Smoking Weed from


A couple of months ago I noticed that were selling ‘Hemp Tea’ ie the cannabis plant with very trace amounts of THC (0.03%). The reviews were varied, but overall positive, with a lot of them mentioning the customers purchasing the bud to smoke. So naturally I wanted to make a video smoking weed from Amazon, to find out what it smokes like, and if it is worth the money.

The weed you can buy on Amazon is listed as 10.8% Seedless Hemp Tea, made from flowers of the cannabis plant. The 10.8% is assumingly referring to the CBD content, although this cannot be confirmed as they did not respond to my question.

You can find the Hemp here on Amazon (£25.99 + P&P for approx 20 grams)

You can watch the video below. Is anyone you know smoking weed from Amazon? Let us know!