MOAB Vs. Purple MOAB – Lemon Glue Shatter – Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 19]

Happy Monday, and welcome to a brand new week. I’ve filmed another Wake and bake session to share with you today, featuring some great new bits.

In this video I explore Mother of All Berries Vs. Purple Mother of All Berries which I was given after our review on Purple Mother of Berries a short while ago.

The Pengest Weed (420 Hyde Park Edition)

The Pengest Weed is a new Youtube comedy series which sees host Jimmy James Beats asking people to list their top cannabis strains.

We love the format and the concept of this new show, and it is great to see more cannabis media coming out of the UK.

This particular episode sees Jimmy walking around Hyde Park at the 420 cannabis event we attended last week.

It’s a shame we didn’t bump into Jimmy on the day as I’m sure we would have had a great conversation.

Big up to The Pengest Weed production team.

Forthcoming UK cannabis events – add these dates to your diary!

The event numbers for 420 this year were huge! Well over 10,000 people attended throughout the day.

When people gather in groups of that size they are completely unpoliceable – despite there being lots of police at the event, attendees were in relative safety in numbers, as it wouldn’t make sense to arrest someone for something everybody in the immediate vicinity is doing.

Blue Cheese Cannabis Strain Review

Hello and welcome to another edition of our cannabis strain reviews series. This week I’m taking a look at Blue Cheese, a potent cross of Blueberry X UK Cheese.

This strain has been one of my favourite heavy indicas for ages – I first tried Blue Cheese from Barney’s Coffeeshop, Amsterdam back in 2010. I remember smoking it in the early evening and cutting our day short as we headed back to the hostel to grab some shut eye, it was that strong.

This sample of Blue Cheese was grown by Kush Family Collective.

Bud Facts : Grand Daddy Purple (GDP)

Welcome to another edition of Bud Facts! This week our cannabis spotlight falls on a heavy Indica strain that some users report literally tastes purple.

Grand Daddy Purple (also known as Grandaddy Purple, or GDP) is a California staple – it is a famous genetic cross of Big Bud and Purple Urkle, two well-known, powerful Indica strains. 

Ten Pound Bong! Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 18]

Welcome to the start of a brand new week and another wake and bake session with me, Tyler Green.

Each Monday I release a video kicking off your week and featuring a few new things I’ve been sampling over the past week or so.

The Trump Administration’s Reefer Madness: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

This week host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah discussed cannabis in a 420-dedicated video posted to their youtube channel.

The Daily Show is an American news satire and late-night talk show television program which airs each Monday through Thursday on Comedy Central. Here in the UK, we can watch clips from each episode via their youtube channel.

Happy 420!

The 20th April marks a worldwide celebration of cannabis culture.

Today, cannabis consumers and advocates from across the planet will gather to promote the benefits of this wonderful plant and to try and make their voices heard in the worldwide legalisation effort.

To everybody who is supporting the cannabis legalisation movement – thank you – we will get there, it is just a matter of time!

Stand up for your rights to consume cannabis, medicinally or recreationally.

Happy 420, and keep toking!

Tyler Green

Orange Diesel V3 [ODV3] Cannabis Strain Review

Hello and welcome to another ISMOKE cannabis strain review! In this edition, we are focusing on a strain which has been making its way through the UK cannabis community of late – Orange Diesel V3.

Also known as ODV3, this strain is an orange blast of sativa-dominant power that is certainly a strain to watch out for.

Really Expensive Extract, Skywalker OG and more – Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 17]

It is the start of a new week, and you know what that means – time for another wake and bake session with me, Tyler Green.

Hoping that you all had a great Easter and that you’re getting ready for your April 20th celebrations later on this week!

Join me today as I sample some expensive import extract and some Skywalker OG in this week’s video:

Smell proof bags by Abscent

In our video out today on the ISMOKE youtube channel, we are taking a look at the smell proof “Pocket Liner” bag by Abscent.

Abscent Pocket Liner
Abscent “Pocket Liner” Bag by

These bags are carbon lined to control smell, but are they 100% smell proof? Watch our video review and product test below to find out our thoughts on the Abscent Pocket Liner.:

Silver Bubble Strain Review

Silver Bubble comes from Skunk No.1, Haze and Northern Lights – the result is a beautifully balanced hybrid strain which delivers the best of both indica and sativa effects.

I first sampled Silver Bubble in Amsterdam in November 2016, picking it up from Gray Area Coffeeshop shortly after it won the Sativa Cannabis Cup that month.

Today I got my hands on some more Silver Bubble to review for ISMOKE, so here we go!

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 16]

Happy Monday folks, and welcome to the start of a brand new week! We want to kick things off in style today – so join us for another wake and bake session with host Tyler Green.

In the video today we are taking you through some fresh new items we’ve been sampling this week, including two great strains grown by Kush Family Collective, a ‘Dro Smoking’ sign, some specialised cleaning wipes and more.

Bud Facts: Jack Herer

Welcome back to ISMOKE Magazine! Today we are proud to present episode two in our bud facts series, in which we take a detailed look at the history of a world-famous cannabis strain and share it with the world.

In this episode, we are talking about Jack Herer, which is one of the more well-known cannabis strains. We first encountered this strain when we visited Amsterdam years ago, and since then have always made a point to pick it up whenever we could.

Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 15]

Join me for another Wake and Bake session this week (a little later than planned) as I show you a couple of new legal CBD products that I picked up from Synergy of Nature.

Also featuring in this video are a couple more dabbing products from Marvel Extracts and even some homemade Rosin thrown in for good measure.