Chocolate Kush Strain Review

Chocolate Kush is an indica mix of Mazar and an unknown indica strain. While a sativa-dominant variety exists, this is sometimes referred to as Chocolope Kush, and not to be confused with the strain featuring in today’s review.


The Chocolate Kush plant has a Christmas tree structure, and the buds of this sample are small but with a crisp structure that hasn’t been compacted during transport.

I don’t get anything chocolatey from the appearance of this strain, and the milky trichomes do not glisten The pistils are wild and cover spots of the sample. The nug quality was good, and the trim job was ok with only small spots of leaf dotted around the bud.


Before grinding up the Chocolate Kush, I found it difficult to distinguish the smell.

After Grinding and increasing the surface area, I’m, getting pungent earthy notes that remind me of a sweet, old school Kush strain.

No hints of chocolate can be detected in the smell of this sample, but it does smell very nice!


I wanted to try this out in a couple of ways, so I’m using my bong (glass Widow Maker) and my Green Spiral.

Through the bong I’m impressed with the smoothness of the hit. Lovely! However, the flavour was more watery than anything.

Smoking this Chocolate Kush through my Green Spiral, however, I get hints of chocolate, finally understanding where the name comes from – success!

I prefer this strain through the Green Spiral as opposed to through a bong.

chocolate kush


After smoking this I can be sure that it is the indica variety of Chocolate Kush. The main effect is a strong relaxation, paired with a happiness that chills me out and slows me down.

I’m not in any sort of rush to get up and do anything after smoking this one!


Overall, I enjoyed the Chocolate Kush and it was a pleasure to review this strain.

I’d definitely smoke this again; perhaps it would be nice to try through a vaporiser to try enhancing that chocolate flavour!

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Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 28]

Hello and welcome to another wake and bake session hosted on the ISMOKE Youtube Channel.

This week I am coming to you fresh from Green Pride last weekend and have a couple of new strains to sample.

Blackberry Kush and Shoreline are the two strains featuring this week, and also two of my favourites, so I really enjoyed filming this one!

Watch this week’s Wake and Bake session below:

ISMOKE Saturday Sessions [Episode 1] featuring Simpa Carter

It’s the day of Green Pride, and we are feeling very excited. So much so, that we decided to release an extra video this week!

Simpa Carter travelled down from the North of England and we filmed a longer strain sampling session.

You can watch it below via YouTube:



Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 27]

Hello ISMOKE! Join me for a wake and bake this morning.

This week, I’ve got some Super Orange Glue, some Gorilla Glue 4, a new grinder and a new vaporiser to show you.

Watch the video below, and as always you can join the conversation by tweeting @ISMOKEMAG on twitter

Super Orange Glue cannabis strain review

Every week we release a new cannabis strain review on ISMOKE, the UK’s No.1 Cannabis channel.

This week we have a powerhouse of a strain – Super Orange Glue – a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Orange Diesel V3, bred by Lady Sativa Genetics.

Having featured both of these strains previously, I was excited to get my hands on Super Orange Glue for this video.

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 26]

Wake and bake with ISMOKE this morning as we go through some smoking products and cannabis strains.

Episode 26 of the wake and bake session features using the Jaxx Baron recycler as a bong, plus a new product that I’ve been smoking with over the weekend – the Green Spiral.

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Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 25]

Join me for another wake and bake session this week!

What did you think of this episode? Tweet me @hightylergreen and stay tuned for the strain review coming your way on Wednesday!

Firefly 2 Vaporiser unboxing and first thoughts

The Firefly 2 vaporises dry herbs and concentrates. I got my hands on one to test out for ISMOKE, and will be reporting on it next week.

Featuring today, an unboxing, initial thoughts and product demo of the Firefly 2 hosted by me, Tyler Green.

Watch the video below:

Click here to go to the Firefly 2 Vaporizer Product Page via Namaste Vaporizers

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 24]

It’s time for a wake and bake! Join us for this week’s smoking session with me, Tyler Green, as I take you through some new things I’ve been sampling over the weekend.

Featuring this week: a mystery strain that I manage to figure out, some Lemon Glue that smells like Lemon Skunk and some Mother of All Berries Extract that was a bit special.

Watch the video below:

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Attempting a challenge : Bank Holiday Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 23]

Hello folks, welcome back to ISMOKE and to the start of a new week. Falling on a bank holiday, this Monday is a bit of a special one as it extends the weekend ever so slightly, giving people an extra day to relax before returning to the grind.

This week I have some Grand Daddy Purple to consume through my new Wasabi bong. I also wanted to attempt a challenge which I haven’t completed before: a bong and a dab at the same time. To do this I used Stardawg flower and Lemon Cherry Pie shatter. But how did I get on? Find out by watching the Wake and Bake video below.

Coffeeshops & Politics, Wifi OG & Lemon Cherry Pie : Wake and bake with Tyler Green [Episode 22]

Welcome to the start of a brand new week!

In the video today, I touch on coffeeshops and politics as I discuss the situation with police raiding a London-based coffeeshop twice in two weeks, as reported on ISMOKE Magazine.

Candy Cream Cannabis Strain Review

Each week I review a new cannabis strain for the ISMOKE youtube channel. To go alongside this, I write a weekly feature for ISMOKE Magazine discussing each strain I review in a bit more detail.

This week Candy Cream is in the cannabis strain spotlight – join me as I take a look at this bud and let you know all about the appearance, smell, taste and effects.


This sample is sparkling with trichomes – they look like glitter in the light. The bud is 90% indica and the sample seems to reflect this.

Candy Cream
The Candy Cream Cannabis Strain

It is not as dense and compact as some of the other samples I’ve seen, and there are also some bits of popcorn leaf. However, the overall appearance of the Candy Cream is good and I’m looking forward to smoking it!


This didn’t smell very much initially. Searching for a scent I get subtle hints of sweetness, but not much else.

Breaking open the bud I get a sweet skunkiness that is quite an old school scent.

It is a scent which is hard to describe, but which is definitely sweet, skunky and quite complex – there are Earthy notes which come through but no gas like the earthiness in some of the kush strains.


The bong of this was quite intense – it tastes quite sweet and creamy, but the smoke is a bit acrid.

I enjoyed the hit on this one, although it did make me cough. Not a particularly big taster, this batch, but inoffensive and I’d certainly smoke again.


Being 90% Indica, I was expecting the Candy Cream to hit me hard in the relaxation department.

It didn’t disappoint, with the Indica effects kicking in from about 3-4 minutes after I hit the bong.

The Candy Cream makes me feel happy, relaxed and gives an enjoyable stoned feeling that I could certainly get used to.

Candy Cream Cannabis Strain
Candy Cream sample


I enjoyed reviewing this sample of the Candy Cream cannabis strain grown by an unnamed Hampshire collective.

My favourite thing about it was the look – those trichomes look like they’ve literally been magnified. The sweet complex scent was nice although not very apparent, and the taste and effects were both enjoyable.

My Candy Cream ISMOKE Report is out now! Watch it below:

Holy Grail Special : Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 21]

Hello ISMOKE and welcome to the start of another week!

In our video today I’m kicking off the week in style with a wake and bake Holy Grail Kush special.

Join me as I sample the B28 Genetics phenotype of this strain in both flower and extract form.

Watch the video below:

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 20] feat. Simpa Carter

Happy Monday! Welcome to the start of a brand new week. Join us for a wake and bake today as we kick off the week in style with some “well-cured cheese”, some Holy Grail Kush and some Lemon Bubble Hash.

This episode of wake and bake is also a special one – not only is it episode 20, it is also the first to feature a guest – our very own Simpa Carter, who is also chair of Durham City Cannabis Club joins me to sample some flavours this week.

Major’s Mix Kush Honeycomb Extract

The various forms of cannabis extract are growing in popularity in the UK.  Whether extracted here or imported from abroad, shatter, honeycomb and the many other forms here to stay.

We recently tried another TG Botanical Extracts creation – Major’s Mix Kush.

This extract is made by combining a number of Major Genetics-grown cannabis strains –  Sour Tangie, Kosher Kush and Major’s Sour Kush.