We were very happy when we opened our door today and found two mystery packages laying on our doorstep.. What could it be? OK, so it was never going to actually be a big bag of bud (in our dreams, maybe) – but this was the next best thing – the packages were from our good friends over at Lean Clothing.

Lean Clothing is a clothing brand for stoners. Based in the UK, their T-Shirts are original and catch the eye, whilst spreading our good message. Check out the T-Shirts we got sent below!

Peace and Love - £15.00
Peace and Love - £15.00
Fight Terror - Smoke Home Grown - £15.00
Fight Terror - Smoke Home Grown - £15.00

You can like Lean Clothing on Facebook, and check out the rest of their wares over at or just click the pictures above to be taken to the product page in Lean Clothing’s online shop – our favourite t-shirt is the “peace and love” design!

And here’s the story behind Lean Clothing –




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