We attended The London Cannabis Film Festival Anti-Prohibition Roadshow Launch


Last night The London Cannabis Film Festival hosted an event at The White Post in Hackney Wick, London.

This was the first of a series of events they will be hosting across the country in the run-up to the London Cannabis Film Festival.

So, of course, we wanted to get involved with this one and get a flavour for what is in store from the LCFF crew’s events to come. 

The White Post is a bar and event hire venue located minutes from Hackney Wick overground station in East London. This makes it ideally situated for events such as this, and the anti-prohibition roadshow launch attracted people from across London and beyond – we spoke to guests who had driven up from Somerset!

The event organisers hosted a screening of several short videos on the topic of cannabis, its prohibition, hemp, and psychedelics. They kicked off with Hemp For Victory, a 1942 US Government film all about the benefits of hemp that they denied ever having produced.

After the screenings, Gav and Ash from THTC also gave a presentation about their brand. They talked aboutthe history from its humble beginnings in 1999 to where they are now, and how they have not lost focus of their aim of promoting “ethical fashion”.

An interesting insight from this talk was Gav saying that fabrics such as bamboo may seem “green”, but actually use nasty chemicals during the production process, making them less green than fabrics like hemp which uses less water than cotton and creates a stronger and longer-lasting garment.

There were even a few vendors at the launch event, selling CBD-infused popcorn and chocolate, vaporizers and other headshop supplies, and vegan patties which tasted amazing.

I got an excellent tip about a vegan food night being hosted on Brick Lane in November and I also picked up some popcorn and some dinner to take home.

There was also a raffle drawn to raise funds for future events. We donated some prizes which were won by Stew, a watcher of the ISMOKE channel.

I caught up with some friends and did some networking, although did not get to chat to everybody I wanted to as the time flew by. The event finished at 11pm, and I left shortly before that.

Overall I had a good evening and look forward to the next event. Initially due to be the second or third event, due to venue issues in Durham/Brighton the London event was the launch, and I’m glad to report an enjoyable evening.

The screenings and the talk were pretty insightful and thought-provoking. The venue was good for the type of event, particularly as the London Cannabis Film Festival are aiming to reach as many people inside and outside of the canna community as possible, which is great as it will help to expand the community with those interested in learning more about this wonderful plant and its many benefits.

They are also looking for film submissions for next year’s festival, so get in touch with them via Instagram @thelcff to submit your work.

Expect to see these guys take the LCFF events around the Country, and make sure you attend one when they are in your area.!