What Do You Roll With? ISMOKE’s Top 5 Cannabis Rolling Papers


Which Rolling Papers Do You Rate?

The subject of which rolling paper is best to craft your cannabis spliffs is a hotly debated topic amongst cannabis users, with a massive range of smoking products available to suit all stoners.

Also known as Rizlas, King Skins, Skins, Papers and by many other names depending on Geographic location, these are an essential ingredient in the spliff, and it is always with great sadness when a stoner discovers he’s on his last Rizla whilst already baked in the middle of the night.

But which skins are the best? Everybody will have their own opinion, but here are ISMOKE’s top 5 rolling papers:

King Size Rizla Slim rolling papers

The Classic – This beauty has been one of our top choices throughout our time smoking cannabis. Sold in every self-respecting newsagent in the UK, The ‘silvers’ are slightly thinner than the King Blue Rizla (also good!) they give a smooth smoke without leaving too much paper taste in the mouth.

The Rizla brand is so strong that some refer to all rolling papers as ‘Rizlas’ as mentioned above.

Raw Papersrolling paper

We love Raw papers at ISMOKE. They come in different varieties but aren’t bleached like some other papers on the market. The Raw classics are the colour of brown parcel paper, so not ideal for a discreet spliff but damn do they smoke good! The organic unbleached hemp papers are around the same price and get extra points for being made out of hemp!

All of RAW’s unique papers are chlorine free, meaning that you taste your tobacco, rather than your papers and the chemicals they are usually covered in.

OCB Premium King Size Slimocb king skin

We love OCBs and during Spanish holidays we found this brand to be everywhere. Every sheet is watermarked and so thin they are almost transparent, and they make for a lovely smoke. Again they come in different varieties – our favourite is the OCB Premium King Size Slim

Highland Papers & Tipshighlander king skins

Highland Cosmic Rolling Papers and Tips are slightly longer than the standard kingsize paper measuring 125mm in length and 37mm wide. The packaging is bright yellow and solid black with the Yin & Yang sign. The papers are packed flat, creaseless and watermarked for slow even burning. One pack contains 48 papers and 48 heavy tips, so they will last longer than regular packs of rolling papers.

Flavoured Ripsrips-flavoured-rolling-papers533_newcopy

Rips are great because you can craft joints to the desired length without having to combine more than one rolling paper which may not go to plan if you don’t know what you are doing. Flavoured rips are great for adding a little extra taste, although we would like the papers to be a bit thinner than they generally come. Our favourite is Classic Blueberry!

So those are our top 5 rolling papers. What do you roll your joints with? Tweet us @ISMOKEMAG