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Durham City Cannabis Club Autumn Session

We attended Durham City Cannabis club’s final Protestival event of the year at Hemp Gardens in Durham at the weekend.

This was Durham City Cannabis Club’s fifth such solo event this year. These events have been steadily increasing in popularity and attendance, and every event boasts a wide variety of stalls, speakers and musicians from around the UK.

You can read about the clubs previous events, all of which have been covered here in ISMOKE Magazine 

The Autumn Session was arranged to satisfy the overwhelming calls from the public to host one more final event this year.

Durham City Cannabis Club are hoping to be able to secure a private site to host music nights and free party events throughout the year in tandem with their protestival events in 2018 and beyond. They’ve already approached several local sound systems and musicians who’re all excited to work together to arrange these joint events.


This event, like its predecessors, attracted many companies and stalls from around the country including East London head shop, Sensi Snacks, White Rhino clothing and Pops Edibles
There were, unfortunately, several dropouts at this event, prompting the organisers to announce changes to the way the second series of events will run next year.

The new system will seek to ensure there is no excessive profiteering, price gouging, Under 18’s attending, or other unauthorised and unacceptable activity taking place at their events, all of which could jeopardise the future of the club, the events and even the organiser’s freedom.

This year saw the launch of DCC hosting these kinds of events, and it’s great to say that they’ve been rather well received by the neighbouring residents of Hemp Gardens, the residents of Durham, The attendees and of course the wider canna-community.

The cloudy sky above and looming weather did little to dampen the anticipation and excitement of the gathered crowd.

Fortunately, the rain held off until the end of the day, which for a city in the North East of England in October is quite an accomplishment!

Despite the overcast skies and eventual downpour the event still managed to easily attract over 250 guests throughout the day.

The raffle was drawn by the DCCC chairman and Beat fox in the centre of Hemp Gardens giving away goodies kindly provided by Seedsman, Junkyard Seed emporium, Freedom Seeds, Baked Buddha, Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Snacks, Pops Edibles, White Rhino and many more.


A limited few guests also got the awesome pleasure of Beat Fox performing after the event at a little smoke out at the club chairman’s house.

There was positive press coverage in the local media on the day of the event as well, with the Northern Echo publishing this piece on the morning of the session.

There were also other representatives from 420 friendly media including MMJ and Smokers Guide to help maximise the coverage of DCCC’s last event of 2017.

Durham City Cannabis club would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the Companies, Businesses, Musicians, Guest speakers and the local community that have and continue to support us in all our endeavours.

DCCC will be back in 2018…

Bigger, Bolder, Braver!


Cannabis is medicine: Patients at Parliament Protest, London

We attended the Patients at Parliament protest this week, which was organised to support Newport, south MP Paul Flynn who recently invited medical cannabis consumers to come to the houses of Parliament and openly consume cannabis to protest the archaic classification of what he called “the oldest medicine in the world”.

The event, organised by the United Patients Alliance, an organisation that campaigns for sufferers of chronic conditions to be able to access medicinal cannabis the UK arranged the coinciding protest which took place on the George the fifth square opposite parliament.

This protest was also twinned with a similar event which took place in Northern Ireland at the general assembly in Stormont, where campaigners met up to show solidarity with the protest taking part in Westminster and adding their voices to the demand access to cannabis for medicinal uses.

The day’s festivities got underway around noon outside of the house of commons as some of the movers and shakers of the cannabis community congregated to do interviews and pose for journalists photographs. There was an impressive collection of national and international news outlets that had also arrived on mass to document what could potentially be an historic day and important stepping stone in the British public’s fight to legalise cannabis not just as a medicine but also for all adults to rights to be able to consume cannabis recreationally.

The protest, which was an act of “very civil disobedience” took place in the form of a medicated tea party with the UPA providing a wide selection of medicated, non-medicated, Vegan and gluten-free cakes, scones, chocolates and many more moreish munchies being gifted to attendees by other protesters.

Hempen, an Oxfordshire based cooperative also kindly provided some of their homegrown hemp flowers for free in tea for the gathered guests.

The main protest began at 2pm – the same time Paul Flynn stood to speak in the Commons stating that the “tide of world opinion” was moving towards legalisation of cannabis. It took place outside the house of commons with many of the usual faces arriving to show their support for Mr Flynn’s motion, which would allow for the production, supply, possession and use of cannabis and resin for medicinal purposes. What those purposes would be are yet to be made publicly available.

There was a strong feeling of solidarity in the air as organisations from across the UK came together to stand in defiance of the draconian British drug laws. ISMOKE, Feed the Birds, Budd Buddies and UKCSC were all in attendance to support the United Patients Alliance who organised the event.

There was also a strong club presence with clubs representing from all over the country: Hampshire Cannabis community, Durham city cannabis club, Hemel Hempstead cannabis club, Brighton Cannabis Social Club, Suffolk Compassion club, central Birmingham division compassion club, Bristol Cannabis Social Club, Tottenham Compassion Club, Suffolk Compassion Club, Plymouth cannabis club and many more showing their support for this potentially rather important bill.

The protesters were joined by several sitting British lawmakers: Newport south’s Paul Flynn, North Norfolk’s Norman Lamb, Oxford West and Abingdon MP Layla Moran and Gower’s Tonia Antoniazzi, plus North Wales PCC Arfon Jones who all sat socialising and sharing stories with the amassed consumers, extending perhaps for the first time in generations an olive branch of peace instead of a truncheon of tyranny.

Speaking at the protest event Paul Flynn declined a campaigner’s offer to try a cannabis infused scone saying that: “I’ve got to make a speech at 2pm.” Another time perhaps then Paul, and maybe one day soon you and your colleagues will be as free as your US counterparts to consume cannabis after a long stressful day, as they are legally free to do so in the district of Columbia. (Washington DC)

All in all, around 250 cannabis campaigners descended on downing street to support the 10 Minute rule bill by openly flaunting the law and socially consuming cannabis without a single arrest or incident.

The bill actually passed during the protest event, meaning that the next phase is the second reading of the bill on February 23rd 2018. The UPA and other activist groups are already planning the next protest on the day to show support for this urgently needed piece of reformative legislation.

What can you do to support the bill and patients’ rights to access cannabis? Log on to the website and find out when your constituencies MP is having an open surgery and drop in and Demand they support the Bill and do all they can to further the urgently needed debate around the legalisation of cannabis in the UK for ALL adults!

You can view our photo album on our Facebook Page

ISMOKE at the Patients at Parliament Protest

Words by Simpa Carter
Photos by Tyler Green

Paul Flynn Private Member’s Bill & Patients At Parliament | Upcoming Event Information

On 10th October 2017, Labour MP Paul Flynn will put forward a Private Member’s Bill calling for the legalisation of Medical cannabis in the UK.

He has called for people to act in civil disobedience and to protest outside parliament. To coincide with the bill the United Patients alliance are holding a Patients at Parliament event from 2-5pm on Tuesday 10th October.

We will be in attendance to report on the protest, and hope to see lots of people from the cannabis community in Westminster for the Patients at Parliament event.

Event Link:
JustGiving Page:

United Patients Alliance Medical Cannabis Conference & AGM 2017

Here’s a date to add to your diary… The United Patients Alliance are holding a Medical Cannabis Conference at the end of this month in Birmingham, UK on 30th September.

DAY ONE will be a Medical Cannabis Conference at Maple House
DAY TWO will be Workshops and a chance to join the UPA team at the Irish Centre in Maple House, Birmingham.

Speaking at the event will be a whole host of medical cannabis professionals and patients who are on the front line of medical cannabis legalisation.

Product Earth 2017: UK Hemp, Cannabis and Alternative Lifestyle Expo & Festival

This weekend saw the third annual Product Earth 2017, the UK’s only Hemp and alternative lifestyle exhibition take place in Birmingham.

Product Earth is a two-day expo that brings together an ecliptic mix of exhibitors, knowledgeable speakers, diverse organisations and businesses and members of the wider cannabis community to celebrate and promote all the benefits and applications that cannabis and its derivable technologies can achieve.

This years event had to be moved from its previous location in Peterborough down to London and then subsequently found home in Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham.

5 Reasons You should Attend the Next Cannabis Event in Your Area

Here are 5 Reasons to attend the next cannabis event that comes to town

So just when is the next cannabis event? Well, we have attended dozens of cannabis events over the past year, with events now taking place in multiple locations across the country pretty much every weekend.

Of course, we see more events taking place in the Spring/Summer due to better weather conditions (although in Britain the sunshine is far from a certain bet, regardless of the month!)

Some are private events for club members, but many are public events designed to raise cannabis awareness, meet the general public and celebrate cannabis in a relatively safe environment.

We are confident that we will eventually see cannabis legalisation here in the UK, but we need your help along the way.

With that in mind, here are 5 reasons you should attend the next cannabis event in your area:

Next cannabis event
The UK Cannabis Community is strong, we need to make these events as massive as possible

1. Good networking and opportunities – meet your local club and maybe even sample some great cannabis strains and extracts

2. Raise cannabis awareness – share your knowledge, or learn more about cannabis

3. The more people that attend the more media coverage we will get – with articles in mainstream media, the events will attract even more people. This is the circle of growth we need!

Tyler Green at Jerk & Fire 420 BBQ
Tyler Green at Jerk & Fire 420 BBQ

4. Meet both Medical and recreational cannabis users and discuss the benefits of cannabis in all its forms – herbal or extract.

5. Fight for cannabis legalisation – it should be a human right to consume cannabis, and people all across the country are denied safe and legal access to a medicine that has so many benefits. If you attend these events and bring friends, you are helping the UK cannabis legalisation fight.

If that’s not enough reasons to attend your next local cannabis event, I don’t know what is!

Any reasons we’ve missed off this list? You can tweet us @ismokeamg and join the conversation!

Jerk & Fire Brighton 2017

On Sunday 27th August Jerk and Fire took place at East Brighton Park. This event was a HIGHLight over the bank holiday weekend, drawing attendees from as far north as the Midlands to enjoy a day of cannabis celebration!

Jerk & Fire 2017

What a day for the weather – We saw an almost cloudless sky throughout the Jerk & Fire event and temperatures of high 20’s meant we had no danger of being interrupted by the sometimes unpredictable British rain! Sunblock was needed instead of umbrellas, which made a nice change! 

The event was organised and promoted by instagram user @Nugs_of_beauty, who also organised last year’s event. 

We saw a lot of the same faces, and some new ones, as we returned to Brighton for our second event this year, following the success of Green Pride 2017.


One thing I have noticed at the events this year is an upturn in the number of stalls being set up – it is now common to see a diverse range of stalls at most events, compared to when we started attending these get-togethers when we’d only see the occasional stall except at the bigger events.

Event attendees probably ranged in the few hundreds, with a couple of hundred revelers spotted just before 4:20, which is generally the peak time for these events. 

There were food options, head shop stalls, edibles, clothing and more, meaning the public who attended the event had some cool things to look at and buy.

 We attended Jerk and Fire 2017 as guests rather than as vendors – we have promo material across several of the stalls which is great as it allowed me to walk around snapping photos and interacting with the community.

I love cannabis events in Brighton! It seems like a great place to hold these sorts of events, as it has a thriving canna community and a seemingly more relaxed approach to cannabis policing (although recently the Green Pride event didn’t suggest this as they tried to crack down early on in the day).   

I didn’t see a single police officer at Jerk and Fire, and as usual, there was no drama. We had a lovely, relaxed day with a few joints and dabs, good music in a great atmosphere. 

We look forward to Jerk & Fire 2018!

Watch our video filmed at the event below:

Click here to read about last year’s Jerk & Fire event.



Durham City Cannabis Club – All Out August Event Write-Up


Durham City Cannabis club’s last outdoor, public protest-ival events “All Out August” took place at the weekend. This was the last in the clubs current series of protest events to highlight that mass public consumption of cannabis doesn’t lead to antisocial behaviour.

All Out August kicked off at high noon in the usual location of Hemp Gardens with glorious sunshine and the majority of the stalls set up with others arriving later as the afternoon unfolded.

There was as always live music with the sound system once again kindly being provided by a friend of the club for the All Out August event.

This allowed for musical performances from “Dave the dealer” himself, Keith Hudson who once again entertained the gathered crowds with his lyrical stories, as well as local busking legend Danny Buzzin who delighted the masses with his unique styling and original versions of classic hits.

All Out August

Hampshire Cannabis Community Cannabis Awareness Picnic 2017

Over the weekend Hampshire Cannabis Community threw their annual beach get together on Eastney Beach, Hampshire.

The Hampshire Cannabis Community Cannabis awareness Picnic 2017, now in its 5th year, was held so cannabis consumers from across the country could come together and raise awareness, spreading the good message that cannabis must be legalised for all adults in the UK.

This was our second time attending the event, which grew this year with multiple tents and stalls, despite the windy weather, as people travelled from across the country to attend.

We arrived around 1pm, with the event scheduled to kick off around then. Although the weather was a bit windy on the beach, the sun shone for a lot of the afternoon and the hours flew by.

The event took place close to the Isle of Wight, which could be seen from the Beach. I was tempted to try and swim there, but was advised against it. Maybe I’ll do it one day!

The local Portsmouth news also came down to report on the day, and you can read their article here. They quoted me talking about cannabis:

Tyler Green, 28, who runs cannabis-themed media channel iSmoke, travelled from London to attend.

He said: ‘I have been consuming cannabis for about a decade.

‘I use cannabis to reach a high state of consciousness.’

As well as a new crowd of diverse cannabis consumers, attendees included regular faces and it was good to catch up with Smoke Loud UK, Mark from Dab Rigs, Nannies Gourmet Edibles, Basingstoke Dank, Greg from UKCSC and more.

Overall, we had a great day and it was good to see another successful cannabis event. We will always support the good work of Hampshire Cannabis Community and these events show some of the hard work they put in to raise awareness in their local area.

We will always support the good work of Hampshire Cannabis Community and these events show some of the hard work they put in to raise awareness in their local area.

Thanks for a successful Cannabis Awareness Picnic 2017, and we look forward to attending and reporting on the next event.

More from Hampshire Cannabis Community

Read previous features about Hampshire Cannabis Community:

We Went Down To Hampshire Cannabis Community Beach BBQ in Portsmouth

Hampshire Cannabis Community

More Features

I also discuss the Cannabis Awareness Picnic 2017 in this week’s Wake and Bake video, which you can watch below:

We attended the Basingstoke Cannabis Awareness Event 2017

Last weekend we attended a Cannabis awareness BBQ held in the Basingstoke Lime Pits.

This event was a chance for vendors and cannabis consumers to come together to celebrate the benefits of this wonderful plant, and saw people attend from across the country.

Around 30 stalls were in attendance, featuring everything from head shop supplies to food, and plenty of cannabis awareness information.

Held by Basingstoke Dank, Basingstoke Cannabis Club and more, the Basingstoke Canna collab BBQ protest packed the Lime Pits with stalls and all-weather marquees – which was perfect as it decided to rain throughout the day.

We didn’t let the weather stop us, however, with more and more guests arriving throughout the day to join the celebrations.

Towards the end of the afternoon, they held medical talks via the UPA tent, and UKCSC, Tottenham Compassion Club and UPA all gave talks to attendees.

There was a raffle held at 4:20 with some amazing prizes up for grabs including items from all of the attending vendors.

Overall we had a great day. I remember last year’s event very well, and this year saw even more people descend on Basingstoke for the day, showing the power of the cannabis community in the local area and beyond.

The police attended briefly but were not there to cause trouble. No arrests were made and in terms of the events we have attended in the South this year, this was one of the more relaxed, with edibles chefs able to showcase lots of delicious goodies!

I look forward to more Basingstoke events in the future.

You can view our full photo album from the event via our Facebook Page.

Durham City Cannabis Club : July High

Last weekend saw Durham City Cannabis club’s third solo event take place on the disused bowling green in the heart of Durham city, a location that from this point forth I’m going to refer to as “Hemp Gardens”.

That’s because we, Durham City Cannabis Club are working with Durham City MP Roberta Blackman Woods and will be putting together a community action plan to the local council to take control of the derelict ground and take responsibility for the upkeep and development of the otherwise disused green, because as austerity worsens they simply cannot afford to maintain the property properly any longer.

Brighton Cannabis Social Club : Green Pride 2017

Green Pride 2017 took place last weekend in Preston Park, Brighton. And what an event it was! Thousands of cannabis users attended the event in a fitting celebration of UK cannabis culture.

People attended this year’s Green Pride from far and wide, and we spoke to people that had travelled all the way down from the North West to be a part of this year’s event.

Held by Brighton Cannabis Social Club, Green Pride, now in its fourth year, attracts a growing number of people which currently amasses a few thousand annually but is expected to keep growing with the full backing of the cannabis community.

Attendee numbers at Green Pride this year were approximately 3-4000 throughout the day, which was a great turnout!

Green Pride 2017
Green Pride 2017

Stalls and vendors attended Green Pride to offer their wares, and there was plenty to chose from, from your everyday head shop supplies to The Neutralizer, an award-winning brand set to take the odour elimination market by storm. (Look out for an ISMOKE review of The Neutralizer very soon.)

There were some speakers on the day, shortly before 4:20 including Greg de Hoedt (UKCSC) and Jonathan Liebling (UPA). There was also live music in more than one area of the park, as well as food that could be purchased from caterers.

The Neutralizer Stall

We saw lots of the usual faces from the activist community showing support for the event, and also a lot of new people attending their first cannabis event, which was great.

Most of the cannabis clubs and activists we knew were in attendance at this event and plenty brought stalls to raise awareness. (Too many to list!)

Hampshire Cannabis Community stall

Hopefully event attendees and those looking to get more involved in the cannabis community left with new energy, ideas and inspiration – it is events like this which help energise the community and grow our numbers and impact as we fight for cannabis legalisation in the UK.


Of course, the police must be mentioned, as they did try and impose themselves, particularly early on in the day at the event. But, as expected, by about 2-3pm the crowd was big enough that we could all consume in relative safety, and the numbers just kept growing, in a true display of cannabis spirit.

Look at this 40gram beast of a bat which was passed around at 4:20pm (while the police looked on disapprovingly)

Jammin holding the 40g batton

I have nothing but love for the UK cannabis community especially the people making these events happen, so we will support them any way we can. Subscribe to ISMOKE to be kept up-to-date with UK cannabis events and more!

Somebody gave me a cannabis seed

See you next year, Green Pride!

This is the event when we left, close to 6pm, still in full swing

By Tyler Green
@Hightylergreen (Twitter)

Review: Darwen Cannabis Club’s first public event

Cannabis activism is sweeping the nation, with Cannabis Clubs being set up in hundreds of towns and cities across the U.K. We went to one tucked away in the North West of England.

Darwen Cannabis Club (DCC), one of the newer clubs to establish this year, held their first event two week ago on the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year; ideal for a cannabis meet.

Located in Lancashire, between Blackburn and Bolton, Darwen was treated to a glorious day of sunshine, ideal for a cannabis event outside. Held in a sunlit glade in Sunnyhurst Woods, local Darweners and national cannabis activists gathered to meet up for the first time in what will surely become a regular event.



As far as first events go, the day went as smoothly as you could hope for. No major incidents, no police presence, no litter left behind; and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Only the club’s core-members and a handful of adventurous stoners made the walk up to Darwen Tower – a local landmark atop of the Lancashire hills, bequeathed with a picturesque view, which can range all the way down to Blackpool beach. Unfortunately, the view was masqueraded behind the heinous Grey of the Northern skies.

There was a fantastic variety of strains on offer that locals would not get to experience outside the event. Range of strain not just great for recreational users. It is essential for medicinal patients; different illnesses need different cannabinoid rations. With several medical patients in attendance, this turned out to be a God-send for them – something that the club is extremely grateful to have achieved.

One of the primary reasons the club was established was to find & help patients in Darwen that may not be aware of how cannabis may be able to help their particular illness/disease. Education about medication is a great motto the club likes to live by. Knowledge is power, and DCC are utilising their collective wealth of knowledge on cannabis to best help them provide a source of information to the Darwen public.

While DCC are taking a medicinal focus to their approach in cannabis activism, recreational users are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Unity in the community is essential for success. Some of the strains that were sampled were on another level to the local variety – seriously knock out stuff!

Money Maker had to be the cannabis strain highlight. A heavy Indica mix of Master Kush and Hindu Kush and Skunk #1, MM is definitely a strain to be smoked at night, NOT on a walk up a hill!

New canna-allegiances were forged in smoke, strengthening the national movement in our collective efforts to legalise cannabis. Cannabis events serve as a fantastic way to meet people from within the community that you’d never know outside of cannabis. But these friendships go beyond that, conversations are not restricted exclusively to cannabis and why it should be legal. It does help to have a common interest to get started though!

The always energetic Dr Denz came down to film for his ever-growing YouTube channel.

Dr Denz said: “DCC’s first event, it was a beautiful walk, really impressed me!

Speaking about the event, Denz told ISMOKE: “I knew it were only goin’ to be a small un’. For an event in the middle of a Wednesday, a lot more people than I thought! I got to meet a proper great bunch of people which is always a plus.

“I’m always on the hunt for great strains, something you don’t see often. Finally got a good Gorilla Glue #4 which I’m buzzed about.

“To be truthful, there weren’t that many strains about, but the stuff that was there was great!

“I didn’t get too try the Pop’s Baked Goods edibles, gutted! Definitely make sure I get some next time.

“Definitely be coming to the next one, so long as I get me car workin’!”

White Rhino UK, quickly establishing themselves as a future key player in cannabis clothing, came down to support the club’s first event. While the numbers of people there were perhaps smaller than events they’re used to going to, the founder, X, said:

“The welcome and support we received when we arrived was amazing!

“The entire event from start to finish was well organised, safe and non-intrusive to the general public. We can’t wait to attend the next one!”

While the event was pretty basic, it was the first time the club held a public meeting. This is something the club is already working on for their next meeting, which is sure to have more entertainment, food & medibles, speakers, and even a Cannabis Oil making demonstration!

Speaking about the event a DCC spokesman said: “The club learnt a lot from holding our first event. More planning is needed for the next one, certainly. But as the Chairman of Durham City Cannabis Club told me, it’s all a learning curve!

“We know what needs to be done to expand on the great work we put in for this one, the next one will definitely be bigger and better.

“The movement is finally developing and growing in the North West and we fully intended to ride this wave! We’ve already made contact with other NW clubs, and clubs from across the country, so we might even see you guys at the next national event!”

DCC have already organised it so that they will be holding weekly meetings for cannabis enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about the medicinal side of cannabis.

These local meets will be held at Sunbird Records, a local independent rock venue, which is also a label, and even wood-fire pizzas! (a seriously cool venue for a cannabis club!)

DCC’s Executive-Vice Chancellor, Nathan Johnson told us why he thought the day went: “By 2 o’clock we had 15 people which already exceeded my expectations. By the end of the day we saw about 40 different faces.

“It was great overall, couldn’t have asked for anything more. The sunset was disappointing, but luckily we smoked a big fat blunt!”

DCC’s Chairman to the Green, Adam Douglas added:

“People from across the region attended, with new friendships and networks formed as people shared their stories.

“The committee realised quickly that this event could grow into a really popular gathering with a little more attention paid to planning, with particular attention paid to logistics surrounding what is a great site, hampered by some small accessibility issues.

“We do realise more work needs to be done to bring the medical use community out in greater numbers.

“Our ultimate objective is to liberate the plant so all can use it, so that means we need to destigmatise cannabis use, which means ever increasing numbers in a show of unity.”

If you’re interested in following what Darwen Cannabis club are up to, they can be contacted on their official Facebook or Instagram pages.



Durham City Cannabis Club – June Bloom 2017

Last weekend saw Durham City Cannabis Club hosting their latest and largest outdoor public protestival event yet, June Bloom.

Last weekend’s event was the most recent in DCCC’s Campaign to put on monthly protest events to demonstrate that mass social consumption doesn’t lead to anti-social behaviour while standing to highlight the urgent need for Cannabis law reform. Each day prohibition continues here in the UK millions of Cannabis consumers will remain subject to arbitrary police persecution, cultural condemnation and media demonisation

The day started with a cloudy morning which hastily cleared, with the sun rather serendipitously coming out just as the first few stalls began setting up their gazebos, banners and tables.

As the event got underway, the weather continued its upward trajectory, turning into a rather beautiful sunny day, which helped to attract the passing public and enticed in more than just a few with an estimated total attendance over the whole day of 400 – 500 people!

I’m confident in saying this has been their most successful event to date.

Well.. until July High!

There were people in attendance who had travelled from as far as Glasgow, Manchester, Kent, Birmingham and London, to name but a few, who all enjoyed taking advantage of all the assembled stalls that were set up for DCCC’s second solo event June Bloom.

There were head shops from South to North, with East London Headshop, Fat Tones Shop and The Loft head shop, as well as local online store Dab That Slab attending their first such event!

Clothing stalls from Blue Cheese Clothing, Smoke Loud UK, White Rhino Clothing, 7th Circle apparel as well as local artists HeART & Peace also attended offering their wares to the gathered public.

7th circle apparel was in attendance at the event

This was also the first event which saw commercial food stalls, The Street Diner fed the hungry hoard. We’re excited about this, because it now opens up the event to all sorts of potential food vendors for the future.

Following an hour delay with generator trouble and confusion, the music got going, with the sound once again kindly and rather generously being provided by a club supporter and friend.

Dave the dealer himself, Keith Hudson once again joined us with his unique musical stylings even demonstrating “Stoner engineering” perfectly by crafting a mic stand out of a metal pole and a broom!

Unfortunately, a few of the other musicians had to pull out last minute, so there was more plug and play sets to entertain the gathered masses between speakers and shopping at the stalls.

DCCC were lucky enough to be joined by such great speakers as the founder of Bud Buddies, Jeff Ditchfield, who spoke of the great work bud buddies are doing sustaining kids that otherwise wouldnt have a chance, Author of Boy in 7 Billion, Callie Blackwell, spoke about her story fighting to save her sons Deryn’s life TWICE with Cannabis.

Feed the birds representative and Teesside Cannabis club blogger Trev Coleman once again joined us, bringing with him his expertise and offering help and advice to all about the myriad of medicinal and industrial applications for the Cannabis plant. He spoke about the potential for a true Northern powerhouse built on Hemp and Cannabis technology!

Unfortunately, Greg De Hoedt showed up fashionably late.. after the event but we still nevertheless had a chance to sit down and chat.

For the first time, the police attended one of the events, some five hours after it had begun. They did not attend en mass, nor to arrest anyone for openly consuming Cannabis, In fact the word Cannabis wasn’t mentioned once. It was actively avoided – instead they attended for minor reasons, stating that they were there to inquire about the stickers that the club has been giving away at their events which had apparently been stuck up in the city and to tell me that I did not have permission to host the event and that we would need permission in the future.

The officers left as quickly as they arrived, I would imagine rather surprised at the professionalism and courtesy afforded them by the representatives they spoke with.

I informed them that the site would be left cleaner than found as with all our events and that I would welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss this matter further with themselves, I await an email from the police department.

Following their departure, the raffle was drawn, and 10 lucky people went home with Prizes from Royal Queens Seeds, Seedsman, Dab That Slap headshop, Fat tones, East London, Het Ballonnetje coffeeshop, Bomb seeds, Kannabia seeds, Aztech headshop, High Grade London, London Seeds Bank and more.

I would like to finish by thanking each and every one of you who has thus far supported the club and myself in all our endeavours,

We remain as always committed to obtaining legalisation of Cannabis in the UK!

The next event from Durham City Cannabis Club is DCCC presents July High on July 22nd I hope to see you all there!

Click here for the July High Event Page


We attended Durham City Cannabis Club’s Springtime Session

This weekend in the north-east of England saw Durham City Cannabis club hosting their first solo event, The DCCC Springtime session.

The event took place in the heart of Durham city beneath the shadows cast by the trilogy of prohibitive power structures: the prison, the courthouse and the police station that tower over the disused bowling green – deliberately chosen as the site from which DCCC plan to lead a revolution.