Young, Dumb and Full of THC


The youth of today and their Cannabis use.

Today there are a huge number of young Cannabis users in our country, in 2009 there were 12,642 reported underage Cannabis users in the UK.

But why do something they are told not to? Are these kids really as misguided and “dumb” as so many would have us believe or is there reason behind their “reefer madness”?

As adults we are still told Cannabis is Illegal, Evil and shouldn’t be trusted as it will make you go mad etc. We know most of this is pretty much blatant propaganda, unjust mis-truth, or heightened hysteria. So we choose to take our risks against a law we believe to be wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I have known people who react badly to Cannabis, mainly paranoia – Cannabis of course can heighten your emotions and therefore over emphasise whatever’s underlying in the first place, and I have always said to anyone who has this reaction to Cannabis, “don’t smoke it”, simple as. Of course it’s not for everyone; this applies to any drug, legal or otherwise. However, as far as Cannabis goes, the number of people who do not experience any adverse effect far outweighs those who do.

But what about the youth of our society, is it boredom? The thrill of Taboo? Peer pressure? Or an educated decision?

I can still remember my first experience of smoking pot, age 15. However as I hurtle inevitably toward my impending 30th I can no longer really look at myself as a voice for the youth. Having a younger brother and sister, however I have still spent quite some time around teenagers and though the lingo, dress sense and taste in music may have changed. Certain principal elements remain, weed is one such cornerstone. Plenty of teenagers do it, they always have and always will and no matter what measures prohibition uses, they always manage to get hold of it.

I always found that there is generally a golden rule when it comes to teenagers, they need little encouragement, what they need is guidance.

I know I certainly fell under that heading.

My point is that if you tell a teenager not to do something because it’s illegal, bad for them etc, etc, they’ll still go out and do it anyway if for no other reason that it’s a taboo.

This of course is just my opinion, to actually find out the real reasons behind it, we need to go directly to the source and find us some pot smoking teenagers so they can give us their side of the story.

One thing is for sure, for many of the kids I have met who do smoke, they aren’t the stereotypical chavs, sitting on street corners waiting to intimidate that poor old lady from down the street. They are generally polite, quiet, intelligent, and respectful.

They tend to keep to themselves, try to avoid trouble and enjoy themselves.