Purple Mother of Berries Cannabis Strain Review


In this strain review, we are taking a look at Purple Mother of Berries (MOB). Mother of Berries is known as the strain of Maine, having arisen in that area of the US. Today we are reviewing a purple cross with half unknown origin.

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Purple Mother of Berries Cannabis Strain
Purple Mother of Berries bud sample


The buds were presented well, with the buds all being dense, tight nuggets – excellent trim job. Lots of trichomes cover the bud, but purple tints can be seen amongst the leaves.


This strain has a strong coffee/chocolate smell – this is perhaps my favourite thing about the Purple Mother of Berries – it smells completely different from other strains I have sampled.

There are also dank undertones to this scent – when the bud is broken/ground, I get a smell that strongly reminds me of old school cheese/skunk.

Purple Mother of Berries Close-up
Purple Mother of Berries Close-up


Hang on – just going to smoke some more of this so I can accurately describe this…

Hitting the Purple MOB through my bong, I got some indication of flavour, although it wasn’t especially evident. The bong was also reasonably smooth.

The flavour itself comes through slightly, but not as much as I’d like. I didn’t get chocolate or coffee like the smell, just a pleasant and non-descript clean cannabis-through-a-bong taste.


Purple Mother of Berries is a strain I have had the pleasure of smoking for a while, and I’m still enjoying the results. Reasonably strong, the purple MOB feels like a hybrid – its parent Mother of Berries is 90% Indica, and this feels like whatever they have crossed it with had a bit more Sativa in it, but the strain itself is still likely Indica dominant.

I feel happy, relaxed and focused.

Purple Mother of Berries super close-up
Purple Mother of Berries super close-up


I liked the Purple Mother of Berries, if that is what it is. When I was filming the review and researching, I became unsure on whether this particular sample was Purple MOB, and what Purple MOB actually is. Googling “Purple Mother of Berries” gets you pretty much the same response as googling “Mother of Berries”.

I enjoyed the strain and would pick it up again if ever I get the chance, for something a bit different.

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