Remedy Barcelona Cannabis Club Review

Remedy Barcelona

Remedy is the Barcelona cannabis club that we interviewed last year for ISMOKE Magazine.

Located in the La Rambla area, we headed to Remedy Barcelona to check it out for ourselves when we travelled to Spain for Spannabis earlier this month.

Since we interviewed The Remedy club for ISMOKE, a lot has changed. They are now offering 40 cannabis strains (at the time we attended), plus extracts and other forms of cannabis (edibles, vape carts etc).

Remedy Cannabis Club, Barcelona
Remedy Barcelona Cannabis Club

Our memberships to The Remedy BCN were covered by Smoke Loud Barcelona, who left our cards and some merchandise including a hat, t-shirts and pre-rolls. It is worth checking them out on Instagram before you go if you are heading to Barcelona and would like membership to three Barcelona cannabis clubs without any hassle.

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Remedy Cannabis Club, Barcelona
Remedy Barcelona Card

After heading through a little green inconspicuous door, there is a well-lit reception area for sign-ups, with a member of staff behind a desk taking registrations. After that’s done, you head through some more doors into the club itself, which has softer lighting and lots of comfortable seating – slightly narrower than one would call open-plan, but with plenty of space (I’m not sure on the capacity).

Remedy Cannabis Club, Barcelona
Inside Remedy BCN

As you enter the main club space, there is the dealer’s section on the left, where you can purchase your cannabis. They also have a basement room with more comfy chairs and video games, although this fills up quickly!

Remedy Cannabis Club, Barcelona
Some weed from Remedy Cannabis Club, Barcelona

The staff at Remedy Barcelona were also great, which added to the good vibe. We spent time chatting with several staff members and also bumped into them on the last day of Spannabis in the expo! During my trip, I attended Remedy Cannabis club with Liz Green, Blaze1983, Piff Advisor and Simpa Carter from Durham City Cannabis Club, shown below.

Remedy Cannabis Club, Barcelona
Tyler Green and Simpa Carter

There was even a dog walking around looking pretty darn happy, and kind of like Umbra in Final Fantasy XV:

Remedy Cannabis Club, Barcelona
This dog was so cool

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The Remedy also has a great selection of bongs and dab rigs that were freely available to use, plus more cool glassware on sale that it was difficult not to buy! I picked up a functional micro glass pipe to wear around my neck – it has quickly become my favourite pipe.

Remedy Cannabis Club, Barcelona
Remedy Cannabis Club, Barcelona

Some of our strain highlights at The Remedy Barcelona were Marley’s Collie, Wedding Cake and Crystal Amnesia (the latter saved us from a rather heavy stone-over when we had to leave Barcelona in the next 45 minutes). I began my Green Journal in the Remedy as well, with Marley’s Collie being the first entry:

Green Journal

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Located in the heart of Barcelona, I would say that the Remedy Cannabis Club is a vibrant and enjoyable experience that is suitable for most cannabis consumers.

Barcelona Cannabis Club

Their membership price at Remedy Barcelona is low at €10 per year, which is great value, with some clubs costing €50 just for a year’s membership. When you’re only out there for one weekend, that can feel a bit steep, regardless of how cheap the weed is.

Remedy Cannabis Club, Barcelona
After smoking and about to do a dab in Remedy club, Barcelona

In terms of the weed prices, Remedy wasn’t the cheapest Barcelona cannabis club we visited – the bud ranged from €8-18 euros, but they had the a great selection and more strain varieties than we saw in other clubs during our visit.

The staff were also happy to recommend strains which I appreciated, as I didn’t have time to inspect 40 different cannabis varieties! We found that there were more than enough quality strains to choose from, only picking up one strain I didn’t like throughout our whole time there.

Remedy Cannabis Club, Barcelona
The weed in Remedy Cannabis Club is on display in these jars with handy labels

And we spent plenty of time in Remedy Cannabis Club, heading back there for a while every day that we were in Barcelona. We took also some herbs from there into Spannabis, including the Granddaddy Purple I’m smoking in the intro of our Spannabis Highlights Video here:

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at The Remedy Cannabis Club, and I look forward to getting back out to Barcelona to spend some more time there!

If you are heading to Spain to visit some of the famous Barcelona Cannabis Clubs and want to go to the Remedy you can contact Smoke Loud BCN via Instagram here. It was actually Smoke Loud Barcelona who introduced us to The Remedy in the first place for our 2016 interview!

Barcelona Cannabis Club
Some of our goodies brought home from Spain, including our Smoke Loud BCN cap

Look out for our 2nd Barcelona Cannabis Club review featuring We Flowers, coming soon to ISMOKE Magazine.