discuss in detail below.

You know, the sort of behaviour that leads far too frequently to online Witch Hunts that devolve into immature behaviour that frankly reflects poorly on the community as a whole.

Austerity Cuts or Cannabis?

This week on ISMOKE we’ll be continuing on from a theme we began laying out last week in this article, about how Prohibition is affecting the health and life opportunities of not just cannabis consumers but also their families and the wider community.

Each passing year has seen the UK deepening Austerity’s vicious cuts to vital services and as a direct result the worsening of the nation’s mental health.

We’re already seeing the disastrous results that this draconian policy of austerity is having on the youth as the number of young people arriving in A&E with psychiatric problems has doubled since 2009.

It is equal parts tragic and ironic that a by product of Austerity is poverty which is costing the UK government £78 billion a year in pressure on hospitals, social services and lost tax revenue

Austerity is making the poor poorer in the UK which now has 30% of children living in poverty with half of all single parent households now being poor, and with an estimated 1.9 million more children projected to be in poverty at Christmas 2030 than Christmas 2015 it seems this crisis will only get worse.

Meanwhile, the thousand riches families have doubled their wealth during this finical crisis. But don’t worry, we’re all in this together!


“The lower the income a family has, the weaker the brain connections a child has, the researchers found. This means that a child’s degree of poverty is directly connected with the way their brain functions”

Read more: https://www.rt.com/news/329360-poverty-depression-brain-changes

Poverty physically damages the brain lowering IQ by weakening the connections between the Hippocampus and Amygdala, areas of the brain associated with learning, memory, stress regulation and emotions, causes premature ageing, depression and other mental health issues, it also effects employment opportunities and contributes to an early death.

This is especially damaging in children whose young brains are still developing.

Cannabinoids promote embryonic and adult Hippocampus neurogenesis and produce anxiolytic and antidepressant like effects helping to combat the damage done by austerity derived poverty.

Read more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1253627

“Poverty wastes peoples’ potential, depriving our society of the skills and talents of those who have valuable contributions to make. This drags down the productivity of our economy, hinders economic growth, and reduces tax revenue.” – Julia Unwin, Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

How can we survive this rising tide of poverty before we all drown in this sea of forced austerity?

Well, a legal Cannabis marketplace would generate billions and negate the need for the most vulnerable in our society to continue to suffer the consequences of a fiscal collapse caused by banksters and their cronies.

Colorado’s current population is 5.7 million and it has raised $500milion in cannabis sales since 2014. The UK has a population of 65.5 million, over ten times larger.

Read more: https://www.leafly.com/news/industry/colorado-brought-cool-half-billion-cannabis-taxes

Colorado has less than a million consumers. The UK has an estimated four million consumers which is about 6% of its population – and they’re just the ones who are open enough to admit to their consumption.

It’s therefore certain that the UK could easily generate billions of pounds a year in recreational sales alone (we Brits do enjoy a good smoke). In addition to this consumers could come out about their consumption without fear of recrimination from their employer, stigmatisation from family and peers or fears of persecution and incarceration by their government .

Then there are the thousands of industrial and commercial applications of cannabis, which with Graphene at the heart of a technological revolution, would revitalise and reinvigorate this country’s failing economy. This could help by putting millions back to work rebuilding infrastructure with technology like Hempcrete, Hemp oil based plastics like Hemplyne and a return to Hemp paper and textiles, with which we could also drastically reduce deforestation and global warming.

Prohibition perpetuates racism as well; you’re six times more likely to be stopped and searched in the UK if you’re Black and this is utterly unacceptable in the 21st century.

Prohibition also reaffirms classism which has long since been one of the main ways which our rulers have sought to divide us. Just look at the social cleansing program that a group of Liverpool’s housing landlords are attempting to enact, they together with police, fire, council and housing chiefs have launched a joint campaign called “Use it? Lose it!” and will distribute posters and leaflets across the region to highlight the crackdown.

This is a classic classist attack on social housing as by going after the most popular illegal drug in cannabis they can evict tenants easily, allowing landlords to sell off their homes for multi million pound gentrifying property development projects.

Targeting tenants who are in their own homes is a new low. Let’s be honest – they are harming no one, quietly consuming cannabis, which is a far safer drug than tobacco which kills 6 million people annually – yet tenants can consume this on their property.

This attack on their drug of choice incentives them to use other illegal drugs, ones that don’t have the oh so sweet but oh so telling smell which will not warrant them a visit from their local constabulary to be made homeless and by extension probably unemployed too.

Let’s be clear – it’s an attack on the poor, as it’s only poor cannabis consumers who’re being targeted and victimised here. No individuals who can afford to own their own homes are being targeted and would not be threatened with homelessness in this way. It is one of the more insidious incarnations of state violence inflicted on the most vulnerable in our society.

Prohibition causes the state and its enforcers to become the enemy of the cannabis consumers and their wider community by being a threat to their liberty and freedom leading to successive generations seeing the police not as their protector but as their persecutor simply for consuming the wrong drug.

Cannabis has NEVER killed anyone, unlike prohibition which by criminalising Cannabinoids has detrimentally and negatively affected the health and shortened the life expectancy of countless people.

This cannot be allowed to continue with cancer now being more common than getting married here in the UK something needs to be done to combat this epidemic, and legalising cannabis could go a long way towards doing that.

In summary, it’s a simple choice between cuts or Cannabis!

By Simpa Carter

Psychoactive Substances Act – One Year On

One year ago, the Psychoactive Substances Act came into force after months of legal wrangling, set-backs, and delays. The law has been widely ridiculed by policy experts, scientists, and even the police, but despite this the Home Office still consider it a success. Their aim was to shut down headshops and appease the Daily Mail, and they succeeded on both of those fronts; the increased strength, availability, and subsequent potential for harm of many of the substances outlawed by the Act is therefore irrelevant. The countless deaths merely collateral damage.

Most of the public discourse surrounding the PSA in the year since its inception has focussed, perhaps unsurprisingly, on ‘Spice,’ the generic name given to Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists, or SCRAs. Spice use has become ever more visible in the last year, particularly amongst the homeless population of the UK. Countless ill-conceived news reports have painted users as ‘zombies,’ due to the almost catatonic state that their drug use can cause them to enter.

Warrior Women: The mothers fighting to legalise cannabis to save their children

Few things in this world could ever match up to a mother’s love, and I am in no doubt that prohibition isn’t one of them.

This week on ISMOKE we meet the warrior women – the mothers of mercy desperately fighting to treat their children using cannabis and cannabis-derived medicinal products.

Too often these women who are not only having to fight against the odds, but their doctors, the law and even the very services that have been established to help heal and treat their offspring’s ailments and to protect their health.

Cannabis prohibition and terrorism

cannabis prohibition and terrorism

“The illegal sale of Cannabis in the UK contributes to global terrorism”. That’s a sentence I’ve heard many times in my life, spoken with no to little real evidence ever being provided to back it up.

But how true is this statement?

If you happen to of followed the rather remarkable life of Dennis Howard Marks (Mr Nice), then you’ll probably be aware of the term Nordle.

Nordle was the code word Howard used to use when smuggling Hashish from Afghanistan to Shannon Airport in Ireland then routeing it on to Milford, Wales with the help of James (Jim) McCann of the IRA back in the 1970’s.

Police shut down Dank of England shop – Black the Ripper films the whole thing

Police appear to have shut down the Dank of England pop-up shop/smoke session at the weekend.

This event was held by rapper and cannabis advocate Ital Samson, also known as Black The Ripper.

Is the Trump administration about to jeopardise the 7-billion-dollar recreational cannabis industry?

  • Spokesman for White House Sean Spicer talks about a new crackdown on recreational cannabis
  • Trump pledged to respect states’ rights on marijuana during his campaign. This may signal a reversal on that promise.
  • Seven US States have legalised cannabis for recreational use
  • Cannabis is still illegal under Federal Law

Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s Press Secretary, finally revealed the new President’s intention for recreational cannabis, and it’s not good.

Spicer seems to have hinted that the Trump administration will be aiming to crack down on the 8 States whose citizens democratically voted to legalise cannabis for recreational use.

First Conviction in Camden Bong Ban

Bongs in Camden
  • Police say that conviction ‘sets precedent’ for more police raids
  • Conviction comes after officers warned shops they are now ready to raid their businesses and take them to court if they do not clear their shelves of items with known links to drug use
  • Police said court ruling gives them “confidence” to push on with operation

Police in Camden Town have vowed to push on with an operation to make the area a bong-free zone after a shopkeeper was convicted on 1st February of selling thousands of items of drug paraphernalia. This Camden Bong Ban precedent could spell trouble for head shops in the area and beyond…

German Politicians Vote to Legalise Medicinal Cannabis for “Seriously Ill”

Read more:

On Thursday, 19th Jan, Germany began its journey towards legalising medicinal cannabis.

Germany’s lower house of parliament passed the bill legalising the production, sale and use of medicinal cannabis.

Locked Up For Cannabis : Gary Youds

Gary Youds from Liverpool, was recently sentenced to nine months in prison after his venue The Chillin’ Rooms was raided and cannabis seized back in 2015. #FreeGaryYouds

The arbitrary nature of the UK’s approach to cannabis is highlighted painfully by the fact that across the pond in the US, and in several European countries their approach to the drug both medicinally and recreationally is improving and an ever increasing rate.

Yet here we continue to see people arrested for victimless crimes as they attempt to provide safe access for cannabis users.

Cannabis in Copenhagen : City Pushes for Cannabis Trials in Denmark

cannabis in copenhagen - cannabis trials in denmark

Due to a rise of drug-related gang activity in the Danish capital cannabis trials in Denmark might just be due to get a green light with a proposal for legal cannabis in Copenhagen.

Local politicians in the Danish capital are considering the possibility of legalising cannabis. The first step in this process is to launch cannabis trials in Denmark, specifically Copenhagen.

This is far from a done deal, but does seem to follow the trend of other progressive European Nations that have either relaxed, or are looking to address their current cannabis laws.

Ireland’s Massive Medical Cannabis Win

ireland medical cannabis

Medical cannabis just got another big win, and this time with a country much closer to home at the centre of the latest worldwide development.

The government in Ireland has not opposed a proposed private members bill for medical cannabis. 

The Tide Effect : Is UK Cannabis Legalisation Inevitable?

Cannabis Legalisation

Cannabis legalisation has been a hot topic for all the major news outlets yet again this week, after a new publication launched yesterday by Volteface and The Adam Smith Institute.

In the aptly named Tide Effect, author Boris Starling argues that cannabis legalisation and regulation is now inevitable due to a tidal shift in perception and the amount of countries re-visiting their cannabis laws. He argues that we should look to the market-based approach currently seen in some US states for ideas on how to approach UK Cannabis legalisation and regulation.


ITV News Cannabis Poll Shows Overwhelming Majority Want Cannabis Legalised in the UK

This story is ongoing and is subject to change.

A poll conducted by ITV News today is showing an overwhelming majority of people in the UK want to see cannabis legalised.

“Cannabis should be legalised to bring the UK up to speed with a growing number of Western countries and end the “embarrassment” of domestic drugs policy, MPs have said.

Lib Dem former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and former health minister Norman Lamb have joined Labour and Tory figures to back a new report which claims legalisation of the class B drug could net the Treasury more than £1 billion a year in tax revenue.”

Read more: http://www.itv.com/news/2016-11-21/legalise-cannabis-to-end-embarrassment-of-domestic-drugs-policy-mps-argue/

When I cast my vote this morning it was around 83% wanting to see cannabis legalised. When last checked it was at 92%:

ITV News Cannabis Poll
ITV News Cannabis Poll Results

Political timing may not be great, but the mood is certainly changing and cannabis perceptions are shifting away from the negative propaganda we saw sprouted time and time again by the Nation’s tabloids.

I think I’ve seen more cannabis news from main news outlets in the last two months than I had seen in the previous 6, and more positive stories than I have encountered in all my years of activism are coming from UK news sources almost daily at the moment.

Hopefully this ITV News Cannabis Poll will be widely publicised by ITV News to their millions of viewers, further showing the failures of cannabis prohibition in the UK.

Also launching today, Volteface’s The Tide Effect. This publication takes a look at several aspects of cannabis legalisation and puts across a great case. I’ve read the report and I’m attending the launch event this evening, with plans to write about the publication in more detail this week. Watch this space!

You can view the news article and cast your vote here: http://www.itv.com/news/2016-11-21/legalise-cannabis-to-end-embarrassment-of-domestic-drugs-policy-mps-argue/



Green Europe: Cannabis Laws in Germany And Poland Under Review

Europe Cannabis Laws in Poland
Green Europe Cannabis Laws

Europe is currently experiencing a period of change as more countries, led by Germany and Poland, begin to look at their cannabis laws. 

The European Union has a policy of leaving domestic drug laws up to its members’ countries. As a result, they are free to change their cannabis laws without EU intervention.